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Caring for Commercial Floors and Carpets

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One of the biggest interior investments a company can make are its floors. Commercial floors get a lot of wear and tear -- new spills and stains appear quickly, transforming that flooring from beautiful to dirty and worn.

To properly maintain your flooring use only commercial Janitorial cleaning services for this task - residential cleaners are not up to the challenge. For instance, Servitek is a nationally recognized commercial cleaning service that focuses 100% on business only accounts.

Hard surfaces
Tile concrete marble and other hard surfaces are becoming increasingly commonplace in buildings. The Servitek tile cleaning process extracts the dirt from the floors seams, removing it from deep within the pores of the grout and other hard to clean areas. Each type of flooring requires its own special cleaning process. Marble is different from granite or ceramic tile. Servi-tek's trained technicians use special tools and supplies to clean each floor type properly.

Commercial Carpet Care
Not all commercial carpet cleaning methods are created equal. There are several methods to clean and maintain commercial carpets.

Hot Water Extraction - (also known as Steam Cleaning) injects a hot water in a detergent solution deep into the carpet; suspends soils in this solution; and extracts (removes) the cleaning solution. While many other methods are considered surface cleaning, hot water extraction is deep cleaning process.

Low Moisture carpet cleaning - is the application of an encapsulating, polymer based cleaning chemical that includes brushing and grooming of the carpet pile. Low moisture cleaning offers very fast drying times. Carpets can be walked on immediately following cleaning. The system is very useful in many twenty-four hour a day operations such as hospitals and call centers.

Other - Regardless of the carpet maintenance system in place, it is important that a program is well designed, properly implemented and professionally managed.

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