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Three More Ways To Make Your Office More Efficient

Three More Ways To Make Your Office More Efficient

In today’s corporate culture, green practices aren’t just about protecting the environment and driving sustainability — increasing efficiency in your place of business can actually have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. Implementing just a few changes as part of your facility management plan can make a major difference in your company’s profitability. Most importantly, it doesn’t take a giant (read: expensive) initiative to start swinging the efficiency pendulum in your favor. Here are three relatively easy ways to make your office more efficient:

Start Monitoring Energy Use

The first step in any facility management efficiency plan is to get a thorough understanding of your building’s current energy use. Establishing a benchmark of use (and potential waste) will help you quickly pinpoint where you may be overusing resources. Consistently evaluating usage will also help you recognize if your modifications are making a difference — or if you need to tweak various efforts further.

Conduct Routine Maintenance Checks

The performance of your equipment and internal systems can also directly influence office efficiency (as well as your corporate bottom-line). Neglecting your capital equipment assets not only disrupts operational and environmental efficiencies, but it can also have dire cost consequences as well. Leveraging routine maintenance as part of your facility management plan can help identify the need for minor repairs and restorations, before they become a major concern for your office.

Consider Flexible Workspaces

Modern workplaces have come a long way over the last decade. Today’s building owners and property managers recognize that cubicle farms are not only counterproductive, but they can also be costly. Flexible workspace eliminates the need to designate a single desk/work area for every individual employee. Instead, staff members can work remotely, coming into the office as needed and sitting wherever they’d like to during their time onsite. Not needing a desk for every staff member can deliver deep savings in building materials.

Don’t have the budget to reconfigure your floor plan? Not a problem. Make a conscious decision to allow employees to work from home as needed to save money on building out your existing workstations every time you hire someone new. Additionally, a flexible work model with remote employees can also conserve total energy use at the office.

Are you struggling to optimize efficiencies at your business? Servi-Tek’s facilities maintenance management strategies can help. Contact us to schedule a no-risk property evaluation today.

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