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Medical and Hospital Specialty Cleaning Services

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Healthcare facilities provide unique challenges for a janitorial cleaning service – challenges that many janitorial companies are simply not well equipped to handle properly.

Servi-tek specializes in medical and hospital cleaning services. Every staff member is carefully trained with specific procedures developed over a period of years to meet all hospital and medical center requirements and regulations.

The staff knows how to handle bio-hazards, OSHA regulations, and preventing cross-contamination, among other special steps necessary for medical facilities. Servi-tek cleans a variety of medical facilities and spaces including:

- Operating Rooms
- Clinics
- Medical Labs
- Patient Rooms
- Facility Hallways
- Reception Areas
- Urgent Care
- and more...

While we understand all of the technical aspects of medical cleaning requirements, it also comes down to making a good overall impression as well. Servi-tek pays special attention to the reception area and the exam rooms to make them spotless.

Servi-Tek is an innovative leader in janitorial cleaning services, providing great service to a wide variety of commercial and industrial clients. To learn how Servi-Tek can benefit your business, visit our website, www.servi-tek.net or call us today at (866) 454-6185. We serve the areas of Las Vegas, San Diego, Inland Empire, Phoenix and Honolulu.

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