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June 31, 2021 | Blog


Certified green commercial cleaning companies perform sustainable facility maintenance management services that have proven to be more than industry buzzwords for companies in virtually every industry.


The Benefits of Hiring Green Janitorial Services For Your Commercial Building

Green cleaning involves a combination of cleaning methods, equipment, products, and policies designed to maximize effective cleaning while minimizing the negative impacts on health and the environment.

Property and facility managers realize the detrimental carbon footprint on the environment and adopt green cleaning as an increasing approach to cleaning in commercial buildings.

Green commercial cleaning companies and sustainable facility maintenance management are more than just industry buzzwords for professional cleaning services across industries.

Certified green janitorial services leverage a diverse range of janitorial products, practices, and strategies created to optimize cleaning results while reducing the potential negative impact on the health of your employees, tenants, and the surrounding environment.

A great green cleaning program should implement deep cleaning practices to reduce the use of chemicals within and around your commercial building.

It also encourages the use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products. Green cleaning is using organic products (ingredients that are not harmful to humans and are environment friendly) for cleaning in commercial properties like medical offices, warehouses, and office buildings.

There are many benefits and satisfaction guarantees associated with green cleaning when you hire a professional janitorial services company committed to green and eco-friendly cleaning methods, these benefits include:


Improves Quality of Indoor Air

The greatest concern with common cleaning products is their adverse effect on indoor air quality.

Employees, tenants, and management spend around 90% of their time indoors, which is where most exposure to pollutants occurs.

The air indoors is often 2 to 5 times as polluted as the outdoor air, and can be worse on the health.

Compounds harmful to human health may produce the lingering scent associated with recently cleaned office buildings or commercial property.

Each year, poor indoor air quality affects the health of employees, productivity, and energy levels.

Ingredients in conventional cleaning products such as aerosol spray cans, bleach, detergents, and carpet and floor cleaners are dangerous for humans to inhale.

When these products are used in your office buildings, volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released into the air and increase the likelihood of your employees experiencing irritation of the eyes, throat, skin, or headaches.

VOCs can linger in your facility after the completion of a janitorial cleaning service, continuously exposing your staff, clients, and tenants to these toxic indoor chemicals.

Without proper ventilation, toxins can be trapped inside and cause respiratory or other health symptoms.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acknowledges that long- and short-term exposure to VOCs can cause chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions, or asthma.

Using all-natural or organic products to clean your office buildings will create a sustainable environment both within and outside your business, and leads to happier, healthier employees, and a cleaner world.

Certified green commercial cleaning services and products eliminate harmful VOCs, allowing anyone in your building to breathe easier.


Protect The Health Of Your Employees and Tenants

As a business owner or property manager, it’s essential to protect the health of everyone inside your building, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, many property owners and facilities management companies don’t realize that conventional cleaning products and services often use harmful chemicals and pollutants that can have an ill effect on anyone that comes in contact with them.

When you hire janitorial cleaning services, ensure that they make use of certified green janitorial products that have been formulated to minimize the use of harsh and synthetic toxins.

Every cleanser or disinfectant used in your facility, by the janitorial company you hire, should pass the highest industry standards to uphold local and federal restrictions on dangerous chemicals, such as carcinogens, hormone disruptions, and neurotoxins.

Using green products will curb the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses by focusing on high-traffic areas during COVID-19 cleaning.

The organic ingredients do not have a powerful stench and smell better; and as a result, these products have fewer associated health risks.


Long-term Facility ROI

It surprises most building owners and property management teams to learn that green commercial cleaning solutions can affect bottom-line profits for the business and facility.

Environmental-friendly and sustainable products and methods can increase the longevity of a building, including filters, floors, walls, and furniture.

When you make the choice to switch your cleaning routine to a safer and eco-friendlier cleaning program, select a commercial cleaning company that is trained in green cleaning methods to improve efficiency.

Green cleaning methods and best practices can reduce the amount of waste and unnecessary products that are used every time your space needs a cleaning. With a focus on utilizing reusable cleaning tools and cutting back on the amount of cleaning waste, hiring a trained green cleaning team and implementing green cleaning practices can make a huge difference in the efficiency and environmental impact of your cleaning routine in your commercial building/facility.

Implementing green cleaning to keep employees and tenants safe drives attendance and productivity while mitigating building hazards and liability for long-term return on investment at your facility.


Saving the Environment

The helpful benefit of green cleaning is creating a sustainable environment for you and the world.

Green cleaning decreases pollution, resource depletion, and global climate change.

Green cleaning products are naturally derived from renewable, biodegradable resources, and their use does not hurt the earth’s ecosystem as much as traditional non-green cleaning products do.

Cleaning needs vary based on the size of the building and different needs.

For medical offices, office buildings, and warehouses, it is worthwhile to consider sustainably sourced paper products, biodegradable trash can liners, high-speed hand dryers, efficient equipment, and non-hazardous cleaning products.

How can you decide if you are getting the best out of your property/facility cleaning?

You can settle for a long-lasting deep and thoroughly clean, like green cleaning.

Conventional cleaning uses traditional cleaning methods and products with chemicals and solutions that only mimic a true clean with heavy smells and shine.

With green cleaning, products and methods are used to ensure that you are getting a space that not just looks and smells clean, but is clean at all times.


Great Impression

Green cleaning company services make your brand image stand out and leave a great impression on your clients.

Commercial green cleaning services promote environmental sustainability, and it is an important component of indoor environmental quality.

When you hire a full-service commercial cleaning company with LEED certification and use green cleaning, you are also showing your support for the environment.

Conventional cleaning products are more harmful and without your knowledge, these toxins will disperse into the surrounding.

Green cleaning materials can be utilized and disposed of without compromising the environment since it’s sustainable, biodegradable, and comprises non-toxic ingredients.



Everyone stands to benefit from the use of green cleaning products and services.

Green cleaning in commercial buildings is better for the environment because it doesn’t contribute to releasing harmful chemicals into the water, earth, and air.

For the cleaning crew, it is better because they are not exposing their skin and lungs to the chemicals present in so many common cleaning products.


Professional cleaning service is about more than just the products and unclean environment.

The best green cleaning companies adopt eco-friendly green processes.

These are processes that don’t overuse natural resources or emit toxins that could be harmful to the environment.

They also enact policies appropriate for an eco-friendly office cleaning service.


A successful green cleaning program requires it to use the right products in the proper quantity and follows the recommended cleaning procedures for the job.

It requires employees to be trained and the building occupants to understand what a green cleaning program is and what it means to them.


Proper training is critical to the success of the green cleaning program.

Without it, it would be easy for employees to fall back on past practices, negating many of the program’s benefits.

As a property manager, make a concerted effort, including written communications and presentations, to explain what the program is, why it’s important, and what everyone must do to maintain compliance with the program.


New products and techniques are coming to the market regularly.

It’s important to stay informed about the latest offerings and incorporate them if they meet the facility’s criteria of sustainability, effectiveness, and value.

Property managers may also want to consider partnering with equipment providers in order to test new prototypes and products as they develop to ensure that the facility program stays relevant and up-to-date for better cleaning outcomes.


Servi-Tek is a leading innovator in providing facility maintenance solutions to industrial clients, property, and facility managers in diverse industries. Are you looking for professional janitorial cleaning services with a focus on green cleaning near you? Contact us today to get started.

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