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Nov 17, 2022 | Blog

Tips For Commercial Office Janitorial Cleaning

If you cannot afford commercial cleaners, these tips are the next best option to ensure a germ-free, clean, and safe working space.

Tips For Commercial Office Janitorial Cleaning

Tips For Commercial Office Janitorial Cleaning

Keeping a commercial space clean is necessary to ensure everything goes smoothly. Clutter, germ build-up, and other unseen factors can quickly lower productivity.

You need to stay on top of cleaning tasks or you may notice issues like bad smells, missing paperwork, and colleagues calling in sick. These simple and efficient cleaning tips can prevent this from happening at your workplace. 

1. Follow a Cleaning Checklist

Follow a Cleaning Checklist

You are setting up your cleaning team to fail if you give them an assignment without proper instructions, equipment, and cleaning supplies for completing the job. It’s not enough to simply ask the janitors to clean an office. You need to list the areas of focus where they need to concentrate their cleaning efforts on. 

You won’t have to worry or wonder why certain areas in the workspace never get cleaned if you clearly establish a cleaning checklist. You can also use the checklist to assign cleaning responsibilities to the team. This way you can ensure that a handful of employees don’t end up doing most of the cleaning. 

2. Organize Your Space

Organize Your Space

Clutter is unavoidable in any workspace. Even in today’s digital world, mountains of paperwork and other things find their way to everyone’s desk. You can reduce a lot of frustration and stress in a workplace by staying on top of clutter and improving the organization. Being more organized helps the office appear cleaner. Recent research suggests that employee productivity is enhanced if there is a structure to things.

A predominant step towards organization is to designate a spot for everything. You need to ensure that all employees can track personal and shared items at the workplace. This can become difficult without specifically designated places. You won’t need to worry about lost productivity when you assign proper spots for office items. 

3. Upgrade Cleaning Equipment

Upgrade Cleaning Equipment

The latest cleaning equipment can help your staff save a lot of time. You can promote a positive working environment by making cleaning jobs easy.

This is especially true if you don’t have a dedicated in-house cleaning team and expect the staff to clean up after themselves. Remember, every minute your employees are not performing their primary job roles equates to reduced productivity and bottom line for your business. 

In fact, it may be a good time to establish a cleaning time. You should keep 10 – 15 minutes each week for tidying up the office. Employees can all tidy up the workplace together. Collective cleaning efforts go smoothly when everyone is held accountable for the state of their desk and workspace. 

4. Employ Green Methods

Employ Green Methods

An office can generate a lot of pollution and waste if they fail to adopt green cleaning methods. You can prevent harmful chemicals from entering the environment by using EPA-certified cleaning supplies. In fact, you should take steps to build an office recycling system if there isn’t one in place already. 

5. Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Most offices have floor coverings laid throughout the area. The carpet can quickly get noticeably dirty in a short frame of time. It’s a prudent idea to ensure the carpets are vacuumed at least once a week. This holds for rugs and runners in the office as well. It’s vital that you invest in deep cleaning for your carpets at least once a year. This will help in removing any embedded bacteria, dirt, and dust. You can either rent a deep carpet cleaner or enlist professional assistance for this chore. 

6. Dusting


You can make your office look neat and tidy by getting rid of dust and dirt that builds up on surfaces. This is also necessary to reduce exposure to harmful germs. Using disinfectant wipes is a great way to cut down on dust and increase productivity among employees. You can provide your workers with disinfectant wipes and ask them to run them across their keyboards, computers, desks, and other surfaces at the end of the shift or once a week. You may want to increase the frequency during the pollen season. 

7. Empty Waste Bins

Empty Waste Bins

Waste bins can quickly fill up with scrap paper and other junk in an office. You should place multiple trash bins in different areas of the office to prevent a few from filling up too quickly. It’s fundamental that each bin gets emptied at least once a week. Taking out the trash can become a big chore if you need to clean out the bin later. Trash can liners can save everyone a lot of time, effort, and trouble. 

8. Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is an important yet tedious chore. This is one area that is best-taken care of by professional cleaners. Based on this, you can also designate an in-house cleaner to handle kitchen cleaning. Your staff should have a safe, clean, and proper place for preparing their food. By ignoring this, you may be leaving your employees open to gastrointestinal infections and other diseases. 

9. Break Room Cleaning

Break Room Cleaning

It may be a perspicacious idea to designate a specific time and person for tidying up and cleaning the common area. This is especially true if you have a separate break room at the office. You can keep a rotating list of people for break room cleaning. This will encourage everyone in the office to equally contribute to keeping things clean and tidy. 

10. Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Offices usually have janitorial staff for cleaning the washrooms. You need to ensure the janitors disinfect all surfaces every day. They should pay special attention to highly touched surfaces, such as faucets, door handles, light switches, soap dispensers, and others. Disinfection of bathrooms is essential to keep the office germ-free and clean at all times. 

11. Choose to Keep Fake Plants
Choose to Keep Fake Plants

Real foliage makes an office look lovely. Eventually, real plants will start to decay and wilt. You may also inadvertently cause a worker or visitor to have an allergic reaction as well. Pollen is a major contributor to allergies and recent studies claim that an additional 20 days are added to the existing pollen season causing more illnesses. You can brighten the office by using plastic and silk plants without any additional trouble and mess. 

12. Keep Dusters Nearby 
Keep Dusters Nearby

Generally, employees that take pride in their work share a common desire to keep the workplace clean and safe. You should keep dusters and disinfectants inaccessible places. This will encourage employees to take initiative and clean up after themselves. You can ensure your office remains totally clean by keeping quick cleaning supplies, such as disinfectant wipes and Swiffers in the office. 

13. Designate Eating Areas
Designate Eating Areas

Eating at a desk increases the risk of spills and general mess. You are risking your electronic equipment as well. You can reduce crumbs, spills, and pests in your workspace by designating a particular area for meals. 

Work With the Pros to Never Worry About Keeping Your Office Clean Again

After a while, it only makes sense to invest in a cleaning service. Finding the best commercial janitorial service near me is important to maintain commercial office janitorial cleaning. You are in good hands with Servi-Tek Facility Solutions. Our cleaning team takes pride in ensuring a clean and safe workplace for our clients.

We employ the latest cleaning techniques, tools, equipment, and supplies to make sure the area is germ-free and tidy. Schedule an appointment with the cleaning experts at Servi-Tek today. Call us at 866-454-6185 or reach us online. 

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