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Trends in Office Cleaning

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In the cleaning and maintenance industry, as in other industries, technology keeps bringing new products and methods to the marketplace which benefit business owners and managers.

Over time, feedback from customers (and their own staff) tells janitorial services what they like, what works and what is cost effective. In 2016 cleaning has become specialized and more scientific, using specific techniques for each area cleaned.

Green Cleaning (Leeds) - Environmentally friendly products and cleaning methods continue to be popular for a variety of reasons. Green products are cost effective to use in place of harsher chemical cleaning agents.

Ease of Use - Todays products and supplies are chosen partially for ease of use, so more time can be spent on the cleaning rather than limitations of the product. And these products provide better results.

High Quality & Quality Control - The evidence of a good job is how clean everything is, and so part of todays regimen is more focused than ever on quality control checks to make sure each detail is addressed completely.

Better Dry Cleaning - With water costs and shortages, more janitorial firms are using state-of-the-art dry cleaning tools and methods (cleaning, dusting, etc. without the use of water).

Security and Background Checks - Today's cleaning staff are checked more thoroughly than years past so the clients can relax and have confidence that the people in their office have been vetted and approved.

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