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June 20, 2022 | Blog

Professional Janitorial Services Address in California

Professional janitorial services with exceptional commercial cleaning exceeding commercial expectations in California.

Today, business owners, facility professionals, and managers of maintenance services describe the state of commercial real estate as “in flux.” Information from people in the Miami Dade area of South Florida explains that market performance expectations are improving.

A specialty management team cited inflation as a concern, while another expert says tight budgets are among the greatest challenges. More questions than answers are expected in the short-run as many office buildings experience problems finding employees for their staff.

In the years since the pandemic, many commercial building operators have plenty of space but plan to see improvement soon. Meanwhile, commercial cleaning industry veterans are optimistic that facility needs will surge and be looking for a janitorial service provider.

Why is the Appearance of Commercial Properties Important?  

Why is the Appearance of Commercial Properties Important?

Why would a company want a commercial cleaning company to handle their cleaning needs? The first is aesthetic reasons for those with customers, clients, and other visitors entering their facility.

Maintaining a quality work environment location that team members can take pride in is important in some places. Certain organizations wish to maintain a high standard and pay attention to detail, which a professional cleaning service delivers.

Having a janitorial staff with many years of experience performing quality work regularly might improve employee job satisfaction.  Some facilities might schedule a janitor based on their schedule, such as during business hours each day.

In addition, many companies adhere to a mission of making a positive first impression that makes visitors feel at home. These environments should have clean carpets, a dust-free concrete floor, and project an overall positive image and show they care.

Common Business Environments that Need Commercial Cleaning Services

Many types of businesses use office cleaning services and have janitorial needs to prevent their environment from looking like a mess. For example, storage facilities, schools, shopping centers, medical facilities, and industrial facilities might have high standards and need commercial cleaning solutions.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Disinfection

With today’s increasing “green” business landscape, it is reasonable to expect a janitorial company to make efforts in this realm. The goal in maintaining eco-friendly operations is safety for both the building occupants and the local environment.

A commercial cleaning company might strive to reduce waste, such as by using reusable instead of disposable towels. When disposable products are necessary, such as in restrooms, consider recycled or biodegradable product options.

The cleaning solutions used today should contain fewer volatile organic compounds and not pose respiratory concerns. Many of the cleaning solutions today have some organic base that ensures they will not pollute water supplies.

Facility managers should also consider deploying more “hand-free” technology for preventing the spread of germs. For example, use “no-touch” hand sanitizing, hand drying, soap dispensers, and more.

How Commercial Janitorial Companies Create a Healthy Environment

Professional cleaners have the equipment, support, supplies, products, methods, expertise, and training programs needed for doing a great job. Having a goal or commitment to deep cleaning benefits by limiting bacteria and germs.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and other agencies have emphasized proper disinfection practices. Some of the latest best practices for maintaining a healthy work environment that is free of germs include:

  • Precleaning the surface area before using disinfectant; otherwise, the dirt or grime will limit direct access by the solution.
  • Ensure that the disinfectant is endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). (See List N)
  • Allow ample “dwell” time where the disinfectant remains in contact with the surface to kill germs.
  • Check to ensure that the disinfectant has shown effectiveness against most pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2 for COVID.

Choosing a Janitorial Cleaning Company that Provides High-Quality Services

Choosing a Janitorial Cleaning Company that Provides High-Quality Services

Some of the daily cleaning tasks include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, and parking lot debris removal.  Remember to ask prospective cleaning companies for references, such as other organizations that have used their services.

Ensure that the commercial cleaning company you choose is properly licensed and insured. Insurance protection is necessary to avoid potentially costly liability that could result from an accident. 

Be sure to ask the contractor about their training practices for new employees, specifically regarding operational safety. Does the janitorial service provider have some long-standing employees that have substantial industry experience?

Choose a janitorial company that is properly equipped with the tools for getting the job done. Keep in mind that maintaining the condition of any cleaning equipment is critically important.

Many of today’s commercial cleaning companies are embracing new technology when performing daily operations. In many cases, the technology might be related to performing cleaning and disinfection work, i.e., electrostatic devices.

Technology can prove beneficial in more ways than simply enhancing operational, cleaning-related activities. For example, the organization might use technology for improving communication with clients or for generating status or performance reports.

Always create a written plan or agreement that outlines the important details, expectations, and contact information. Look for a cleaning company that encourages communication and provides feedback and recommendations.

If your facility has customers or other guests during business hours, you might ask about uniforms. Keep in mind that a visitor may assume that any cleaning personnel they encounter are your employees.

Some of the key components of a cleaning company agreement include:

  • The scope of the cleaning services provided and the frequency or interval when the work is performed.
  • NOTE: High-traffic areas such as lobbies, main entrances, and elevators might need more frequent cleaning or disinfection.
  • The costs or estimated costs for any additional services that might be performed such as during a renovation project.
  • Define how the cleaning company’s performance should be evaluated and the preferred means of communication.

Leading Provider of Professional Janitorial Services in Southern California

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