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May 23, 2023 | Blog

The Future of cleaning service in  Commercial properties

Technological Advancements In The Cleaning Industry
New cleaning technologies and methodologies that are expected to pave the way forward for cleanliness
The Future of Cleaning Service in Commercial Properties

With new skyscrapers emerging across the horizon, occupied commercial space (in square feet), is expected to increase by 39% by the end of 2050. A 2018 market report by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and the American Association of Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers (AACEM) shows that the global commercial cleaning industry is expected to reach $74.3 million by 2022. This post discusses the future of cleaning services in commercial properties.

Sanitization and Disinfection Will Become Inescapable

Sanitization and Disinfection Will Become Inescapable

For several decades, commercial cleaning has only focused on the “cleaning” aspect of removing dirt. The industry recognized the need for sanitizing and disinfection during COVID-19. The world as we know it today has seen the first-hand effects of germs and recognized the need to take adequate measures.

There has already been an increase in disinfection and sanitization demands of commercial cleaning companies. It’s predicted that cleaning professionals are already becoming experts in creating safer indoor environments. You may want to seek commercial cleaning service providers that employ the best ways to sanitize and disinfect a space during routine cleaning tasks.

A growing number of businesses are feeling the need to hire sanitization and disinfection companies. Moreover, companies are now aware that they can trust commercial cleaning service providers to use green cleaning products with new advancements made in the field of cleaning technology.

Cleaning companies are also tasked with improving indoor air quality and making the interiors smell fresh and clean. Offices, medical facilities, educational institutions, retail spaces, and warehouses among others are recognizing the need to let in fresh air. New research states that people in enclosed and stale environments are at a higher risk of contracting infections and diseases.

Commercial cleaners understand the need to provide sanitization services from large business premises to small businesses. To this effect, the more established commercial cleaning companies have invested in state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, such as electrostatic machines and disinfection products.

Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency and Productivity

Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency and Productivity

There has been a major shift in customer expectations in terms of cleanliness and maintaining a germ-free environment. There is a trend of cleaning for health now, which has forced professional cleaning companies to employ more effective and thorough processes. To remain profitable, cleaning companies are investing in effective cleaning equipment to boost efficiency without increased turnaround times.

In turn, businesses should pay attention to the type of cleaning they require. For instance, commercial cleaning productivity can be improved by choosing the right equipment. By using machines with pre-set cleaning options, janitorial employees can immediately start cleaning without wasting any time setting up. Such advancements in technology have not just improved productivity but also allowed for more consistent cleaning results.

Cleaning companies are looking to invest in productive equipment that allows their workers to get into hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces. Workers can now use the different features in a machine for a more efficient cleaning as compared to switching to a broom in the middle of a service visit. Sophisticated machinery can allow cleaners to take care of shelves, pallets, and racks among other infrastructure.

Cleaning companies need to consider the type of new commercial cleaning technology and automated systems that can boost productivity further. Commercial cleaning companies can benefit from investing in IoT-enabled cleaning equipment and automating certain processes. They can also attain greater control over service consistency.

Addressing the Health and Environmental Impact of Commercial Cleaning

Addressing the Health and Environmental Impact of Commercial Cleaning

The green cleaning trend has come really far. You only need to look at the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket to realize this. There is a shrinking selection of conventional cleaning products that are toxic, hazardous, and harmful to both humans and the environment. A variety of green cleaners are on the market now and are meant to reduce a company’s impact on the environment.

Contemporary cleaning companies have already switched to using all-natural cleaning agents that get the job done without leaving any chemical residue behind which may impact the indoor air quality and health in a facility. Businesses can aid this movement by taking an ethical stance and forcing commercial cleaners to use more sustainable solutions.

The green cleaning trend has opened up an important opportunity for professional cleaning service providers looking to offer green cleaning solutions as part of their value-added services. They are working to meet growing customer expectations by using non-toxic and effective cleaning agents in place of traditional chemical cleaners. In the next few years, there may be a complete shift to green practices in the cleaning industry.

These are a few ways that an industrial and commercial cleaning business can adopt more sustainable cleaning practices:

  • Invest in technologies that use less energy, water, and chemicals to clean
  • Adopt technologies that reduce cleaning time
  • Avoid using cleaning agents that leave a harsh chemical residue
  • Reduce environmental impact by switching to more sustainable options
  • Maintain healthy indoor air quality
  • Use equipment and practices that lower noise pollution

The sustainable movement also requires cleaning companies to lower their cleaning times so as to reduce the use of chemicals and water. This is part of adopting a more sustainable process, which not only reduces the negative impact of a company on the overall environment but also helps the company save money.

Cleaning companies can reduce waste by cutting back on the required resources without affecting the quality of service provided. Moreover, it takes years of experience to work out a plan that ensures high standards of cleanliness without compromising on the environment.

Adding More Value for Customers through Specialty Services

Adding More Value for Customers through Specialty Services

Commercial cleaning companies can take advantage of another opportunity to increase their customer base – offering specialty services. As facility owners and managers of commercial buildings look for ways to cut down costs and simplify their processes, they will be looking at ways to consolidate their vendor requirements.

The cleaning team can branch towards offering comprehensive facility solutions, such as upholstery care, carpet cleaning, floor care, and HVAC cleaning among other things. This will lend the extra value needed by commercial and industrial customers while boosting the cleaning company’s market share. It’s critical that you find a cleaning business, which has invested in the necessary technology and training to offer services in an efficient and effective manner.

Industrial cleaning services should consider the ongoing and initial costs that will be necessary for providing specialized services. For instance, medical offices require frequent sanitization and disinfection which can be completed by employing the right machines. They have hazardous waste that needs to be taken care of by commercial services.

In addition, janitorial services required by medical facilities are different from the tasks performed during routine office cleaning. It is easy to maintain a healthy environment in a clean office. Based on this, it takes an experienced commercial janitorial service provider to ensure high-quality cleanliness and a germ-free environment.

They should also make sure their staff is geared and ready to provide the new services as required. While deciding the type of specialty services you require from a commercial cleaning business, you should consider your particular needs as well as the experience and knowledge of the cleaning company.

Cutting Edge Innovations in the Field of Commercial Cleaning

Cutting Edge Innovations in the Field of Commercial Cleaning

These are a few ingenious innovations that have revolutionized the cleaning of all types of commercial facilities.

Autonomous Robotics

Automated cleaning robots were used primarily in office spaces, restaurants, and retail stores during the COVID-19 period. They provided business owners with a way of providing optimal cleanliness and sanitation along with other maintenance services while reducing the number of people at the workplace.

These industrial-grade, computer-controlled machines could apply disinfectant after scrubbing surfaces in a thorough and efficient fashion. Their routes were pre-programmed so as to cover each square foot of the business.

Ultraviolet Cleaning Devices

These cleaning devices harness UV light for widespread and rapid disinfection. These devices can easily incapacitate infection-causing pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. You can stop the infection from spreading by treating high-touch surfaces and buildings with UV light. UV cleaning devices have attained immense popularity not because of their sterilization feature.

They have expanded within the commercial cleaning industry because of their sustainability. This is especially true when they are used in combination with automated cleaning robots. In the long run, UV light is expected to control a large share of the cleaning equipment market because of is an efficient and effective, non-hazardous chemical-free disinfectant.

AI Quality Control Systems

Automated quality control systems assessed by AI allow commercial cleaning companies to assess the quality of services provided. They allow for the rapid collection of data to take an objective measurement of quality. These systems are useful in taking quality assurance to the next level by analyzing data and predicting patterns to quickly identify problem areas.

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