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September 14, 2020 | Blog

Hiring a Janitorial Service:
How to Get it Right the First Time

This provides some of the most important reason why we need to hire
a janitorial service today.

Do you know that hiring the right janitorial service provider can help to effectively minimize the spread of harmful environmental pathogens?

Recent research now suggests that the transmission of infectious diseases can be lowered by outsourcing to a commercial cleaning company.

Of course, not all janitorial service providers are exactly alike. To promote a clean office, healthy, and safe work environment, it’s essential to find the right vendor.

A skilled team, combined with a strictly monitored hygiene and sanitation program makes minimizing the spread of bacteria and viruses more effectively.

Can You Afford Not to Hire an Outsourced Janitorial Service Provider?

Some companies and business owners choose to keep their facility management services– including janitorial functions and routine cleaning tasks – in-house.

Often staff that lacks the proper training will be performing the cleaning basics such as vacuuming the carpet, stairs, dusting and handling trash.

It is critical in these challenging times to keep your tenants and employees safe and building operations functioning smoothly.

In addition to gaining industry experience, outsourcing is cost-effective and a commercial cleaning service often reduces janitorial operating expenses.

As a property or facility manager, you are obligated to get the best quality commercial janitorial services at the right price.

To achieve this, you have to know how to get quality services the first time and avoid costly and time-consuming pitfalls.

Why Hire A Commercial Janitorial Service Provider?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, improving cleanliness and killing germs has become a workplace priority and everyone’s responsibility.

Why Hire A Commercial Janitorial Service Provider?


A professional janitorial company will combine the use of proper training, have the certifications, and the right cleaning supplies and equipment.

They will employ a strategic cleaning game plan – for both Day Porter and Night Cleaning services – to maximize effectiveness specific to your property or facility.

“Green” cleaning products could be offered too upon request that provides peace of mind and ensures the safety of those in the workplace.

These professionals should also have knowledge about the frequency of cleaning that is needed to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

They will typically understand the importance of allowing for “dwell-time” that is needed to fully eliminate certain pathogens.

Increase in cleaning productivity

Hiring a professional janitorial service provider should translate to a healthy environment and increased reliability and productivity by the cleaning staff.

Enhanced per-cleaner productivity equates to additional work being done at a lower cost structure in the long run.

Using a commercial cleaning provider allows for services to be customized and flexible, as your environment and needs change.

Enhancement Of Your Property’s Reputation With Tenants and Employees

Commercial facility managers, building owners, and business administrators recognize the importance of maintaining an excellent overall image.

Employees are very conscious of the safety concerns created by COVID-19 and are much less likely to work in a risky environment.

The hygiene and cleanliness culture of your building influences the perception of tenants, employees, guests, and investors.

Professional commercial cleaners can help you achieve (and maintain) the highest cleaning standards – which, in turn, will create value for your property.

Cost Efficiences

Cost Efficiences

The cost of an in-house cleaning team may be more expensive than you realize, as typically many less obvious costs will exist.

Using internal workers incurs several hidden costs, such as managing employee payrolls, equipment maintenance, vacation, and absence coverage.

Facility management outsourcing can achieve cost savings in various forms, including bulk pricing and overall economies of scale.

They may be positioned to offset the price increases that have occurred recently for cleaning agents and disinfectants that are in short supply.


Perhaps the need arises for cleaning the facility following special events or gatherings that are being hosted?

Often, a need for cleaning will arise that is created by remodeling or other construction or maintenance projects.

Quality janitorial firms can employ, even temporarily, current methods and equipment to enhance property cleanliness and COVID-19 disinfection.

For example, electrostatic spraying of a disinfectant on the EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Cause of COVID-19, can be performed throughout properties or in select high-touch areas.

Exposed Secrets For Hiring The Best Janitorial Service

Getting the right janitorial service provider can be a piece of cake; however, the process still requires proper diligence. Follow some of these key rules and professional best practices for good outcomes:

● Research the janitorial service providers around your location through business directories, trade organizations, or through input from friends or colleagues.

● Develop a detailed Request for Proposal forbids that clearly outlines the scope of the work needed and other critical details.

● Speak to references from both current and previous clients, as they will be an excellent source of information for making an assessment.

● Meet with the various janitorial firms to ask questions, review quotes, and get a feel for each company and its platforms.

Upon receipt of the submitted proposals consider the following:

  • analyze the overall cost structure,
  • staffing levels,
  • management oversight, and
  • The overall capacity of each firm to carry-out the full requirements of the assignment

Keep in mind that your decisions should not be based solely on price. In many cases, those companies that are offering the lowest price are doing so by sacrificing quality in other critical areas.

Try to obtain an understanding regarding whether the potential cleaning provider has experienced with handling larger accounts.

Remember to clearly express your expectations in terms of quality and the importance of having open lines of communication.

Now Is The Time To Hire The Right Janitorial Service Provider

Hire The Right Janitorial Service Provider

Most properties are now in the process of re-opening and this is an opportune time to engage an outsourced janitorial company.

Professional janitorial companies are always in the know regarding trends and safe cleaning practices, particularly amid this difficult pandemic.

They are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) that is needed for safety, such as facial coverings, eye protection, gloves, and much more.

Are you looking for an experienced, transparent janitorial service company that strives to partner with clients to enhance overall property value? Please reach-out to us.

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