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Servi-tek Tribe


Servi-Tek is more than a company; we are a diverse tribe of individuals with shared values dedicated to delivering an exceptional client experience that is second to none.

Servi-tek Training


We provide consistent, intensive training across all levels of our organization to develop each individual tribe member using the very highest industry standards and best practices.

Servi-tek Technology


Our proprietary, cloud-based data capture platform, Servi-Trak, leverages state-of-the-art innovation to drive efficiency and service excellence across every customer engagement.

Servi-tek Tribe


Servi-Trak’s extensive reporting capabilities allow our team to carefully track and monitor mission-critical factors such as work orders, facility trends, and team performance.

Servi-tek Training


We believe in complete transparency throughout every internal and external exchange to promote trust, build positive partnerships, and improve final results.


Our Mission

Servi-Tek is the leader in innovative technology and unparalleled service. We are relentless in the pursuit of customer happiness and tribal development.