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April 14, 2021 | Blog

How to clean commercial carpet in a wide variety of High Traffic Floors?

As a professional carpet cleaning company, we get asked this question a lot. That’s why we wrote this guide on the various methods on how to clean commercial carpet in high traffic areas!
How to clean commercial carpet in a wide variety of High Traffic Floors?

Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Facility and property managers should understand that carpeting is a finish that benefits tremendously from proper cleaning and regular maintenance. As with many products found in the business environment, the effects of wear and dirt can damage carpet fibers. Carpet and upholstery cleaning in commercial settings, particularly in high-traffic areas such as entryways, also impacts critical first impressions.

The overall demand for commercial carpet cleaners is strong throughout the U.S., with revenue that exceeds one billion dollars annually. Commercial cleaning services now use advanced methods, state-of-the-art equipment, and eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. Carpet that is subjected to frequent commercial cleanings will contain much fewer germs, dust, odors, and bacteria.

Commercial carpet products are designed to be much more durable than most residential carpet options and area rugs, as the fabric surface of the carpet must generally withstand significant daily foot traffic from employees and visitors. Commercial materials are generally better for overall cleanliness, such as being more resistant to stains from spills, mildew growth, grime, etc. It is also available in more patterns and colors that match different paints, tiles, and fabrics used in workstations.

What Is Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

What Is Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Cleaning is necessary to protect the investment a facility or property makes in its carpeting, which is usually performed by professionals. 

In today’s commercial environments there is much more emphasis placed on healthy and environmentally sound carpet cleaning practices. Examples include using less water, avoiding harsh chemicals, reducing the risk of mold and other allergens.

Indoor air quality is increasingly important for those suffering from allergies that are irritated by airborne particles.

Experienced commercial real estate management professionals now recognize the importance of implementing a regular carpet maintenance plan. These plans generally are established shortly after the commercial carpeting is installed and are largely based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Always adhere to manufacturer specifications before using any cleaning products on commercial carpeting.

Many shampooing processes today involve applying a foaming agent that is brushed into the carpet fibers. This is used in conjunction with wet vacuuming that removes the shampoo and lifts the dirt. Some cleaning products must be diluted with water.

Based on the specific type of carpet, cleaning solutions may vary. Multi-purpose products exist that function as spot removers at full strength and can be diluted for general carpet cleaning. 

Commercial cleaning equipment such as those for office carpet cleaning often uses hot water extraction. Extraction cleaning utilizes pressurized water being applied to deep-clean. The process uses a vacuum to remove soap, water, and other materials.


Regular vacuuming should be performed to prevent dirt and soiling agents from deeply penetrating.  

Spots must be diligently pre-treated for removal and high-intensity cleaning performed at regular intervals.  The pre-vacuuming process typically involves using some pre-treatment or conditioning agent. 

This is to better increase effectiveness when removing particles or materials that soil the fiber, particularly where stains are present.  In many cases, a grooming tool or device is used during this phase based on the density of the carpeting for agitation.

Often the best initial line of defense to keep carpeted areas clean is the placement of mats or other carpet protector options.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Necessary

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Necessary

The carpeting in a commercial environment may be used for aesthetics, reducing slip-and-falls, minimizing noise, and more. Having the carpeting professionally cleaned is critical for prolonging the life of the material and for ensuring its appearance. Many potential variables will impact a professional cleaning strategy including foot traffic, exposure to the environment, type of carpet, etc.

The Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) standards for commercial carpet cleaning are one of the commonly referenced guides. The CRI standards are largely based on industry experience, educational research and laboratory testing, and manufacturer data and information. The CRI is considered to be among the chief resources for buyers, sellers, and installers.

The CRI always encourages all parties to consult with the specific manufacturer of the products being cleaned. Recently, they have worked to heighten awareness about the environmental impact of carpet and carpet cleaning in indoor environments. The primary goal of this compilation of standards is to create sound business and environmental maintenance and cleaning standards.

Recommendations for the long-term care of commercial carpeting may involve walk-off mats, deep cleaning practices, and specific cleaning frequencies. It is important to clarify that carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance are two different functions that generally are used together.

Cleaning is the process of removing undesirable elements from the surface of the product. A critical purpose of cleaning is to slow or prevent the soiling of the material. Soiling is the accumulation of some unwanted substances that may be creating irreversible damage to the carpet.

Cleaning is generally performed “as needed” while maintenance is an ongoing part of an overall plan to preserve the product.

