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Servi-Tek Regional Manager Volunteers At Casa Youth Shelter

At Servi-Tek, volunteering isn’t just what we do as a company – it’s a major part of who we are as a company.
Casa youth shelter

Servi-Tek Volunteers at a Youth Shelter to Give Back to the Community

At Servi-Tek, volunteering isn’t just what we do as a company – it’s a major part of who we are as a company. We strive to make philanthropic and charitable efforts a foundational part of our corporate culture as a whole. Our team of janitorial and commercial cleaning specialists continuously looks for ways that Servi-Tek can serve and give back to our surrounding community.

Servi-Tek’s regional manager, Scott Sutherland, and his son, Zachary, recently had an opportunity to reflect our company’s commitment to public service by volunteering at Casa Youth Shelter, a local facility that offers temporary refuge to California runaways and youths in crisis.

Since 1978, Casa Youth Shelter, a 501©(3) nonprofit organization, has provided emergency shelter to homeless and abandoned minors throughout the Los Alamitos region.

The organization offers 12 licensed beds and is dedicated to providing around-the-clock facility care for children ages 12-17.

Scott and Zachary spent their time at the organization cleaning the building’s exterior and interior.

“Zach and I welcomed the chance to come and serve at Casa Youth Shelter,”

– Scott

“This area in California isn’t just where I work, but it’s also where we live. These kids are part of our community. We were happy to do our part and help support such a worthy cause in some small capacity. We hope our efforts make a difference, both to the children who come here looking for a safe place to sleep and to the staff members who spend so much time here caring for, counseling, and supporting these kids. I’m thankful to Servi-Tek for donating the equipment and cleaning solutions needed to ensure we had everything required to complete the job properly.”

In addition to offering young people access to beds and critical supplies, Casa Youth Shelter also delivers a multitude of resources and services to its local participants.

The facility provides runaways, abandoned children, and youths in crisis short-term and extended placement programs that offer counseling, school outreach, youth leadership, and parenting classes to improve the overall quality of life and help local youth ultimately reunite with their families.

For more information about Casa Youth Shelter’s initiatives and volunteer needs, visit Casa Youth Shelter Org.

Servi-Tek Volunteers at a Youth Shelter is not a one-time event, we will continue as much as we could to give back to the community.

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