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Commercial cleaning contractors can help your business take off through increased productivity,
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Importance of Business Cleaning

Keeping a commercial space clean is no easy task. Dust, grime, bacteria, and stains can make their presence known, creating a potentially unsafe environment for your workers, customers and visitors.

In this era, where competitors are a step away, you need to be cognizant about how customers perceive you.

A spill can cause an accident, dust can cause allergies, and viruses can spread from one person to another.

If you do it right, you can land a business cleaning company with whom to build a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.

Read on to find out how a commercial cleaning business can help you, what to look for and expect when considering your options.

What Is Business Cleaning?

Business cleaning – sometimes referred to as commercial cleaning – uses a wide variety of cleaning methods, products, and equipment to provide a healthy, safe environment to any commercial property, ranging from offices to retail stores, keeping your employees & customers protected and satisfied.

Commercial waste cleanup, disinfection, or heavy cleaning are other activities that define business cleaning and can include carpet cleaning, window washing, or hard floor deep cleaning.

You can opt for a one-time service, or benefit from the services in the long run, ensuring your business is performing to the highest standards.

Business Cleaning Services

Business cleaning and commercial cleaning services address different businesses and provide solutions depending on their needs.

They can include all periodic and on request cleaning.

For example, classic services target:

  • floors & carpet
  • walls & tiles
  • lighting
  • furniture
  • windows
  • kitchen & dining areas
  • lobbies
  • workstations
  • restrooms

Different Business Cleaning Tasks

Tasks can be grouped based on need and frequency.

Daily business cleaning tasks prevent dirt, germs, and trash build-up, providing a clean, presentable environment to effectively conduct business.

The tasks include dusting, mopping, and vacuuming, removal of surface clutter, disinfecting frequently used areas, and high-touch zones.

Weekly cleaning tasks target harder to reach surfaces and are performed to upkeep specific materials.

The most common weekly tasks are polishing glass, mirror, and metallic surfaces, cleaning walls, and carpet stains.

Monthly tasks make a difference in the overall feeling and appearance of commercial spaces because they bring a fresh, well-maintained look.

They usually include carpet deep cleaning, vents maintenance, fabrics washing, dusting the space from top to bottom and stripping/waxing of hard floors.

Cost Of Business Cleaning

Business cleaning services should be tailored to your specific needs, which is why the cost varies.

Pricing must begin with an assessment of the area and take into account the space size, surface finishes, frequency, and equipment and supplies required, together with the experience and reputation of the company.

Usually, the cost is hourly based, or for large spaces, there is a square feet rate, but this can be discussed and agreed upon by both sides.

In the long term, there are cost benefits incurred: healthy employees, new clients attracted due to the overall competent look and feel, and reduced workplace accidents or related illnesses.

Business Cleaning Protocols

Commercial cleaning comes with additional health and safety regulations or might involve potentially hazardous conditions or substances.

For example, commercial window cleaning has many health and safety requirements as it involves working at heights and with complex equipment.

It is essential that the cleaners follow the CDC’s guidelines and recommended procedures. The usual protocol for business cleaning should include the following:

  • Cleaning personnel have to wear disposable latex gloves when using chemical substances and disinfecting surfaces;
  • First, the initial cleaning must remove the dust and grime, then the disinfectant or the cleaning solution is applied for efficient results;
  • Routine cleaning is essential for frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, tables, light switches, faucets, sink, handles, keyboards, etc.
  • Garbage removal, and if necessary, storage points, should be increased and emptied regularly throughout the day; trash liners should be replaced.

Additionally, there are preventive measures for the workplace or commercial spaces cleaning during a pandemic scenario of COVID-19.

Disinfecting all surfaces where risks may occur is extremely important, and it must follow the basic regulation:

  • The cleaning personnel must wear protective gear at all times;
  • The surfaces must be kept wet for a specific period of time, based on the product used, to effectively kill any virus;

What Types of Business Cleaning Are There?

When searching for qualified commercial cleaning companies, it’s important to consider the unique requirements of your business.

