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March 11, 2019 | News

Servi-Tek held NFPA-70E Electrical Safety Training Event

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions provides commercial engineering and maintenance services that improve the efficiency and safety of NFPA-70E electrical systems.
NFPA-70E Electrical Safety Training Event

Engineering experts from Servi-Tek Facility Solutions recently held an NFPA 70E electrical training session in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Engineering specialists with Servi-Tek Facility Solutions hosted an NFPA-70E Electrical Training “Lunch & Learn” program in Honolulu on Wednesday, February 27th. 

In partnership with SI Testing, a leader in the preventive maintenance and electrical testing fields, Servi-Tek provided education associated with arc flash safety and demonstrated workplace best practices that minimize exposure to electrical hazards.

As an innovator in facilities management solutions and energy conservation strategies, Servi-Tek offers continuous, relevant industry training. These programs discuss the optimization of operational efficiencies and strategies that ensure the safety of employees, building tenants, and other facility occupants.

The company already includes Electrical Safety, Arc Flash Awareness, and Lock Out/Tag Out instruction as part of its robust standard annual training format throughout all of its locations. However, Servi-Tek Engineering recognized the importance of partnering with SI Testing to further educate its staff on the requirements and responsibilities when working with or near electricity.

As an established leader in the electrical systems repair, infrared testing, and arc flash vertical, SI Testing specializes in preventative maintenance and electrical testing education for companies in multiple industries. The firm’s NFPA 70 safety training covers a comprehensive range of vital topics and learning objectives such as:

  • Awareness instruction to differentiate between electric shock and arc flash
  • Evaluating potential hazards, risk levels, and emergency response protocol across multiple functions, jobs, and tasks
  • Pairing individual worker qualifications with applicable approach boundary criteria
  • Performing activities based on appropriate energy levels, circuit conditions, and overall voltage
  • Recognizing proper protective equipment to be worn

Also, Kurt Lester, Servi-Tek’s co-founder, discussed the many benefits offered by SI Testing’s customized training program.

“At Servi-Tek, as a certified-green provider, we take our energy stewardship responsibilities very seriously. We know firsthand that any type of electrical interaction significantly increases the risk of an employee injury,”

he said. 

“SI Testing’s informative, in-person NFPA 70E Training session does more than satisfy a workplace safety requirement; the program delivered mission-critical insight to our team on how to mitigate the threat of harm and implement the very highest standards and best practices when working in and around electrical distribution equipment and devices for optimal peace of mind with every assigned project.”


Are you a commercial building owner or facility management professional that would benefit from working with a professional team of engineering or facility maintenance services? 

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions assists clients that operate in a variety of commercial environments with engineering and maintenance services. Our team has a thorough understanding of electrical system testing, repair, maintenance, optimization, and more.  

In addition, we provide training and education regarding electrical system safety, which is critical in today’s volatile and increasingly complex operation settings. 

We invite you to contact our office today regarding a consultation. 

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