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Benefits of Upgrading To A Cloud-Based Platform

Benefits of Upgrading To A Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-based innovation is changing the face of commercial cleaning enterprise, with companies of every size and scope within the vertical tapping into the power of the Internet to drive both internal and client-facing engagement. Is your organization considering making the move to the cloud? Understanding some of the many benefits offered with a digital data capture platform designed specifically for the janitorial industry can help you decide if it’s the right choice for your organization.

Cloud computing platforms offer:

Cost Savings

Non-cloud based designs often require an investment in hardware, utilities, data storage options, and even additional IT resources to keep the system functional. A high performing cloud system works on any smart device to eliminate subsequent hardware costs. Additionally, the cloud provider typically oversees the system externally, so you’ll never have to worry about adding personnel to your staff to manage your internal platform operations.

Optimized Operations

Successfully running a commercial cleaning company requires efficiency across every function. Cloud infrastructure automates task management, streamlines communication, and eliminates internal silos to optimize efficiency across multiple teams and departments. Best of all, using an Internet-based application delivers instant scalability that grows with your team and fluctuating business needs to keep your operations moving forward at maximum capacity.

Increased Customer Support

Forget about missed phone calls or misdirected emails. A cloud-based commercial cleaning system centralizes data capture and storage. This flexible system format allows customers to directly log, view, and analyze relevant, real-time account intelligence. Additionally, in the event of an issue or client compliant, a cloud application automates notification to the right players, ensuring your team can react quickly for prompt, thorough resolution.

Unparalleled Mobility

Cloud innovation provides a dynamic and effective way to support your highly mobile commercial cleaning staff. No more waiting until the team comes back into the office to update client files. Instead, all your crew needs is a smart device and a WiFi connection to access critical account data and store relevant job details while on the road.

Enhanced Data Security

Cybersecurity poses a significant concern for companies of every size and in virtually every industry. Even a single data breach can tarnish your brand reputation and marketplace positioning. Cloud technology leverages several advanced security capabilities including encryption, various levels of access controls, and user authentication to help keep data protected at all times.

Want to hear more about Servi-Trak’s innovative, cloud-based data capture application designed specifically for the commercial cleaning industry? Contact us today for a free product demo.

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