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Apr 30, 2019 | Blog


Smart building technology has proven far more than a passing facility trend, particularly in the state of California.

Smart Building Top Trends in 2019

Smart building technology has proven far more than a passing facility trend, particularly in the state of California.

Commercial Property Owners Recognize The Benefits Of Smart Building Technology

Yes, California’s solar panel regulations currently only targets residential builds. However, many believe it may be only a matter of time before solar panels and other smart features become required innovations on commercial properties as well. Property owners and managers across every industry and vertical are maintaining a steady focus on the increasing popularity of smart technology, recognizing that these amenities can both potentially appeal to renters as well as optimize internal operations, efficiencies, and even bottom line profits.

What can you expect to see for top smart building trends in 2019 beyond advances in solar panel technology? While there are many options to consider, if you’re looking for amenities.

Facility Security

Internet-based safety and security innovations are in high-demand for facilities of every size and design configuration. New IoT technologies have brought several essential capabilities to market, including advanced video surveillance, elevated connectivity for enhanced emergency preparedness proficiencies, and even remote monitoring for offsite access to rooms and spaces throughout the building.

Heating and Cooling System

Let’s be honest: we’ve all been victims (or active participants) in an office thermometer war. Relentlessly increasing and decreasing the temperature in a commercial space can waste energy and launch utility costs. A smart HVAC solution allows users to assign a specific temperature to every building zone for controlled comfort and efficiency. Most importantly, an Internet-based HVAC application can even improve overall air quality; many systems are programmed to release clean, fresh air into a space whenever it senses the presence of carbon dioxide.


Wasted electricity depletes resources and impacts a company’s profit margins. Smart lighting technology can keep electricity costs to a minimum. Web-based smart lighting sensors recognize when no one is in the room, adjusting the emitted light accordingly. Additionally, these systems can also oversee motorized window shades to maximize daylighting benefits at all times.

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