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Oct 03, 2022 | Blog

School Cleaning - University Janitorial Services

Janitorial School Cleaning Services is one of the best investments you can make for the University, its premises, students, and much more.
School Cleaning - University Janitorial Services

Does your university convey the prestige that you want it to?  The prestige to be recognized when students and their parents first set foot on campus? Or does it come off as dirty and not cared for?

There’s no excuse for the school’s officials to downplay the significance of a safe environment that prepares pupils for success.

And it’s not easy. While being pushed to do more with less, schools, colleges, and universities need to reassure students, teachers, and parents that their facilities are sanitized and safe.

Students look at a variety of factors when searching for educational institutions. The list includes the learning environment, hygiene standards, resources available, scholarships offered, and the University’s standing in comparison to other institutions. 

To draw top students, schools and universities must make significant investments in enhancing their infrastructure, creating curricula, and creating a positive learning atmosphere.

Janitorial cleaning services are one of the best investments you can make for the University, its premises, students, and much more.

Why is University Janitorial 
Services important?

Germs can be easily spread by touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose, or mouth. Furthermore, viruses can survive on surfaces for anywhere between a few seconds and up to 48 hours. 

Given that some bacteria can survive on surfaces for months, it is crucial to think about the learning environment your space can provide. This is where university cleaning services play their part.

University janitorial services typically cover the following:

  • Disinfection services;
  • Cleaning of rugs and floors;
  • Sterilization and cleaning of the lab and computer rooms;
  • Walls, windows, and other contact surfaces;
  • Regular disinfection of high-traffic areas;
  • Cleaning of athletic facilities and locker rooms;
  • Snow, garbage, and debris removal;
  • Events cleanup;
  • Eco-friendly cleaning using green cleaning products;

There are many advantages that janitorial services provide for schools and universities. Here is how these janitorial cleaning services can help you:

Enhance hygiene

Enhance hygiene

To reduce the transmission of infections within the college and to provide staff and students with a relaxing learning environment, cleanliness is crucial. Additionally, it raises standards of hygiene and prevents the spread of disease.

Many of the allergies, pathogens, germs, and viruses that exist on surfaces and in the air of your school will be killed through a thoroughly cleaned facility, resulting in fewer teacher and student absences due to illness.

The spread of dangerous and contagious diseases like COVID-19 has led to increased hygiene regulations, and fast, superficial cleaning is no longer acceptable. 

You can relax knowing that dangerous infections, bacteria, and viruses are eliminated when you use a professional school cleaning service because there are so many children, parents, and staff members crammed into a tiny area.

A full-scale fogging service can be easily performed after hours or during the holidays and can sterilize and disinfect an entire school in hours.

No more safety concerns

No more safety concerns

Thousands of people enter and exit college buildings every day, including dormitories, gyms, classroom buildings, and auditoriums. For this reason, these institutions are more likely to experience minor maintenance problems including spills and puddles near entrances, and filthy bathrooms.
To prevent these minor problems from becoming more serious, your facility maintenance plan needs to take into consideration the major variations in foot traffic during any given day.

Cleaning is crucial for health and safety reasons. Accidents and injuries are also more likely if a college’s corridors and rooms are congested with trash, cables, boxes, and other obstructions.
In addition, serious concerns such as lawsuits, productivity loss, and a loss of faith in the college, may arise if a serious injury takes place as a result of an unorganized work environment.

Positive image

Positive image

School cleaning services have an impact on people besides just your current students. Maintaining a clean facility is an essential component of making a great first impression.

You can stop worrying about how unclean corners and stuffed trash cans are affecting enrollment by prioritizing a well-kept building if you choose the right cleaning company to help you.

Improve academic performance

Improve academic performance

Cleaning and security are two things that janitorial services help educational institutions maintain. The productivity and performance of the students are enhanced as a result. The pupils will take fewer sick days so they may focus only on their program and work. 

Enhancing the performance of the educational institution also increases its appeal to prospective employees and partners.

Therefore, educational facilities should invest in keeping a hygienic, secure, and welcoming atmosphere with the help of janitorial services.

Customized services

Any excellent commercial cleaning business will cater their services to your needs. Considering the size of your campus and the functions of your various buildings, your needs will differ.