The right company will have a deep understanding of your industry and the means to execute a superior maintenance program with flexible scheduling.

And for every need, there is a counterpart service.

Experienced businesses offer:

– Janitorial services: they involve day-to-day tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, waste removal, gym, lockers, and shower, restroom, and kitchen cleaning;

– Window cleaning: this type of service specializes in more specific window cleaning, other than a simple swipe of the internal glass and window sills; the focus is on the outside faces that are difficult to reach;

– Floor and carpet cleaning: specific floor cleaning is more thorough, and can address specialized floor coverings such as hardwood and stone; besides addressing the general dirt and spills, you can opt for treatments to help preserve the floor in the future;

– Tile and grout cleaning: regular mopping will never reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of the materials; specialized mop systems and extraction cleaning methods are used to bring the floor back to life;

– Emergency and disaster cleanup: as timing is critical, an unexpected event can close down a business for a longer period if not dealt with immediately; the emergency services provided deal with water leaks and overflows, bloodborne pathogen cleanup, debris removal, carpet, and water extraction;

– Exterior areas cleaning and maintenance: parking lots, exterior entrances, and outdoor break areas are the first point of contact with visitors, which is why their appearance is extremely important for the overall business reputation;

All of the services above can be provided by one or more businesses, depending on the size, qualifications, and experience of the company.

What Is A Business Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning Contractor?

Business cleaning and commercial cleaning contractors provide specialized services performed by professional staff.

These commercial cleaners are well trained and experienced and also take responsibility for all the cleaning works in a commercial space, small offices, or any type of facility.

They will help you with day-to-day agreed-upon tasks, while also providing flexibility for additional periodic services, including responding to emergency situations.

Why Choose Commercial Cleaning Contractors?

A commercial space, much like our home, needs to be clean, inviting, and hygienic. Customers are drawn by a tidy space, and it also brings greater efficiency and satisfaction for the workers.

If a business fails to have an immaculate place from all the disease-causing germs, it could bring a negative effect on the work climate, employee productivity, and even on their wellbeing.

The main benefits of choosing a commercial cleaning contractor are:

  1. Save time: due to the profile of the cleaning tasks, area size, and training required, having your workers do these chores can prove to be impossible; by hiring a cleaning contractor, your employees will benefit from a clean office and have the time to focus on their daily activities;
  2. Core focus: commercial cleaning companies have the experience and utilize the most current equipment, supplies, and cleaning techniques to increase workplace cleanliness, along with specialized training;
  3. Cost-effectiveness: the resources a contractor brings can save you money compared to doing everything by yourself; plus, this will allow your company to focus on your business, which could contribute to increased productivity and revenue;
  4. Liability mitigation: contractors take-on the liability of employees, including workplace injuries, and should have full general liability insurance coverage. 

How To Choose A Business Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning Company

The first thing you’ll want to know before hiring a commercial cleaning company is to check if they provide the services you need.

If the services are diverse, and the staff is specialized & trained, you will be able to outsource all your needs from one place.

You should also look out for reviews, industry recommendations, and social media activities because it will give you an idea of who the contractors work for, if they perform quality work and if they can be trusted.

Quality of employees is another must for a respectable cleaning company. 

A formal training program should be in place to ensure effective productivity and performance. 

A professional commercial cleaning company should be able to walk you through the hiring-process steps, which should include background checks.

Lastly, inquire about the quality control practices and management oversight offered by the company.

Schedule a call and on-site consultation so that you can see for yourself if the team is professional and able to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Best-In-Class Service

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of companies and options.

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions is the leading commercial cleaning company and offers high-quality services for commercial spaces, including office, medical office, retail, industrial, educational, and hospitality.

We understand our customer’s needs and requirements to provide a tailor-made janitorial solution.

Servi-Tek’s best-in-class management oversight, proprietary software – which includes Work Order and Inspection modules – and transparency create mutually beneficial partnerships with our valued clients.  

Contact us today and take your building cleaning and maintenance to the next level!

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