With over 45 years of direct industry experience Servi-Tek is an industry innovator.

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Evaluating Your Next Janitorial Service Provider

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Call us today at (866) 454-6185. We serve the areas of Las Vegas, San Diego, Inland Empire, Phoenix and Honolulu. more »

Mechanical Maintenance on Your Building

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Mechan more »

Office Building Spring Cleaning

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Highly Specialized Cleaning Services

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Outsourced Specialized cleaning For medical, financial, retail and office Outsourcing your janitorial services is a wise business investment. Rather than delegating these duties to your in-house staff, hire a janitorial service that will provide… more »

Servitek Professional Affliations

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Servi-Tek is a member of a variety of professional organizations. Our affiliation with these organizations reflects our commitment to move the industry forward with leadership and innovation... International Faclity Management Association Building… more »

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