For schools and universities, a good janitorial company will provide the following maintenance services:

  • Daily cleaning and dusting trash;
  • Trash removal from offices, cafeterias, common areas, hallways, and break rooms;
  • Cleaning of the kitchen and cafeteria, including but not limited to: sweeping, disinfecting worktops, polishing sinks and faucets, and cleaning appliances;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing services for restrooms;
  • Window washing;
  • Medical cleaning.

In-house vs outsourced janitorial services

In-house vs outsourced janitorial services

Whether you manage a public school or a private school, you’ve probably asked yourself what type of service to contract: in-house or outsourced. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of each one.

In-house university cleaning benefits

Many schools continue to provide their own, in-house janitorial services because they have always done so and have never thought to do otherwise. The main reasons are:


You have complete control over hiring, training, and business culture when you have your cleaning crew. All of your cleaning crew will be equipped with the same HR knowledge and safety training as the rest of your personnel. As a result, the workplace becomes more cohesive since everyone is on the same page.


By hiring everyone inside, a work family is formed. Janitors at your school become familiar with your staff, pupils, and families. Knowing exactly who is inside your facilities gives you a sense of security. You have complete discretion over all hiring choices.


Schools frequently want specified times to be cleaned. You can guarantee that cleaning shifts are performed according to your exact requirements if you have your personnel. If an accident occurs, they are already on the scene and equipped to handle it.

The ease of having your custodial personnel on staff is the main advantage. Your cleaners are directly under your supervision, but this also comes with the extra responsibility and work from your side.

It can take a lot of time and take your attention away from other duties to supervise a cleaning crew. Many of these worries are eliminated when you hire an outsourced commercial cleaning crew.

Outsourced Janitorial Services benefits

Outsourced Janitorial Services benefits

Janitorial outsourcing has various advantages, including reduced costs and increased effectiveness. When you hire a cleaning service, you save money and receive qualified expert assistance. This enables you to provide your staff and pupils more attention.

Cost savings

Commercial cleaning services can be more cost-effective for your schools since they have already made the necessary investments in tools and supplies. 

It allows you to keep more money in your budget for other expenses. You won’t have to worry about equipment maintenance, urgent repairs, or replacement when you use a commercial cleaning service.

Think about the time your administrators require to employ your cleaners. Payroll, benefits management, medical care, and employee status verification fall under this category.

Experienced professionals

All of the staff members of professional cleaning companies receive in-depth and targeted training. It benefits you to work with a skilled, experienced building maintenance company that offers integrated facility services. 

The range of additional services offered by building maintenance specialists includes landscaping, pest control, carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, and others. 

You don’t have to manage these services internally. You can use the help and expertise of a cleaning professional as you need.

Time management

Hiring an outside janitorial company gives you the freedom to concentrate on managing your institution, which is what you’re good at and where your focus should be.

Supervising a cleaning crew can take a lot of time and divert attention from other duties. Many of these worries disappear and you’ll have peace of mind when you hire a commercial cleaning crew.

This enables your facilities managers to focus on various challenging jobs. A janitorial company will continually adapt to your unique needs, develop with your business, and monitor its performance to determine which processes need improvement.

Key factors to follow in your cleaning schedule

The right cleaning company with years of experience behind will make sure the following essentials are included in your school’s cleaning schedule:

Focus on High-Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces include door handles, laptops, desks, bathrooms, and light switches. To prevent the spread of germs, your cleaning strategy should involve thorough cleaning and sanitization of these hot locations.

Air quality

A healthy environment cannot be possible without high-quality indoor air. It helps prevent allergies and disease while enabling students and staff to perform at their highest level every day.

Emergency services

An experienced commercial cleaning company will be available 24/7 and will be there for cleaning up emergencies, like spills or clogged toilets.

Seasonal Changes

Talk about cleaning during various seasons with your business cleaning service. For example, you may need to clean floors more often while it is snowing or raining.

Choose the best janitorial cleaning company for your University

The cleanliness and safety of your school or faculty’s campus should be a major priority. You’ll decrease the health risks exponentially and make sure that everyone is learning to their full potential by keeping your buildings clean and sanitized.

If you never want to worry again about whether or not your surroundings convey the professionalism you want visitors to associate with your institution, let us handle your college cleaning services.

It is a skill to maintain the highest levels of sanitation and cleaning for the safe functioning of your facility, and at Servi-Tek we have the knowledge and experience necessary to do so. 

We are a top-notch janitorial company and our team is prepared to work with you to design, carry out, and sustain the extremely important educational purpose of your facility. 

Give us a call today!

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