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Scopes of work should be carefully assessed based upon the physical plant, along with its systems and equipment, and budget. The assigned staff should be matched accordingly. Typically, We maintain the HVAC and other mechanical components, life/safety equipment, while performing general plumbing and electrical work. We oversee and monitor outside contractors performing on-site projects. Maintaining the Energy Management System(EMS) and Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs are critically important. A detailed monthly report is also provided to client.
We feature robust on-line third-party training, whereby all employees are required to complete pre-selected topics (from a library of over 200 sessions) each month. Additionally, in-person training from Servitek management and outside business partners further enhances knowledge, skillsets and awareness.
A project budget is completed, in conjunction with client requirements along with the physical plant, and incorporated into our contracts. Labor wages (by employee), payroll costs, health & welfare and overhead management fee are key line-items calculated. Monthly invoicing reflects actual costs incurred; We do not bill clients fixed-price, which may include hours not worked.
We are capable of -and experienced- in providing specialized service at retail centers, office buildings, industrial parks, condominiums/apartments, mixed-use projects, tech centers and medical facilities.
As operating expenses are critical component in driving asset value, Servi-tek maximizes project efficiency in various formats. Most significantly is energy reduction via, for example, LED lighting, variable frequency drive (CFD) motors, cooling tower sewer credits, energy management systems (EMS), proper insulation and replacement of inefficient mechanical equipment. We also, through preventive maintenance, maximize equipment life cycles.
We feature a well-trained group of relief technicians dedicated to filling-in at various projects, as required, to cover for planned and unplanned staff absences.
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