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The Benefits of Using Green Janitorial Cleaning Services in Your Commercial Building

The Benefits of Using Green Janitorial Cleaning Services in Your Commercial Building

Certified green commercial cleaning services and sustainable facility maintenance management have proven to be more than industry buzzwords for companies in virtually every industry. Green cleaning leverages a diverse range of janitorial products, practices, and strategies created to optimize cleaning results while reducing the potential negative impact on both employee health as well as the surrounding environment. Working with a janitorial company committed to green and eco-friendly cleaning methods delivers several significant benefits, including:

Safeguards Employee and Tenant Health

As a business owner or property manager, it’s essential to protect the health of everyone inside your building. Unfortunately, many property owners and facilities management companies don’t realize that conventional cleaning products and services often use harmful chemicals and pollutants that can cause serious health conditions for anyone that comes in contact with them.

Certified green janitorial products have been explicitly formulated to minimize the use of harsh, synthetic toxins. Every cleanser or disinfectant used in your facility has passed the very highest industry standards to uphold both local and federal restrictions on dangerous chemicals, such as carcinogens, hormone disruptions, and neurotoxins. As a result, these products have fewer associated health risks.

Improves Quality of Indoor Air

Each year, poor indoor air quality impacts employee health, productivity, and overall energy levels. Many traditional cleaners and detergents release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)acknowledges that VOCs can have both long- and short-term health consequences, including allergies, headaches, respiratory conditions, and congestion. Worse yet, VOCs can linger in your facility long after an individual janitorial cleaning service, continuously exposing your staff, clients, and tenants to these toxic indoor chemicals. Certified green commercial cleaning services and products reduce or eliminate harmful VOCs, allowing anyone in your building to breathe easier.

Long-Term Facility ROI

Most building owners and property management teams are surprised to learn that green commercial cleaning solutions can actually impact bottom-line profits for the business and/or facility. Environmentally friendly and sustainable products and methods can increase the longevity of a building’s surfaces, including counters, floors, walls, built-ins, and furniture. Additionally, using green cleaning to keep employees and tenants safe and healthy drives attendance and productivity, all while helping to mitigate building hazards and liability for long-term return on investment at your facility.

Servi-Tek specializes in innovative green cleaning solutions that optimize building efficiencies and safety. Call us today to contact a no-risk demo of our services and strategies.

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