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April 07, 2021 | News

Servi-Tek Participates in a
Beach Clean-up Event in San Diego

As a partner for Earth Day, Servi-Tek recently participated in a beach clean-up event in San Diego (Imperial Beach).

As a partner for Earth Day, Servi-Tek recently participated in a beach clean-up event in San Diego (Imperial Beach). Servi-Tek partner Eric Friz led a team of 10 employees from the company who participated in the clean-up as volunteers. The event was hosted by Equity Property Management. 

Imperial Beach Challenges 

The city of Imperial Beach, CA neighbors the Tijuana River Valley, a rural community located in the southern part of San Diego. The valley is home to large amounts of trash, plastic bottles, used tires, and other materials and debris. 

This part of southern San Diego County has suffered this problem for decades, which impacts the ecology and public health of this otherwise spectacular natural reserve. There is a need for greater awareness, community participation, and volunteering to preserve the environment in this region through beach clean-ups. 

What is a Beach Clean-up?

Beach clean-ups now occur frequently in various coastal regions of the world. It is a volunteer activity where people from the local community as well as conscientious social and business organizations come together to remove beach trash and make it a more eco-friendly and healthy place for everyone. 

A beach clean-up also provides support to the ocean and coastal ecosystem because it reduces the risk of marine life getting killed because of the trash and cutting down the toxicity in the environment that is harmful to the marine life cycle. 

Cleaning up a beach also creates an opportunity to obtain data and feedback about the condition of the coastal area and why type of trash is causing damage to the area. When the most damaging pollutants and items of debris are identified, it makes it possible for the environmental agencies and social groups to raise awareness in a targeted manner and find solutions to prevent the littering in the local beaches.

For instance, some of the largest beach clean-up endeavors around the world have led to vital data on plastic straws as common debris that is causing extensive damage to the ecology. According to researchers, marine plastic pollution alone has made an adverse impact on hundreds of species around the world, including marine mammal species, seabirds, and sea turtles.  

Advantages of a Local Beach Clean-up

Consider your local beach as a bridge between the marine and land environment. This life-sustaining biodiversity area is directly linked to the health of the marine ecosystem. Apart from positively impacting the health and well-being of the people living in the coastal regions, a beach clean-up also helps improve the local economy. 

Your local beach clean-up is a vital opportunity to create awareness about protecting the marine environment and demonstrating the power of collective efforts in saving the oceans. Here are some of the key benefits of a local beach clean-up: 

Marine Life: Sea life is under constant threat from the consumption of the toxic waste that is thrown into the oceans every day. When this man-made debris washes up on the shores, it provides an opportunity for the local community to remove the trash before it gets washed back out once again with the tide. Marine wildlife can be saved when litter from the beaches is regularly removed. 

Natural Wealth: Beaches are not only important from biodiversity and environmental viewpoint, but they are also priceless natural treasures that the communities can enjoy and explore together. However, debris, trash, and litter on the local beaches endanger this shared natural wealth. When a beach clean-up is periodically performed, it preserves nature’s bounties for everyone to enjoy. 

Avoiding Toxicity: One of the most widely littered items on the planet are cigarette butts. These tiny bits of trash are found most commonly in the ocean and cause contamination of the water due to the toxic chemicals contained in them. By some estimates, if you just pick up 100 cigarette butts from the beach, you would have saved 8,000 liters of water from chemical contamination. 

Local Economy: Tourism and fishing activities are two important ways for seaside communities to sustain economically. When the beach is clean, it is more likely to attract tourists from far and wide. Fishers also have a strong advantage in areas where the sea water is clear of litter. Therefore, a regular beach clean-up can provide a definite boost to the local economy and support livelihoods. 

Visitor Safety: Beach debris is not just ugly to look at, it can be downright dangerous. Broken pieces of glass, sharp wooden or metal scraps can be a serious public hazard on the beach. The problem is that these types of litter can get easily buried in the sand and cause cuts, lacerations and infections to the visitors. Even while cleaning up the beach, it’s critical to exercise caution when you pick up these items. 

Waste Disposal: One of the key benefits of performing the local beach clean-up on your own is that you will be able to dispose of the garbage and waste in an environmentally safe manner. Countless compostable and recyclable items usually end up in landfills, where it is not possible to disintegrate them properly. When you are carrying out a beach clean-up, you can make sure to compost and recycle what you possibly can.

Seafood Safety: Research studies have revealed that when we eat seafood, we are consuming thousands of micro fragments of plastic over the course of one year. With the passage of time, these toxic elements continue to accumulate in the body, posing serious health risks. Therefore, when you clean up the local beach, you are making the local seafood safer and contributing to a healthier planet. 

Servi-Tek: A Passionate Company with a Shared Sense of Purpose

Servi-Tek is a lot more than just a dedicated commercial facility maintenance and cleaning company. It is a self-sustaining group of committed and interdependent professionals driven by a passion and a shared sense of purpose that goes beyond disinfected surfaces and shiny interiors and exteriors. 

The teams of facility maintenance, janitorial and engineering service specialists are bonded by a common goal to innovate and achieve something meaningful in every project we undertake. Servi-Tek is not just focused on being the most dependable and customer-friendly facility maintenance and cleaning service provider in the industry, but also a committed supporter of the cause of environment and ecology. 

The collective sense of social responsibility drives the Servi-Tek team to constantly raise the bar of performance in its work and exceed the expectations of the commercial property owners and managers that rely on its workmanship for maintaining their facilities. Every individual member of the Servi-Tek tribe understands that together the team is far greater than the sum of its parts. 

Partner with Servi-Tek for Your Commercial Facility Maintenance Needs 

Ever since the company was founded in 2006, Servi-Tek has continued to draw its inspiration from its team-oriented corporate philosophy and value systems that constitute the bedrock of its overall success. The core values of Servi-Tek include ownership, accountability, trust, teamwork, community, and respect. 

If you are seeking facility maintenance, cleaning, and engineering services partner that is driven by a goal of achieving total customer satisfaction in every project, while preserving and protecting the environment at the same time, you should choose Servi-Tek. To learn more about us, call us today at +1 (866) 454-6185 or contact us online.

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