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Save Money on Your Office Electric Bill

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In warmer climates, office buildings reach their peak electricity use during summer months. As your office building uses more electricity your overhead goes up. Smart office managers are continually looking for ways to lower fixed overhead costs.

Here are some items which office managers or owners find are useful in improving their energy savings.

Use LED Bulbs -
Replace lighting with energy-saving bulbs. Todays modern LEDs use a fraction of the amperage which even ENERGY STAR or CFL bulbs use. Depending on your lighting fixtures, there are several choices to cut down on this dramatically.

Take Control of the Cool - Keep the thermostat a bit higher, and install a programmable thermostat. By automatically turning on and off the A/C units, a manager can keep the control of the cost, rather than individuals switching the units off and on.

Use Tinting - Install window shades or tinting when its hot. Tinting of the right filter color can let in light, while keeping the heat out!

Natural lighting - Open window shades and turn off lights to use natural lighting. If you are the owner of your building invest in inexpensive skylighting where feasible to keep lighting bills low.

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