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December 21, 2020 | News

Servi-Tek Wishes You
a Great Holiday:

It’s Time to Give From The Heart!

At Servi-Tek, we are more than just a company that specializes in
commercial cleaning and facilities management services.

The holiday season is here, and at Servi-Tek, we are grateful to all our clients, partners, and the community for continuing to place their trust in our facility maintenance, engineering, and janitorial services.

We believe that the best way to express our joy and gratitude during this season is through sharing and giving.

Donating Toys and Gifts

As a member of the BOMA San Diego’s Charity Events Committee, our team members at Servi-Tek collect toys for an amazing nonprofit organization here in San Diego called Promises2Kids.

This year was tough because we rely on large gift bins left in building lobbies for people to drop toys and gifts in to.

Because of the current situation with COVID, many buildings were closed or operating at a diminished capacity.

The tenant population was significantly reduced.

The result was fewer toys and contributions.

Nevertheless, our spirit of giving and sharing with the community remains as strong as ever.

We encourage you to join us in this great effort and give from your heart!

Here is the link to the Promises2Kids donation page.

Annual BOMA Give From Your Heart Holiday Gift Drive

Contributing to Camp Connect

Besides donating toys and gifts, this year Servi-Tek contributed to Camp Connect, which is a program providing an opportunity to reconnect for siblings in foster care who are placed in separate homes.

Camp Connect conducts a 4-day summer camp as well as educational and recreational day camp activities all year-round.

In partnership with the Health & Human Services Agency of San Diego County, this program enables children that have been separated from their siblings to maintain vital relationships and draw support from each other during this hard time.

Servi-Tek is proud to be a contributor to the outstanding efforts made by Camp Connect this year.

Creating a Brighter Future for Foster Children

Since 1981, the leading nonprofit Promises2Kids has responded to the needs of foster children and provided support to children removed from their home due to abuse and neglect.

Promises2Kids annually provides over 3,000 current and former foster youth in San Diego County with the tools, opportunities, and guidance they need to address the circumstances that brought them into foster care, overcome the difficulties of their past, and grow into healthy and successful adults.

Promises2Kids supports these children through our four core programs:

Polinsky Children’s Center, Camp Connect, Guardian Scholars and Foster Funds.

Since its inception, Promises2Kids has distributed nearly $25 million for the care and protection of abused and neglected children and provided services for more than 200,000 children in need.

Servi-Tek: Serving Our Clients and Community with Purpose and Pride

At Servi-Tek, we are more than just a company that specializes in commercial cleaning and facilities management services.

We are a self-sustaining tribe of passionate, interdependent professionals dedicated to a shared sense of purpose that goes beyond shiny floors and sparkling surfaces.

Since 2006, we have prided ourselves on our thriving corporate culture that consists of team members that we refer to as our tribe. We strongly believe that our team-oriented philosophy is the foundation of our overall success.

Ownership: We take responsibility for all outcomes and seek innovative ways to improve our processes and procedures.

Accountability: We take action and follow-through on our commitments. We understand the importance our tasks have on the entire team and know that if any one team does not come through, it has a ripple effect throughout the company.

Trust: We earn trust as a result of taking ownership and being accountable for our roles and responsibilities. Trust allows our tribe to operate interdependently.

Teamwork: We provide assistance to other team members as needed and are willing to transfer ownership of tasks when necessary.

Community: We recognize our greater responsibility to the communities in which we live and work.

Respect: We demonstrate a high regard for the self-worth and dignity of ourselves, team members, clients, vendors, and partners.

Please join us in our endeavor to support the community in every way we can. We wish you and yours a great Holiday and a COVID-free New Year!

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