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Mar 20, 2019 | Blog


Most business owners and property management firms recognize the many aesthetic and sanitation benefits gained by using professional commercial cleaning services.

Four Ways Commercial Cleaning Routines May Reduce Workplace Injuries

1. Chemical Management

Most janitorial practices involve the use and management of various chemicals. Even a green commercial cleaning company may use products that require special care and handling. An experienced industrial cleaner has the insight, preparation, and equipment needed to safely and effectively apply, remove, and store every agent used throughout your facility to ensure your internal personnel and customers aren’t accidentally exposed to any potentially dangerous substances.


Commercial cleaning requires extensive physical exertion. A licensed and certified company has properly trained its employees on how to use all required equipment. The team has also been educated on the right way to lift heavy objects and machinery to help avoid back, neck, and other body injuries.

3. Slip and Trips

Same-level slips and trips can prove a major workplace threat across every industry. Put simply: anywhere there’s a floor, there’s the risk of a slip and/or trip. A reputable janitorial vendor will offer a highly trained team of cleaning professionals that understands the vital importance of floor care and awareness throughout all services provided to reduce slippery floor conditions. Additionally, every staff member will carefully remove debris from lower surfaces to eliminate trip hazards.

4. Fall Prevention

Professional commercial cleaners can also lower the risk of an elevated fall at your facility as well. A qualified janitorial service provider has undergone extensive training on how to use raised equipment, such as step stools, ladders, and even interior/exterior scaffolding to reduce the possibility of an accidental spill.

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