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Servi-Tek Raises The Bar On Engineering & Facility Management Services

Servi-Tek Raises The Bar On Engineering & Facility Management Services

Servi-Tek’s engineering and facility/property management services offer one-stop interior and exterior commercial building solutions to keep your office spaces running at top capacity. We partner with clients of every size and across a multitude of industries to carefully assess your current facility processes. Servi-Tek’s team of experienced engineers and property management specialists pinpoint operational breakdowns to optimize efficiency and productivity, both internally as well as within your current customer base.

Servi-Tek Stands Out From Other Facility Management Providers

Why choose Servi-Tek for your property management needs? At Servi-Tek, we have an earned reputation for service excellence. Some of our many key differentiators include:

Full Suite Of Capabilities

When it comes to facility maintenance, Servi-Tek truly does it all. Some vendors only specialize in certain verticals. However, our trained and skilled property engineers are equipped to manage virtually every procedural and operational need. From payroll and benefits administration to risk assessment and minor repairs, our full suite of services minimizes gaps in both your business and your building.

Time Savings

Overseeing your facility operations can prove a full-time job. Many executives find themselves stuck coordinating a relentless cycle of property and operational functions, taking valuable time and attention away from core corporate functions (aka generating revenue). We take the reigns of your facility requirements (what we do best), so you can get back to running your business (what you do best).

Cost Savings

Yes, really. Many business owners are surprised to learn that Servi-Tek’s engineering and property management solutions not only save them time but can also save them money. Efficiently running your facility can instantly decrease expenses with staffing, utilities, and other back office functions. Additionally, Servi-Tek has a well-established preferred contractor network with vendors on a global scale. Whether you’re looking to update your interior spaces or making a capital equipment purchase, Servi-Tek can price source the best final costs for maximum project value.

Contact us today to hear more about our comprehensive range of engineering and facility management services. Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest Servi-Tek events and updates.

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