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September 28, 2020 | News

Servi-Tek Obtains
GBAC Star Accreditation

Servi-Tek is one of the first facilities maintenance companies
to receive a GBAC Star accreditation in the US.
Servi-Tek Obtains GBAC Star Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that Servi-Tek Facility Solutions has joined the ranks of a select group of companies that have earned GBAC star facility accreditation, which is accredited by the Global BioRisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a division of ISSA. 

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry leader, supports GBAC star facilities and providers.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic, work practices have changed in terms of more rigorous standards for cleaning disinfection and infectious disease management.

The swiftly spreading infection forced the United States and nations across the globe to significantly increase precautions for the cleaning and prevention of disease.  

The Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) is a remarkable network of medical professionals, scientists, and specialists.

These resources strive to educate, train, prepare, and consult for situations where environments call for an extremely high level of cleaning and disinfection. 

The experts who created the accreditation program have experience in microbial-pathogenic risk analysis and recovery.

All of them originate from prestigious institutions, such as Harvard, Emory University, Penn State University, and even the CDC.

Servi-Tek Becomes an Early Adopter GBAC Star Accreditation 

Servi-Tek Becomes an Early Adopter GBAC Star Accreditation

Servi-Tek has always put the safety and wellbeing of our employees and clients, along with their staff and tenants, above everything else.

We understand that, as a facility services company, we are at the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. 

At this moment, more than 3,000 companies around the world are trying to receive the GBAC Star accreditation for their facilities.

These businesses include hotels, airlines, airports, and convention centers.  

As a cleaning and facility services company, we at Servi-Tek have worked closely with ISSA and GBAC on the new sanitization protocols. 

What is GBAC Star Accreditation? 

What is GBAC Star Accreditation?

GBAC STAR is the janitorial industry’s only outbreak prevention, response, and recovery accreditation for properties and facilities.

The GBAC Star accreditation is an official set of guidelines and best practices for organizations and their properties or facilities, which assesses businesses on disinfection, cleaning, and infectious disease prevention.

The council introduced this accreditation program for facilities solution maintenance in May 2020. 

Facilities which receive the GBAC STAR accreditation adhere to the following protocols:

  • Establish and maintain a strict program for cleaning, sanitizing, and prevention of infectious diseases. This is to reduce the risks associated with the novel coronavirus (and other infectious agents)
  • Maintain a proper disinfection and cleaning framework in place, and their workers follow strict guidelines to combat infectious diseases and biohazards
  • Employ highly-informed cleaning professionals who have been trained for handling infectious diseases 

GBAC Executive Director Patricia Olinger outlines

“GBAC STAR is the gold standard of safe facilities, providing third-party validation that ensures facilities implement strict protocols for bio-risk situations”.

Obtaining GBAC Star Accreditation

Obtaining GBAC Star Accreditation

As mentioned earlier, GBAC falls under the wings of the ISSA, also known as the Worldwide Industry Cleaning Association.

According to GBAC, their brand-new accreditation program is based on performance and is designed to help companies establish a complete system of infectious disease:

  • Cleaning
  • Sterilizing
  • Prevention

An application process with GBAC is the first step in getting your property or facility accredited.

Documentation and supporting evidence submittal are required, with the GBAC STAR Accreditation Council determining if accreditation status will be granted. 

Facilities must demonstrate compliance with the program’s 20 key elements, which range from standard operating procedures and risk assessment strategies to personal protective equipment and emergency preparedness and response measures. 

Here is a general overview of what some of these elements focus on:

  • Developing a facility commitment statement
  • Enforcing compliance and conformity 
  • Organization’s responsibilities, roles, and authorities 
  • Seeking continuous and sustainable improvement  
  • Using personal protective equipment (PPE) 
  • Cleaning and sterilizing chemicals 
  • Inventory control and management 
  • Risk assessment and mitigation protocols  
  • Standard operating procedures based on the industry 

Why the GBAC Star Accreditation is Pivotal

Why the GBAC Star Accreditation is Pivotal

If you have a large number of employees or tenants working at your property or facility, you want them to feel safe about coming to work.

The constant threat of being exposed to the coronavirus can wreak havoc on one’s mind as well as performance. 

Some potential tenants may be sitting on the fence and worried that they may be exposed to infection.

But when they see a GBAC Star accredited facility, they can rest easier.

A report by the Harvard Business Review supports our own feelings about this.

When employees feel respected and cared for, their job satisfaction levels increase by 63%, and their performance goes up by 58%. 

Trust and Reputation 

Trust and Reputation

A property or facility accredited by the GBAC Star is compliant with COVID-19 preparedness procedures.

This demonstrates that they take the coronavirus threat very seriously and are willing to maximize steps to keep people safe.

Based on this, you can imagine the benefits when those who work on-site at your facility feel more comfortable as they know you prioritize their safety. 

Having your facility GBAC Star certified will likely increase its marketplace awareness and profile as a result of this prestigious designation, as well.

The GBAC Star can provide you an incredible advantage. 

Chat With Us to Learn More

Chat With Us to Learn More

As COVID-19 continues to spread, it is hard to say what the “new normal” will be for the property cleaning and facilities services industry. 

Since 2006, Servi-Tek has been working hard to innovate the commercial cleaning and facility services industry and provide value to our Clients.  

We have the experience to assist with GBAC Star accreditation for your commercial real estate asset.   

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions can help you. Call us at +1 (866) 454-6185 or reach out to us online.

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