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Four Ways to Run A Green, Clean Facility

Four Ways to Run A Green, Clean Facility

The growth of corporate environmentalism has made its mark in industry as companies of every size and scope recognize the benefits of eco-conscious operations. For many business owners, going green is simply the right thing to do to minimize the organization’s overall carbon footprint. However, green practices can also have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. A 2013 study revealed that a whopping 71 percent of all Americans consider the environment before making a purchase, granting ecologically aware companies an opportunity to edge out the competition just by doing what’s best for the our collective ecosystems.

Start Small With Green Initiatives In Your Company

No matter what is ultimately motivating your company to go green, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be a difficult transition. Implementing just a few organization-wide strategies and policies can make a major difference in your overall global impact and create a foundation for future efforts. Some easy green initiatives can include:

Building Materials

The materials used throughout your facility can significantly influence a business’ carbon footprint. New construction definitely makes incorporating green products easier. However, it is possible to transition over to sustainable materials with flooring, wall coverings, windows, and other building components when they warrant replacement. Whether installing new or replacing, it’s critical to research the products you’re considering to ensure they are as environmentally sounds as they claim.

Work Stations

Today’s flexible scheduling and remote workforce create a unique opportunity for businesses to reduce the number of individual cubes and single offices in the space, instantly increasing efficiency throughout the building. If your business is making a shift that utilizes more telecommuting in its model, now may be a great time to reconfigure the floor layout, creating more community-centric spaces (think conference rooms and designated department areas) while lowering total square footage for lower resource and energy consumption.


The use of natural light within the work environment is an effective, easy-to-implement green practice. Develop a standard within your staff that makes the use of daylighting whenever possible a companywide practice to lower reliance on electricity. Bonus: Research indicates that flooding your facility with natural may also improve employee productivity as well.

Commercial Cleaning

One of the quickest ways to improve sustainability within your organization is to partner with a LEED-certified green commercial cleaning company. A qualified green provider will do more than utilize market-leading, natural products that minimize global impact. An innovative janitorial cleaning service will also use industry best practices to implement a full-scale environmentally conscious cleaning strategy to minimize the use of electricity and other resources for optimized sustainability with every engagement.

Want to learn more about implementing eco-friendly strategies in your operations for a clean, green work environment? Contact Servi-Tek and speak with our team of facilities management specialists today.

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