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July 27, 2020 | Blog

Commercial Floor Cleaner - Everything You Need To Know

Hiring professional commercial floor cleaners will boost the productivity of your facility.

According to research findings in America, there is an average of 54% loss in productivity because of sick days, which costs the employers $225.8 billion annually.

I attribute the loss of productivity to an unhealthy and unsafe work environment.

Most property and facility managers are unaware that dirt in their facility can incur losses, which is why hiring the best commercial floor cleaners is a great option.

Commercial floor cleaners make use of commercial floor cleaning products to ensure that your property is clean and safe for tenants and employees, and improve productivity and profitability.

How do you hire the best commercial cleaning services?

What to Look for When Hiring Commercial Floor Cleaners for Your Facility

A  3-8% work performance loss because of mild symptoms of dust-related distress, like dry throat and itchy, watery eyes

You can’t limit movement within your commercial space, because of dust and dirt. It will derail the productivity and profitability of your operations.

Dust and grime can cover an expanse of square feet and small areas across large facilities and properties, this is why a good option would be to hire a professional commercial floor cleaner.

As you know, getting credible floor cleaning services for your facility or property would not be a walk in the park.

So how do you consider which janitorial service to hire? Here are some essential factors to consider when hiring a janitorial team for your floors:

1. License and Insurance

When considering a  commercial cleaning service to hire, check if the cleaning service meets the business requirements, insurance coverages, and industry-leading policy limits.

You should also verify that the cleaning company has workers’ compensation insurance that covers work-related injuries and recovery of lost salaries in case of any emergencies.

Ensure the business has liability insurance to protect the size of your facility from claims regarding property damage and injuries.

The thought of knowing, that liability insurance covers your building, equipment, and employees, is peaceful.

2. Credibility

For small jobs and larger jobs, it is important to hire trustworthy commercial floor cleaners because they will have access to a significant part of your building.

To assess their credibility, check online reviews about the cleaning company on verified websites, and try to contact their client references in the same market area.

You should also choose a cleaning company that does a thorough background check on their employees to ensure you are working with an honest, friendly, and professional cleaning team.

3. Customer Service-Orientated

Providing excellent customer care service should be a consideration in hiring commercial cleaners, although the priority for the commercial floor cleaners you hire should be to clean.

The janitors should be able to handle your maintenance needs and provide quality floor cleaning solution services in a timely manner.

They should maintain regular communication with management and respond to your emergency cleaning needs to keep your facility running smoothly.

It is reassuring if the cleaning company you hire follows up to ensure you’re satisfied with their services.

4. Reliability Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment and Eco-Friendly Products

Choose a cleaning company that makes emphasis on green cleaning.

Check out their cleaning procedures to ensure they use eco-friendly commercial floor cleaning product options for a healthier and safer working environment.

The janitorial service cleaning procedures must include an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval.

Ensure the commercial cleaning equipment, such as automatic floor scrubbers, automatic scrubbers, air movers, hp motor, buffer, floor burnishers, upright scrubber, and grout cleaners uses filtration, and emit acceptable noise levels.

Validate that the janitors have taken green cleaning training programs and can apply the techniques.

5. Transparency in Pricing and Scope of Service

Hire a cleaning company that has clear pricing rates and cleaning bids. Request how they determine their pricing.

Ensure that the range of cleaning packages they provide suits the size of your facility’s needs and budget.

If their pricing rates are unclear, this could be an attempt to charge you extra, so be on the lookout.

Janitorial Service in action

Why Outsource a Commercial Floor Cleaner?

Over the years, several facilities and properties have relied on in-house floor cleaning.

But , research shows that in-house teams provide services lower than the industry’s standards.

It is important to outsource janitorial company for your commercial space:

Here’s what outsourced commercial floor cleaners offer.


Experience Outsourcing an experienced janitorial company for commercial cleaning in your facility or property means getting the cleaning done within a short timeframe.

A good cleaning company only uses the most advanced and eco-friendly methods for commercial floor cleaning options—stain removers, gum removers, scrubbing, strip, buffing, floor finishes, and business shine—to complete the job according to industry standards.

They will also know the cleaning supplies to use for specific commercial flooring types like vinyl, tile, vinyl tiles, terrazzo floors, concrete floors, hard surface floor—vinyl composition tile (VCT)—and marble.

If you’re looking for green cleaning solutions or specific cleaning services, like vandalism cleaners, a professional janitorial company will understand your needs and strive for excellence with every cleaning.

Hire a cleaning company that has been in the business for over five years.

Transfer of Management-Intensive Duties

As a facility manager in a healthcare facility, gyms, or classrooms, you are swarming in work for a better part of the day. Hiring a cleaning company will lighten your workload and give you undivided time to concentrate on other managerial duties in your healthcare facility.

When you outsource your floor cleaning, all issues relating to the management of cleaning tasks become the janitorial company’s responsibility.

It would include staffing of the maintenance crew, assessing cleaning standards, easy transport, training, procurement of cleaning products and supplies—mop, bucket, brush, dust mop, bleaches, carpet shampoos, rinses, shampoo, hardwood sealers, pad, solution tank, floor pad, sealer—and equipment maintenance. 


When you hire commercial floor cleaners, you are likely to stay on budget and save cost.

The janitors will clean your facility in less time and allow your tenants and employees to settle down faster, which improves productivity.

Most cleaning companies have standard price rates, allowing you to budget for the services

You’ll also eliminate the cost of recruiting, training and managing an in-house cleaning crew.

Successful janitorial companies receive favorable pricing for supplies and equipment because of volume pricing and favorable business relationships.

Transfer of Liability

With in-service cleaners, you would have to ensure that insurance covers the staff in case of any bodily harm or property damage at your facility.

Professional commercial cleaning services offer general liability insurance that covers their employees, products and services, which minimizes potential third -party claims and litigation.


A good floor cleaning company should be swift in adjusting to your property or facility’s changing needs.

For example, some cleaning/janitorial companies offer 24-hour services for prompt and effective response to emergency cleaning needs.

It is the duty of the commercial cleaning services to ensure your floors are in top-notch condition by applying effective solutions to specific floor types, without compromising eco-friendliness.

At Servi-Tek, we understand the corporate world and know clients are keen on first impressions with cleaning areas.

Irrespective of the flooring in your property/facility, we will ensure your surfaces are sparkling and protect your business.

Contact us today for top-notch commercial floor cleaning services!

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