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Servi-Tek Spends Day Seaside With Surfing Madonna Oceans Project

Servi-Tek Spends Day Seaside With Surfing Madonna Oceans Project

Servi-Tek executives, Kurt Lester and Bryan McMinn, recently partnered with Surfing Madonna Oceans Project (SMOP), volunteering at the organization’s seasonal summer surf camp for children with special needs. Founded by Robert Nichols and Mark Patterson in 2013, the Encinitas-based Surfing Madonna Oceans Project is a 501c3 nonprofit entity dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the protection and preservation of California’s coastline. Each year SMOP donates back over $120,000 to initiatives designed to improve the environment, educate students, and help those with special needs enjoy a day riding the surf at some of the area’s many beaches.

On Saturday, August 11, 2018, both Kurt and Bryan arrived at SMOP’s surf camp location geared up in wetsuits and ready to “work” (aka have fun in the sun with a great group of kids). Hosted at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, SMOP’s surf camp is completely free for all participants, running twice a month from May through September. Campers receive one-on-one surf instruction throughout the session to learn new skills, build confidence in their abilities in the water, and enjoy time spent outside in the California sunshine.

Kurt Lester, one of Servi-Tek’s Founders, was happy to serve at the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project camp. “Southern California isn’t just where we work; it’s also where we live. We love our surrounding community and value what The Surfing Madonnas are doing for students, families, and the environment here. Not only were Bryan and I happy to donate our time to such a worthy organization and give back in some small way, but we also had a great time during the event! It was an awesome day; we loved getting a chance to spend time at the beach with such an amazing group of kids and volunteers.”

Surfing Madonna Oceans Project Supports Several Annual Programs SMOP’s surfing camp is just one of the group’s many events and activities. Surfing Madonna Oceans Project hosts several annual educational and fund-raising initiatives such as beach cleanups, marine mammal rescues, and water safety classes. Visit today for more information about Surfing Madonna Oceans Project’s upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

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