The goals of maintenance are critical and include the following:

  • Protecting the visual appearance and value of the investment
  • To ensure the strength of the materials and maximize the useful life of the carpeting
  • For minimizing impurities and contaminating elements that negatively impact interior air quality
  • Supports the overall comfort and productivity expected in a business environment
  • A successful carpet maintenance plan is tailored according to variables including fiber, thickness, pattern, color, traffic, and more.

How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

How frequently commercial carpeting should be performed varies according to the material, traffic, ownership goals, and more. Generally, carpets exposed to moderate levels of traffic should be cleaned between two and four times each year. Some facilities like restaurants or semi-industrial operations may need to significantly increase the frequency of cleanings.

Carpet Cleaning Prep and How to Get the Most Out of It

A recent report from the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association was posted.

This study outlined the importance of thorough preparation when engaging in carpet cleaning. A commercial carpet cleaning company will properly assess the soil load, amount of daily use, and types of soiling agents the carpet has exposure to.

One key aspect of preparation involves decisions regarding the amount of liquid to use and the proper drying time. Many professionals now increasingly use absorbent padding or foam-based products as part of a low-moisture strategy.

Keep in mind that low-moisture cleaning systems such as bonnet cleaning are often used; however, bonnet cleaning is generally not a true “deep” carpeting cleaning solution,

An important component of the process involves getting the carpet dry. Consultation must be done to ensure sufficient dry-time is provided before the next planned usage of the carpeted areas.

Why Should You Hire an Experienced Carpet Cleaning Company?

The importance of having carpeting in commercial facilities or buildings cleaned by true professionals should not be understated. Stubborn stain removal is critical in public venues; therefore, the experience of a professional will ensure it is safely removed.

Carpet fibers have various textures, densities, and physical properties that require some level of expertise. Professional carpet cleaning technicians better understand the differences and how to best manage the process.

The lifespan of a carpeting installation can be dramatically reduced when not properly cleaned. For example, an inexperienced technician might use inappropriate cleaning agents to clean spills and inadvertently damage entire sections of carpeting by applying high-detergency products that ruin fibers.

Today, cleaning solutions used in carpet cleaning are increasingly less odorous. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies associated with public health have motivated change toward better indoor air quality. 

Experienced commercial carpet cleaning services stand by their work to ensure customers are completely satisfied.

A Few Tips When Choosing A Company to Clean Your Carpets

The carpet cleaning method used must be appropriate for the specific product being cleaned to ensure the best results and avoid damage. Some methods of application, extraction and dry time are specific to the type of carpet fiber or padding. Materials choices are made with sufficient forethought, just like a homeowner with pets or kids might avoid delicate materials.

Cleaning and maintenance of materials that must remain drier involve much less moisture for carpet or spot cleaning. Timing is a critical consideration when assessing cleaning methods, as some materials require more dry time before being walked upon. The commercial carpet cleaning industry also has different options available.

An experienced cleaning technician understands that failing to extract enough water from the carpet fibers could promote mold growth. Look for commercial carpet cleaners who focus on training and continued education.

When considering different carpet cleaning companies, focus on those that demonstrate professionalism and show a commitment to quality. While some new entrants to the carpet cleaning market may provide attractive pricing, they might perform below-average work. Choose service providers that have a deep understanding of the profession, appear committed to positive customer outcomes, and have been in the industry for a period of time.

The Best Way To Find The Best Carpet Cleaning Services For You

No single “best” method of locating a high-quality carpet cleaning company exists. Individual facility management professionals similarly approach this challenge as they do other vendors and service providers. They likely rely on a variety of methods including asking for feedback from industry colleagues that they know and trust.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration’s Certification listing might be a valuable resource for finding experienced carpet cleaning professionals.

Local business organizations and groups such as the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau are also potential resources. In today’s web-based digital environment you can easily identify several local commercial providers by searching. Remember that many of the online “review” portals and companies that post “recommended” businesses are being compensated.

Look for organizations that have some credentials that suggest achievement of formal training in best practices. Companies that promote “green” or otherwise environmentally-friendly practices may be among those familiar with the latest techniques and products. True professionals will always put together a proposal in writing—be wary of those who will not.

Lastly, check to ensure the commercial carpet cleaner you are looking to engage is fully insured.

Leading Provider of Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

The team of experienced professionals at Servi-Tek Facility Solutions offers comprehensive full-service janitorial and maintenance for commercial properties. We work with building owners and facility and property managers in various industries including manufacturing, industrial, office, retail, government, hospitality, and more.

Servi-Tek possesses the experience, training, proper equipment, and supplies to effectively and efficiently clean your property’s carpeting throughout. Our fully transparent corporate culture places our customer’s satisfaction first.

We encourage you to contact us today for a consultation.


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