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Servi-Tek’s Cloud-Based Data Capture Platform Prioritizes Cybersecurity

Servi-Tek’s Cloud-Based Data Capture Platform Prioritizes Cybersecurity

As a leading facilities management company, Servi-Tek leverages the power of technology across all of our internal and external operations. Servi-Trak, our proprietary, cloud-based data capture platform, is at the very core of all of our commercial cleaning and engineering solutions. Fast, agile, and cost-effective, Servi-Trak’s intuitive user interface and powerful stored intelligence functionality allow us to better serve our extensive customer base by eliminating data silos, accelerating task management, and driving overall business value with every engagement.

Servi-Trak Utilizes Cutting-Edge Software Security Innovations

At Servi-Tek, we recognize that cybersecurity and data protection are top concerns for our small- to mid-sized business partners. We also understand that the security of any cloud-based software solution is only as good as the technology utilized by the supplier. Servi-Trak leverages a comprehensive suite of security innovations to keep our system (and your data) safe:

SQL Injection

SQL Injection is one of the most common techniques used by web hackers. This program places malicious code in SQL statements to retrieve user data. Servi-Trak sanitizes user input to prevent a SQL injection attack.


This code is a security vulnerability that allows hackers to inject scripts into web pages. Servi-Trak’s practice of sanitizing user data prevents a system compromise and safeguards user information.


Also known as Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, CORS allows open access of resources across different domain boundaries. Servi-Trak only allows our server (API) to talk with our app using a specific URL to minimize the threat of a hack.

Servi-Tek has also fortified security on the server side of our software solution as well. The Servi-Trak system has an enabled firewall that only allows HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH programs. Here’s what you need to know about these technologies:


HTTP, or HyperText Transfer Protocol, is an unsecured web component. However, we only utilize HTTP to configure to the application. Once setup is completed, we direct all traffic to an HTTPS entity.


Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP. The “S” at the end stands for secure and means that all communication between your browser and the website is encrypted for optimal security with every connection.


Sometimes referred to as Secure Shell, this program allows secure network services to operate over an unsecure network. Our system uses SSH to access/login to the server but removes access via password for an added layer of security.

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