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Sept 13, 2022 | Blog

What Makes Up a Superior Commercial Solution?

More innovative solutions should increase and deliver superior quality, reduce costs, and encourage more competitors to enter the markets.

The commercial cleaning industry today in the United States is expected to continue rebounding, as commercial real estate markets improve. The 2020 pandemic brought economic ramifications beyond the United States into Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Mexico City, and more. 

Many U.S. cities are also experiencing signs of resurgence including Midland, Texas, San Jose, California, and North Salt Lake City, Utah. Aside from Salt Lake City, Utah (UT) cities showing growth also include St. George, Provo, and several others.

The business sectors expected to grow in upcoming years include information technology, government, and the medical industry. The bottom line based on experience is that whether it involves a company, family, or other consumers—quality matters.

More innovative solutions should increase and deliver superior quality, reduce costs, and encourage more competitors to enter the markets.  Some supply chain issues should improve as importers get final products to people such as installers and users of goods.

Others project that real-time information suggests that supply chains should improve for higher-end products, particularly in hospitality projects.

Specialty items such as marble tub surround, sink fixtures and décor, and high-end countertops and commercial cabinets, have been in short supply.

Many of the specialty project products involving good quality hotels and apartments might finally get the attention they need. Depending on the location, some of these jobs fell years behind as it took a long time.

Freight and shipping teams were largely in a bottleneck, which got government attention as final product deliveries stalled. Many company employees, owners, and people such as those in a sales team faced more questions than answers.

Company sales team members felt their jobs were in jeopardy as products needed never arrived on location at the right time. Recent experience suggests that enhanced protocols, better access to information, and more studies and reviews should yield results.

Innovative solutions in the real-time freight industry should boost quality, help reduce costs, and improve the bottom line. Upon review, many of the pandemic-related protocols should also help employees and owners better balance their work and family lives.

The Importance of Excellent Communication

One way for a commercial company to differentiate itself from competitors is by providing better communication. This might occur when providing a quote, sharing extensive knowledge of the product, or answering questions.

Phones, emails, texts, and web page interactions all represent methods of communication. Next, we will look at the five primary types of communication.

Verbal communication involves engagement in spoken dialogue with others such as in person, via phone, Skype, or Zoom. The nature of these communications might be casual or more formal, such as in the context of a meeting.

Non-verbal communication refers to much more than simply the language or words that are spoken. For example, they might be cues based on facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures, and more.

Written communication might represent engagement via emails, social media postings, or contract language, and might be subject to interpretation. It is reasonable for a building owner or facility manager to expect designated points of contact to have good written skills. 

Poor written communication skills can place a service provider at a significant disadvantage in terms of customer service. In terms of a service provider agreement or contract, it might expose a company to liability and other financial consequences.

Keep in mind that written communications inherently are forms of documentation that may last forever. Therefore, it’s a good business practice to hone your written communication skills or find someone to create such communication on your behalf.

Listening is an often-overlooked form of communication that is critical for effective interaction among people. When commercial cleaning companies fail to properly listen, they might miss very important details regarding prospective or current accounts.

Active listening is a term used frequently and involves being receptive and sending clear messages. In many providers and customer interactions, failing to listen (actively) will be interpreted very negatively—suggesting that you don’t care.

What are some of the most common actions associated with active listening between parties? Acts that suggest active listening might be as simple as nodding your head, verbal acknowledgments, or asking for more clarification.

Visual communication might involve a host of different platforms and has a tone and message. A commercial cleaning company might exercise visual communication skills in marketing initiatives, presentations, or when generating detailed reports.

Embracing Various New Forms of Technology

Technology is increasingly important, i.e., a customer might visit your page and receive a real-time quote. Automated emails can send key reminders, summaries, or reviews to any parties that need them.

New online security measures should be prioritized involving web-based solutions, where applications interface, and self-contained systems (SCS) structures. Many of the new types of technology that might apply in the realm of commercial cleaning involve the aforementioned types of communication.

