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Three Essential Factors To Look For In A Facilities Management Company

Three Essential Factors To Look For In A Facilities Management Company

An agile facilities management firm is a vital partnership for both building owners and property management teams. Whatever the scope or sector of your operations, a full-service facilities management company can leverage a wide range of services, strategies, and solutions to reduce energy consumption, streamline onsite vendor efforts, increase sustainability, and (most importantly) drive cost savings.

Select The Right Facilities Management Team For Your Property

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news? Screening and selecting the right facilities management team can be hard. With countless providers vying for your business, it can be challenging to identify a professional crew equipped to boost efficiencies and increase business value. Go into the process armed with these three tips to identify a partner that’s ready to protect your capital assets and maximize your return on investment.

Your chosen partner should:

Perform A Thorough Assessment Process

Don’t settle for a provider that’s happy to simply maintain the current property status quo; look for a facilities management company that seeks to innovate as a way to maintain or increase your profit margins as well as sustain or improve tenant satisfaction levels. A qualified vendor will have a detailed building evaluation approach that systematically helps your company:

  • Track, measure, & monitor
  • Strategize
  • Prioritize internal system and capital equipment maintenance

The right facilities management company will use the initial property assessment as a baseline for internal upgrades, controls enhancements, and updated integrations explicitly designed to expedite project success.

Develop A Customized Solution

Never settle for a one-size-fits-all engineering approach that limits success of your initiatives. When screening facilities management teams, look for a vendor that wants to understand your specific needs, objectives, and vision so they can develop a customized, scalable solution that best aligns with and achieves your systems, staff, and efficiency goals.

Leverage Existing Resources

Proficient management teams recognize that a facility’s current engineering staff can play a vital role in the property’s future success. A qualified vendor will work with your existing engineering team, adding leadership resources as needed. Your selected provider will offer training and mentoring to elevate the team’s performance capabilities beyond mere coordinators into that of a true collaborator and partner.

Servi-Tek Delivers Dynamic Facilities Management Solutions

Want to hear more about Servi-Tek’s dynamic, fully integrated engineering strategies for commercial and industrial buildings? Contact the team today to schedule a no-risk property assessment.

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