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Servi-Tek Launches Cloud-Based Data Capture Platform

Servi-Tek Launches Cloud-Based Data Capture Platform

Servi-Tek has always leveraged cutting-edge innovation in our customized commercial cleaning services and solutions, helping us earn our reputation as a technology trendsetter within our vertical. Our commitment to automation across all engineering and janitorial processes does more than enhance customer convenience. When utilized throughout the cleaning cycle, our integrated software systems become an essential part of Servi-Tek’s commitment to seamless client service excellence, quickly separating us from our competition.

Servi-Trak Drives Success Throughout The Entire Industrial Cleaning Cycle

After 30 years of using outsourced systems to optimize project success, we decided that the best available technology just wasn’t good enough. Put simply – our customers deserve better. It was then we developed and launched Servi-Trak, a state-of-the-art data capture platform specifically created to drive success and proficiency throughout every phase of the industrial cleaning experience.

Servi-Trak: The Janitorial Solution Created By Janitorial Professionals

Most automated janitorial systems are designed by software developers. Servi-Trak was designed by janitorial professionals who know firsthand where other platforms and products miss the mark. We tapped into our unparalleled industry insight to develop a cloud-based data storage resource that centralizes all mission-critical information for seamless, instant access at all times.

Servi-Trak’s dynamic and intuitive user interface offers full-scope functionality to our clients across the globe. Beyond centralized data accumulation and retrieval, Servi-Trak offers several distinctive project and customer advantages, including:

Task Training

Project success begins with our staff’s training levels. Servi-Trak stores Job Cards directly in the system to reinforce task requirements as well as individual client datasets.

Schedule Management

Whether you have a standing appointment or need to make an ad-hoc modification, Servi-Trak manages our system-wide schedule, allowing users to make updates and sending automated notifications as needed for seamless service.

Work Order Automation

At Servi-Tek, we strive to continuously raise the bar on customer service satisfaction. Servi-Trak’s Work Order functionality tracks and analyzes every work order to ensure we exceed our clients’ expectations.

Customized Dashboards

Every client has unique needs and requirements. Servi-Trak’s customized dashboard technology aggregates key datasets so users can quickly see and access what’s most relevant to their project to save time, money, and resources.

Servi-Tek redefines what clients can expect from a full-service industrial cleaning services provider – but don’t take our word for it. Contact us today to hear more about our capabilities and schedule your no-risk system demo to experience the Servi-Trak difference for yourself.

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