Electrostatic spraying and disinfection is a key form of technology used in the market, which was further emphasized recently. The COVID-19 pandemic reminded people of the importance of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting workplace environments.

The electrostatic process uses liquids that are charged during the spraying method that creates droplets that disperse. Electrostatic technology allows for disinfecting both sides of a single surface in most cases and causes the droplets to adhere. 

Ultraviolet light (UV) is now a more common tool for eliminating germs, viruses, bacteria, mites, and other pathogens. UV light might be emitted using a “wand-like” device that allows for directional control when operated by a cleaning professional.

UV lighting is used today in elevators or other somewhat confined spaces for disinfection purposes. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), more widespread use of this technology also occurred as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Ultraviolet-C (UVC) lamps can be used in a host of different applications as an effective disinfectant. For example, it has proven effective in disinfecting air and water by essentially “inactivating” viruses.

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) floor cleaning technology is also increasingly popular among the leading commercial cleaning and janitorial companies.  For example, floor materials will wear over time and require waxing or buffing to rejuvenate their appearance.

Hiring and Retaining Quality Employees

Superior providers of facility solutions develop excellent training programs, regularly review performance, and demonstrate a willingness to invest in their staff. This will better ensure that the team understands safety requirements and has extensive knowledge of the product or service you provide. 

The importance of maintaining safety-conscious cleaning personnel should not be understated based on common risks that exist in the industry. Key potential safety concerns include slip-and-fall accidents, dangerous reactions between chemicals and cleaning agents, and more.

Emphasizing Value Rather Than Bottom Line Price 

While truly superior providers of commercial cleaning solutions will typically maintain competitive pricing, they might not be the lowest priced. Often, service providers that compete primarily on price will take “shortcuts” to compensate in other aspects of their work.

The cost-cutting efforts might involve paying below-average wages to employees, which may translate to using less productive or unmotivated workers. A company may rely on older or lesser-quality equipment—another factor that will likely decrease performance.

Superior service providers will represent an excellent value that results from delivering high-quality work at a reasonable price.

Environmental Compliance and Eco-Friendly Products

Providers in the commercial cleaning and janitorial industry now have plenty of eco-friendly products available to choose from. Based on recent EPA data, some of the environmentally-sound considerations in the market today include:

  • Choosing bio-based solvents such as those with citrus, seed, or pine oil
  • Limiting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause indoor air pollution by using fragrance-free or Green Seal-certified cleaning products
  • Selecting glass cleaners composed of at least 49% biobased material such as water, glycerin, and alkyl polyglycolide
  • When possible, use products intended for use with cold water for energy conservation.

Choosing Good Equipment and Maintaining it Equipment Properly

Superior providers will invest in professional-grade equipment designed for regular, commercial use. Almost equally as important is ensuring that tools and equipment are properly maintained according to manufacturer specifications.

Offer a Comprehensive Range of Services

The majority of commercial cleaning and janitorial service providers will offer a “core” group of basic services. Examples include sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, trash removal, etc.

Many of the industry-leading commercial companies also offer more specialized services or assistance with certain projects or events.  Some examples include electrostatic disinfection, day porter services, exterior power or pressure washing, or post-construction cleaning services.

Leading Provider of Superior Commercial Cleaning Solutions

The team of experienced professionals with Servi-Tek Facility Solutions provides commercial cleaning, janitorial, and facility maintenance services. We create customized solutions for building owners, facility managers, and others with responsibility for large commercial environments.

Our clients operate in corporate office settings, manufacturing, and industrial facilities, medical centers, educational environments, apartment and condo complexes, and more.  Our facility maintenance and engineering services effectively monitor and maintain HVAC, general plumbing and electrical systems, and safety equipment.

With offices now in Anaheim, San Diego, Phoenix, and Hawaii, growth is attributed to exceeding client expectations and superior customer service. We look forward to speaking with you regarding how we can assist.

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