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Sept 07, 2020 | Blog

Construction Cleanup
Leave it to the Experts!

Is post-construction cleanup necessary?
Get to know the importance of hiring professionals to clean up your site.

In the U.S., more than 170 million tons of construction and demolition waste are generated every year.

Unfortunately, more than 50% of these waste materials end up in landfills

Promoting soil pollution, and the depletion of the earth’s natural resources. 

It’s only right that the construction industry starts to take proper disposal of construction waste seriously.

You, too, can make a significant change in the environment by simply hiring a reputable firm for construction cleanup. 

Post-construction cleanup is vital for an effective transition from a rugged-looking commercial space to a clean and safe operable space.

But before you hire any facilities services company to perform construction cleanup, it’s important to know what this process fully entails. 

What Does Construction Cleanup Involve? 

The typical construction cleanup process takes place in three main stages:

  • rough interior cleanup
  • final interior cleanup
  • exterior construction cleanup 

Sometimes, not all stages will be undertaken – your construction project will determine the required steps. 

Generally, the janitorial company will visit the construction site. 

Have a walk-through to know what the project manager expects and get further instructions about the job.

You should create a construction cleanup checklist or scope of work. 

This will also clarify to all parties their respective responsibilities. 

Here’s the post-construction cleaning scope of work:

Rough Interior Cleanup

This cleanup process prepares the building for its final finishing. Services offered include:

  1. cleaning and prepping the floors
  2. dusting windows
  3. removing construction rubble such as loose boards and scraps from the site. 

This will help prevent the damage of installation components such as carpets and modular furniture. 

Final Interior Cleanup

This is a more detailed cleaning process that occurs when all the construction and FF&E (Furniture Fixtures and Equipment) installations are done.

It generally involves stripping/waxing hard floors, sealing tile, vacuuming carpets, polishing of fixtures, and detail-dusting.

Exterior Construction Cleanup

This is the final stage that entails general site cleaning. The post-construction experts will:

  1. get rid of excess trash
  2. wash exterior windows
  3. clean the sidewalks and parking lot  

It may also include pressure washing of select areas. 

*This cleaning step may be optional, depending on your construction project.  

5 Top Benefits of Construction Cleanup

Construction cleanup is essential during and after construction.

If it’s not done properly, it could affect the quality and outcome of the new construction or renovation – including warranty issues.

Although contractors can clean up, they’d probably not experienced or not good at it.

After all, post-construction cleanup is usually not a requirement on most construction contracts. 

Here’s why should hire a professional facilities company for post-construction cleaning services:

1. Visual Appeal

After the design and construction of your commercial facility or space, things may not look the way you expect.

If the improvements look unfinished and dusty, this can be overwhelming.

Especially if you need to get tenants moved-in or your operations running as soon as possible.  

A post-construction cleanup can help you clear up and clean.

It makes the space ready for occupancy that will maximize the value and appearance of your construction investment. 

2. Safety

Even small debris left on the construction site can create liability or cause accidents.  We all know risk management is a key issue for all commercial properties and facilities.   

You should hire professionals with post-construction cleaning training to handle the cleanup. They have the right resources to ensure safety is paramount for everyone on the site. 

3. Proper Disposal of Debris

With the increasing concerns of sustainability and environment conservation, there are strict rules and regulations for disposing of construction waste.

To avoid paying a hefty fine, most states will require you to separate and sort the debris and deliver it to the appropriate recycling plants. 

Professional construction cleanup companies know exactly how to handle construction waste according to applicable laws.

Properties and facilities with LEED Certification also have strict guidelines to adhere to. 

4. Efficiencies

Most construction crews aren’t cleaning experts.

Outsourcing the post-construction cleaning will make sure that cleaning productivity follows your strict construction turnover timelines.

You may think that asking your construction crew to clean up will save you some money.

However, most construction companies will charge you extra for their cleaning services.

You may also end up purchasing cleaning supplies and equipment.

This can be a very expensive process.  

5. Expertise

Most importantly, a facility cleaning company will understand the provided requirements, finishes, and field conditions to meet your expectations.

They have the proper training, supplies, and equipment to complete the work. 

A qualified company will also assign the proper staffing levels and management oversight.

Get a Professional Construction Cleanup Today 

A lot of hard work goes into constructing and designing a building or interior improvements.

You should expect a lot of waste materials. Post-construction cleaning tends to be overlooked, yet it’s what brings together the entire construction project.

Do your best to hire professional and reputable cleaners who are appropriately insured. 

At Servi-Tek Facility Solutions, we offer best-in-class janitorial services to partner on your pre-opening needs. 

Looking for quality post-construction cleanup? Contact us today to get started.


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