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June 1, 2021 | Blog

Hiring The Best Commercial
Janitorial Services near me

Keeping your workplace clean is an important way to keep employees working efficiently and focusing on their jobs.

It can be difficult cleaning any facility or property without professional know-how, experience, and training. This is where a commercial cleaning company comes into play.

A clean commercial building is imperative for employee morale and tenant and client satisfaction. In-house building maintenance services can only go so far.

In the workplace, appreciation goes a long way in breeding appreciation. You can create a better rapport with your team by offering them a healthy environment to work in.

This is especially important with the coronavirus pandemic where employees may be concerned about coming to work.

There is no doubt that hiring a commercial janitorial cleaning service is important.

This guide will help you choose the right one for your asset.

How do Janitorial Services work?

Commercial janitorial services take care of everything from basic, everyday cleaning tasks to periodic functions, such as high-dusting and stripping/waxing of hard floors.

Your facility or office can be kept ready for customers, business associates, and visitors with commercial cleaning services.

You can have cleaning professionals come in on a bi-weekly, weekly, or daily basis.

However, you should ensure that you understand your needs and convey them to the cleaning team before the commencement of the engagement.

This is the only way you can expect complete satisfaction in their work.

For instance, many facilities or properties require weekly carpet cleaning and floor cleaning, while others have their focus on daily basics such as vacuuming and trash collection.

If you are a medical facility, your cleaning focus may be on disinfection to get rid of viruses, bacteria, and other germs or pathogens daily.

In fact, most businesses, such as gyms, medical offices, and retail establishments have placed a high emphasis on commercial disinfection services because of Covid-19. 

Professional cleaning services are trained at using cleaning equipment and products in such a way that reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

The right cleaning services company will make sure to clean high traffic areas frequently and, upon request, use green cleaning products, as well.

In any case, outsourcing your office cleaning needs to professionals will ensure regular disinfection and sanitization.

Consistently clean spaces are less likely to become breeding grounds for germs.

Why Commercial Cleaning?

There are several benefits to hiring an office cleaning service.

These are the more notable reasons for hiring a qualified commercial cleaning service.

Industry-specific experience

Commercial cleaning services have the know-how and experience to effectively provide basic cleaning services, along with the disinfection of germs, bacteria, and other pathogens.

They should keep abreast of industry standards, including CDC guidance, which is very important during these pandemic times.

Maintaining knowledge of the most recent trends and cleaning techniques also comes into play with commercial cleaning services.

Supplies and equipment

Experienced professional cleaning providers should utilize commercial-grade supplies and equipment.

That is one of the biggest reasons to hire them.

Supplies, including cleaning chemicals, should consist of proven, name-brand products manufactured for specific cleaning purposes.

High-grade equipment is critical to ensure they are durable and withstand heavy usage to provide top-notch results.

Capability to handle large facilities and properties

Commercial janitorial services are also designed to perform services in large offices, facilities, and properties; that is what they do.

They have the internal systems and cleaning procedures to segment areas within each commercial job into a coherent, organized manner.

For example, rather than have an entire crew clean together in-masse, which can lead to redundancy and inefficiencies, crews may be split into teams to clean separate floors with a separate staff handling only the restrooms.

How A Commercial Cleaning Company Can Help Your Business

There is little doubt about the value of commercial cleaning services.

They help make a workplace more comfortable, pleasant, and productive, which allows for healthier working environments.

These are a few other ways a cleaning company can help your business or commercial real estate asset:

Create an impression

Cleaning companies go a long way in making sure your facility creates a good first impression.

They keep trash bins cleans, reduce clutter in halls, maintain stairways, and ensure clean walking areas among other things.

They also make sure the floor, carpets, and spaces are dirt and dust-free.

You don’t get many chances to impress a customer, employee, or client.

You need to make the first impression count. Your surroundings speak a lot about how you conduct your business.

Dirty, uninviting, or unpleasant surroundings may cause you to lose business to your competitors, whereas, clean and hygienic surroundings help in attracting business opportunities.

Keeps your workplace safe

You can significantly reduce the number of illnesses spreading about the workplace with a hygienic, clean and germ-free environment.

Your employees can concentrate better on their daily activities when working in a hygienic environment.

This means fewer sick days as well.

It is recommended you hire commercial services for disinfecting services that have a deep knowledge of CDC guidelines.

Cleaning increases productivity

Numerous studies have corroborated the fact that clean environments result in happier and productive employees.

Your people will have their entire focus on work when they are not worried about germs and sickness.

Without an office cleaning service, you would have to place additional DIY cleaning protocols on your employees.

This may cause them to lose focus. It may also exhaust your employees resulting in a productivity decrease.

You can increase your employee’s confidence in you as an employer by valuing their health and energy.

This act can have a major ripple effect on their morale. It will also make sure the staff shows up for work each day.

In the workplace, appreciation goes a long way in breeding appreciation.

You can create a better rapport with your team by offering them a healthy environment to work in.

This is especially important with the coronavirus pandemic where employees may be hesitant to come to work.

Outsourcing To A Commercial Cleaning Company

In-house cleaning can be inefficient and, in some cases, take employees away from their core duties.

You should look for a commercial cleaning company that carries out its job responsibilities with utmost dedication, integrity, and productivity.

Another advantage of hiring a full-service commercial cleaning company is that you can select from a wide range of services.

Examples include carpet cleaning, exterior pressure washing, hard floor care, and day porter services.

Professional cleaning services are also set up to handle emergencies, including during after-hours periods.

Things to Think About Before Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Company

There are several factors you need to take into consideration before hiring a commercial cleaning service.

These are a few of them:


The cleaning company needs to have plenty of referrals. Companies with years of experience should have a substantial online footprint and industry-specific references.

Scope of Work

Develop a specific set of cleaning tasks with frequencies. For example, rather than saying keep restroom floors clean, a solid scope of work should dedicate mopping daily with approved germicidal cleaner.

The scope of work will provide the foundation for holding the professional cleaning service accountable.


Outsourcing functions place many of the day-to-day safety training and potential liability on the service contractor.

Well-run commercial services companies should have robust safety training and comprehensive insurance coverage in place.

Customer service

Customer service is one of the most important factors.

You don’t want the cleaning company to never answer your calls after signing the contract.

Observe the behavior and mannerisms of the management representatives to have a better understanding of their professionalism and corporate culture.

Management Oversight

Inquire how each janitorial service has its management staff set up.

It is also important to understand how often they anticipate visiting your job site.

This information should provide an understanding of what kind of oversight you should expect.

The Best-In-Class Cleaning Service That’s Right for You

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions is a full-service, experienced and progressive, and commercial cleaning service.

You can comfortably outsource all of your janitorial and cleaning needs and will receive high-quality, transparent service.

We utilize the best equipment, supplies, and cleaning chemicals as part of our service delivery platform.

Servi-Tek utilizes its proprietary software, Servi-Trak, to monitor Work Orders and self-Inspections daily.

Developing a cleaning program specifically for your requirements is part of our client-centric focus.

Schedule a free assessment of your premises by calling us at (866)454-6185 or using this online form.

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