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May 14, 2019 | Blog

A Clean Building Makes Employees Healthy and Happy

Entrepreneurs and property management firms recognize that, from both a people and productivity standpoint, creating a healthy work environment is just good business.

Entrepreneurs and property management firms recognize that, from both a people and productivity standpoint, creating a healthy work environment is just good business.

They understand that a clean, sanitized workplace can play a pivotal role in promoting holistic wellness for both their staff and their tenants. For these business owners, working with a professional commercial cleaner does more than just make a great first impression on clients (which it does); it also serves as an important investment in employees, helping to keep them healthy and happy in three essential ways:

Fight the Spread of Office Germs

Office germs and viruses (much like their human hosts) aren’t afraid to work overtime, quickly and easily spreading throughout the facility and infecting everyone in their path. In just a short timespan, countless colleagues came come in contact with the same cold, flu, or virus germ, putting both their personal health and professional deadlines at risk. Trained and experienced janitorial service professionals use market-leading products and commercial-grade cleaning equipment to disinfect surfaces, shared spaces, carpets, and individual workstations throughout the building to help eliminate and prevent the spread of germs and allergens before it creates an employee outbreak.

Reduce Safety Hazards

A messy office isn’t just germy – it can also be unsafe for employees or tenants. Discarded papers, tangled equipment wires, and worn carpeting can all pose safety threats to anyone inside the building. Commercial cleaning providers not only wipe down surfaces, but they will also tidy up the clutter left on the floor to reduce the chance of slips, trips, and falls. Additionally, a trained team of maintenance engineers will even have the skills needed to perform operational tasks beyond standard janitorial cleanings. A qualified provider will know how to manage a wide range of electrical and facility functions compliantly to keep your employees safe (and prevent them from trying to complete these jobs themselves).

Lower Stress Levels

Finally, professional commercial cleaning can have a direct impact on your employee’s overall emotional well-being. A disorderly and unorganized office can cause unnecessary anxiety, making it difficult for staff members to concentrate and complete projects amidst the mess. An experienced janitorial service ensures your employees arrive every day to a clean, organized, and sanitized workplace that can help reduce stress levels, promote productivity and boost internal morale.

As a leader in the commercial cleaning space, Servi-Tek creates customized janitorial solutions for business owners and property managers across every operational vertical.  We know pretty well that a clean building makes employees healthy and happyContact us today for a no-risk engagement consultation.


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