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Oct 29, 2018 | Blog

Eco-friendly Industrial Cleaning Innovations is part of Servi-Tek's Core

Eco-friendly Industrial Cleaning Innovations Is Servi-Tek's Company's Core. We also use Proctor and Gamble green LEED certified products.

At Servi-Trak, “green” is more than just a buzzword; utilizing eco-friendly industrial cleaning innovations is a core component of our company culture.

Our skilled and experienced technicians are not only trained in the very latest techniques, but we also use Proctor and Gamble green LEED-certified products exclusively.

Proctor and Gamble’s line of sustainable janitorial cleaners have passed some of our industry’s most stringent requirements to ensure superior results and minimized environmental impact on every service we provide for ultimate client peace of mind.

Our green cleaning strategies do more than decrease our customers’ carbon footprint and deliver a sparkling work environment. Eco-conscious janitorial solutions yield a multitude of significant office benefits, including:

Eco-friendly Industrial Cleaning Innovations is part of Servi-Tek's Core

Reduced chemical contact

Your employees will come into direct contact with whatever type of cleaning products you use throughout your facility.

Unfortunately, many cleansers contain exceptionally high concentrations of harmful chemicals that may cause skin allergies, irritations, and burns.

Certified green cleaners use natural ingredients to lower the risk of contact with dangerous poisons.

Eco-friendly Industrial Cleaning Innovations Improve Air Quality

Chemicals in synthetic products don’t only sit on desktops, counters, and common office surfaces.

When used in a corporate workspace, these toxins become airborne where they are easily inhaled and ingested.

Green cleaning supplies effectively minimize the number of chemicals, dust, and other allergens circulating throughout the facility.

When used consistently, eco-friendly practices can play a significant role in improving air quality in the building, reducing the chance of an allergy attack or other respiratory episodes.

Eco-friendly Industrial Cleaning Innovations lead to Fewer Antibacterials

Many synthetic cleaners contain numerous antibacterial solutions.

However, recent data from the American Medical Association suggests that products containing various antiseptics may actually increase bacterial resistance.

Environmentally friendly products use only certified green ingredients, which significantly lowers the antibacterial ratios found in cleansers.

Increased Efficiencies

Servi-Tek’s facility specialists recognize that effective green cleaning requires more than just using market-leading natural products.

Our staff is also trained to strategically implement practices that lower waste and optimize overall efficiencies.

At every cleaning, the ServiTek team moves systematically through your building, lighting up one specific area at a time until we’ve thoroughly sanitized that designated space.

Our careful attention to conserving electricity across every function not only minimizes environmental impact but also helps save our clients money on their corporate energy bills.

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Want to hear more about ServiTek’s commitment to delivering Eco-friendly Industrial Cleaning Innovation Solutions that protect the environment? Contact our team today for a free project consultation.


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