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Protect your commercial property against illness-causing viruses. Talk to us today about our latest cleaning solutions that help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
With consistent monitoring of the guidance provided by local and international health organizations, we are taking the following precautionary measures to minimize the risk of viral spread:
  • We continue to provide the additional daily service of spraying high-touch areas during our normal nightly service
  • Our team members are trained in project and personal hygiene practices consistent with CDC recommendations
  • We offer Electrostatic Spraying (Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) cleaning solutions as additional services upon request
  • Servi-Tek uses certified Procter & Gamble antibacterial products in common/office areas as well as in the restrooms.
  • We utilize disposable disinfectant wipes on “touch areas.”
  • Each site has personal care products for employees to use hourly

The Servi-Tek team is currently providing hand sanitizers and gloves with all our equipment to help reduce both contact with as well as the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Additionally, we’ve informed our staff that any employee who feels ill is REQUIRED to stay home, pending additional diagnosis by medical professionals



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Janitor Full Body suit disinfecting
  1. Sterilize hopper
  2. Remove and sterilize nozzle and spray handle
  3. Prepare product dilution as specified on its label
  1. Gloves
  2. Masks
  3. Eye Protection

NOTE – While product is not caustic, is it highly recommended that occupants not be present during application and for 20 minutes after.

  1. Cleaning removes germs
  2. Sanitizing lowers the numbers of germs
  3. Disinfecting kills germs

NOTE – BSL-3 is designed to disinfect.

  1. Load hopper
  2. Apply disinfectant to all horizontal and vertical surfaces
  3. Apply on all objects with special  attention to high-contact items such as:
  • desks
  • countertops
  • doorknobs
  • computer keyboards, etc.

4  Apply disinfectant on visible vents and returns

Clean and disinfect correctly.
  1. Always follow label directions of (BSL-3)* cleaning solutions
  2. Use a backpack atomizer for BSL-3 solutions to spray above and throughout the entire office. This process leaves a fine mist that remains wet for 2-4 hours
  3. The product will leave tiny spots on surfaces once dried naturally. That may brush off or will need to be cleaned off at a later time (removal of “water spots” is not part of this service)

Dwell Time Practices

Servi-Tek has begun utilizing Dwell Time practices, a key component in BSL-3 cleaning protocol, at all of our client sites. Dwell Time routines leave our antibacterial product on surfaces without removal to combat the spread of germs.

Our Dwell Time routines include:

  • Night service cleans door knobs and door handles
  • Day porters cleans elevators, restroom doors and restroom fixtures
  • Dwell Time practices create a wet barrier, allowing surfaces to dry naturally.
  • Dwell Time strategies do leave tiny spots on surfaces.
  • If any client prefers to use conventional cleaning methods, Servi-Tek will not follow BSL guidelines, cleaning instead for appearance, not infection


As the infection is airborne, Servi-Tek’s Engineering team is recommending the installation of UV light fixtures in all air handlers, fan rooms and mixed air plenum spaces.

This is a relatively low-cost solution compared to continuous filter changing and will also be effective against most airborne spores, including mold… a common practice in the healthcare and life sciences industry for over a decade.

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We want you to be updated!

As commercial property and facility managers, much of your time and resources are tied up with precautions and considerations relating to the current pandemic. It falls to us to wade through the additional responsibilities and obligations on top of what it takes to smoothly run a commercial facility, keeping clients, tenants and coworkers safe – no easy task!

All in the same boat

We’re consistently monitoring the guidance from local and international health organizations, and taking precautions to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in the commercial property world as we continue to battle Covid-19. Sharing solutions and guiding each other is the best way to work together in these unprecedented times. Here at ServiTek, it’s our hope that this newsletter is helpful to you all as we continue to learn more about what’s happening in the current challenging climate. 


The physical environment

Take the physical environment, for starters. No doubt, you’ve been busy implementing the physical alterations necessary to keep the show on the road. 

Perhaps you read about the IREM Orange County’s meeting to discuss the importance of janitorial services, visibility, signage, and safe reopening of commercial property? If not, you can catch the information here

To summarize, prudent actions for commercial property and facility managers may include:

  1. As per CDC recommendations, increased cleaning schedules and use of effective cleaning products – those that destroy the virus. 
  2. Revising protocols to include cleaning of frequently touched areas, such as elevator buttons, door handles, and handrails.
  3. Installing dispensers for soap and hand sanitizer, as well as sanitizing stations, so that we can encourage hand hygiene.
  4. Rearranging layout of workspaces to facilitate social distancing so that coworkers can remain six feet apart. 
  5. Placing notices, posters, and stickers to encourage appropriate coughing etiquette and hand hygiene, and remind others of social distancing requirements; plus ongoing digital communication with staff.  
  6. Conducting risk assessments and considering supply chain interruption.
  7. Screening: Implementing building regulations to include advanced health and safety screening. This requires staff notification of symptomatic employees, temperature monitoring, and limiting building access. 
  8. Considering safety protocols and alternatives for large, public events held on the property.
The guidance

Of course, almost all commercial buildings are workplaces, so 

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) is a great resource to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

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Thankfully, the OSHA website has lots of information, such as guidance on safe return to work, worker exposure risk, guidance on preparing workplaces, and more. 

Working together

At ServiTek, we want to reassure you that we’re only a phone call or email away to support you and your property in any way that we can. We are the pre-eminent facilities service provider for Janitorial solutions, including electrostatic spraying 

Please reach out and see how we can help, and learn more about our latest disinfection solutions.

Stay safe and stay in touch.

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions Return to Work Action Plan

We understand the challenge of controlling the spread of coronavirus. Now that people are slowly returning back to work and embracing the new normal. We established a Return to Work Action Plan to address some of the key concerns in going back to your commercial properties safely.
The guidelines and recommendations included are based on the recommendations by the CDC.
Servi-Tek specialists are prepared to collaborate and implement the perfect solution for your property. 

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