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Sep 15, 2018 | Blog

Superior Commercial Cleaning
Services is the belief of Servi-Tek

Superior Commercial Cleaning Services is the belief of Servi-Tek that is why we believe in the importance of investing in our personnel training.

At Servi-Tek, we don’t just have employees; we have skilled, experienced, and valued team members who deliver superior commercial cleaning services to clients across a multitude of industries.

Our reputation for offering our customers the very best janitorial crews is no accident.

We believe in the importance of investing in our personnel, making continuous training a vital component to our overall success.

Superior commercial cleaning services: Consistent Employee Training Promotes Our Culture Of Service Excellence

Yes, Servi-Tek offers extensive, relevant industry training to each new hire as part of our corporate onboarding process – but we don’t stop there.

We also conduct both managerial and project training sessions to existing personnel on a consistent basis.

From detailing step-by-step task requirements to outlining new technology functionality, our routine learning and development events prove a cornerstone of our internal corporate culture that celebrates employee growth and advancement.

What Our Training Approach Offers Clients

Servi-Tek’s commitment to employee training offers several key benefits to clients, differentiating us from other industrial cleaners. Our learning and development approach ensures:

Superior Commercial Cleaning Services

Our training equips every team member with a detailed understanding of specific task requirements and client expectations for increased efficiency and productivity.

Our team arrives prepared to adhere to industry-leading best practices and quality standards for optimal project performance at all times.

Improved Services

At Servi-Tek, we are continually striving to do things better, faster, and more efficiently.

Our development program helps to quickly pinpoint and address any potential service weaknesses or gaps for prompt resolution before it escalates to our customer’s attention.

Project Consistency

Our robust training practices ensure that every staff member receives the same instruction and background knowledge for complete consistency across every job we perform.

Lower Staff Turnover

Servi-Tek’s culture of learning and development has a direct impact on the tenure of our employees.

Our team members view their industry training as an additional company benefit, which helps us both hire and retain top-tier talent.

Increased Industry Innovation

Our ongoing training, developing, and up-skilling sessions put Servi-Tek on the cutting-edge of the latest industry innovations and technologies.

We use our insight into current strategies and products to optimize results at every facility and drive value on every project.

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