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Evaluating Your Next Janitorial Service Provider

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Maintaining a fresh and clean office environment is essential for any business. Most companies hire professional cleaning service to keep things neat and clean, rather than having their own employee janitor.

A professional cleaning service comes in after hours, and carefully cleans all surfaces, empties the trash and replenish paper supplies. When you start to look for a suitable company, you may ask colleagues or friends for a referral, or inquire with the BBB or the local chamber, but at some point you will need to make a choice. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Get price quotes from companies in your area. The companies will have to visit your facility to properly estimate the work. When you get this quote, ask for a list of services that they provide. Most will provide mopping, vacuuming, cleaning, and sanitizing of the bathroom and dusting.

Ask to see proof of business coverage. You want a cleaning company that has the proper policy so that you can be sure that you will not be liable should one of their janitors become hurt while at your facility.

Ask for references from the company. A quality company will be able to provide you with references from its clients. Contact these references and ask how happy they are with the cleaning services that the company provides.

Read through the service agreement they provide to review the terms covering the length of time the agreement covers. Is it a one year contract for services? What are the cancellation or renewal terms?

Consider the experience and track record of the company. Some companies will have years of experience behind them, which means that you can be sure that they've developed a system for cleaning and are comfortable handling any cleaning issue which might come up.

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Mechanical Maintenance on Your Building

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Just as you've been hiding away from the El Nino wet weather, so too has much of your maintenance equipment and plant infrastructure --- and this might include items in your utility closet or your and mechanical plant. As the weather begins to heat up and before you use any of your seasonal equipment, make sure you conduct a thorough inspection to make sure everything is in working order and nothing needs to be repaired.

From breaking belts to power pump failures, facilities managers can face a variety of maintenance issues in the office buildings if their systems aren't regularly maintained. Here are five tips to help you better manage, maintain and prevent mechanical issues in office buildings:

Have Regular Equipment Inspections - Regular, consistent inspections of all mechanical equipment allow for a more efficient operation and can uncover issues before they become catastrophic or impact normal operations.

Doing preventative maintenance to stay ahead of issues rather than reacting to them is of the utmost importance. Many experts recommend doing a walk-through daily or weekly to listen and look for anything malfunctioning, like a loud motor or a leaky pipe. “If something goes down, I’ll do a pre-evaluation and try to identify the problem.

Facility Maintenance Checklist - Facilities managers should consider creating a checklist, listing every piece of equipment, as well as what needs to be done to each. The checklist should be updated as new equipment is added to the building and old equipment is retired or at least two to four times a year.

Benchmark Costs - To help benchmark costs, facilities managers should refer to surveys from associations, like the Building Owners and Managers Association’s (BOMA) annual Experience Exchange Report, to measure where they stand in their industry. The data is presented as cost per square foot in utilities and repair costs.

Create Contracts - Many facilities managers must take on an administrative role, which means they aren’t directly servicing the mechanical systems, but engaging contract workers to do the job instead. That means it’s important to clearly articulate to contractors their duties.

Make sure to outline all preventative maintenance within the contract, including how often walk-throughs should occur, what to inspect for each machine and the steps to take when there’s a problem. Some facility managers create detailed information about the replacement schedule for filters, belts and motors, and include that in the maintenance contract. The contract also includes a listing of every piece of equipment the contractor has to inspect.

Track and Record All Maintenance Repairs - Keeping a record of all maintenance and repairs is often as important as the repairs themselves. On a spreadsheet, facility managers often track the equipment name, its ID number, its location and the tasks that need to be done. Davidson says your records will reveal any patterns and prevent catastrophic problems. If you are continually replacing a starter contact in a motor or a belt on one of your air handlers it could be symptomatic of a larger problem.

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Office Building Spring Cleaning

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In some parts of the country, spring begins early. With the advent of longr days and warmer weather, office managers begin the task of doing spring cleaning

Pest management - Whether it's insects flying their way into your facility or the emergence of silverfish roaches or termites, spring is the perfect time to be proactive before many insects have a chance to hatch.

Carpets - These can take a beating in the wet months. A thorough cleaning, especially of high-traffic areas, is a priority because it rejuvenates your carpet and helps extend the life of your carpet. Tough stains are addressed, too, to prevent them turning into repair or replacement issues.

Upholstery - Schedule your upholstery cleaning at the same time you do the other spring tasks to round out your spring cleaning plan. Removing dust, dirt, stains and grease from upholstery improves furniture’s appearance, extends its life and freshens the smell of the furniture.

Floors - Those “Hidden” Spots - Regular cleaning takes care of the flooring people see, but spring cleaning is the time to “get moving.” That means moving desks, file cabinets, credenzas and large conference tables to get every last bit of dirt and dust.

Windows - Winter rain and wind leave a cloud of dirt residue on windows, and this is the time to clear things up and let the sun shine in!

High Dusting - Dusting those hard-to-reach areas – high beams, the tops of light fixtures, ceiling corners, air returns, and tops of doors – has a number of benefits, from improving the performance of your HVAC system to reducing allergens that can cause illness.

Pressure Washing concrete - Sidewalks never look worse than after the rainy season. Pressure wash your sidewalks, walkways, and outside walls for a “new and improved” spring image!

Landscaping - Now that the rain has slacked off, facility managers can once again interact with their lawns, and other outdoor areas. Early spring is the prime season for planting new items.

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Highly Specialized Cleaning Services

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Outsourcing your janitorial services is a wise choice, and especially so for facilities that have unique or specialized cleaning requirements.

Those specialized situations may include medical centers, hospitals, clean rooms, computer rooms, manufacturing facilities, R & D facilities, eating and food related establishments. Rather than delegating all cleaning duties to in-house staff, a specialized janitorial service that can provide a crew trained specifically for the unique needs of a particular location, and will use special tools to get the job done.

You don’t have to worry about whether everything is cleaned completely and sanitized. A professional crew is specially trained to do the job more efficiently, and retaining your own in-house janitorial or maintenance staff can be quite costly. You’ll not only be paying salary and benefits, but training, licensures and other costs associated with managing your own cleaning crew.

Servi-Tek employees have been trained and certified to use many advanced cleaning procedures. Your facilities will be far cleaner than if you had it done internally. The processional crew also can perform the job at late at night when the facility is closed and not in use, so the cleaning process doesn’t become a distraction during the work day.

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Servitek Professional Affliations

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Servi-Tek is a member of a variety of professional organizations. Our affiliation with these organizations reflects our commitment to move the industry forward with leadership and innovation...

International Facility Management Association
The IFMA is the world's largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals, supporting 24,000 members. The association's members, represented in 134 chapters and 17 councils worldwide, manage more than 37 billion square feet of property.

Building Owners and Managers Association International
BOMA represents the owners and managers of all commercial property types including nearly 10.4 billion square feet of U.S. office space that supports 1.8 million jobs and contributes $227.6 billion to the U.S. GDP. BOMA International is a primary source of information on building management and operations, development, leasing, building operating costs, energy consumption patterns, local and national building codes, legislation, occupancy statistics, technological developments and other industry trends.

San Diego County Apartment Association
For more than 95 years, the SDCAA has been one of the nation's leading apartment associations and has provided members and the industry with education and training, business networking opportunities and important legislative advocacy. As a leader in the industry the SDCAA represents more than 2,400 members and is one of the most highly respected rental housing associations in the State of California and in the Nation.

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