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April 19, 2021 | Blog

Ensure a Stress-free Business
by Hiring A Professional Disinfecting Service

Stress can be a major issue, especially in a business that has recently reopened after a pandemic. However, you can hire a professional business cleaning service to sanitize your environment and help reduce this high level of stress.
Ensure a Stress-free Business Re-Opening by Hiring A Professional Disinfecting Service

Businesses that are planning on reopening – or who will be opening to full capacity – are faced with numerous challenges.

One of the most noticeable is how your employees, tenants, customers, and other stakeholders view cleanliness and sanitation in the pandemic environment.

One of the best ways of ensuring a stress-free business reopening is by hiring a professional business cleaning and disinfection service to sanitize your premises.

Many businesses are currently focused on going the extra mile to keep their workforce and the public safe.

This can be done by efficient disinfecting and sanitization techniques for limiting the spread of germs, bacteria, and pathogens, including SARS-COV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19.

What is a Disinfecting Service?

What is a Disinfecting Service?

Cleaning and disinfection are not the same things.

Cleaning is a routine, recurring function useful in removing dirt, trash, and stains from objects and surfaces.

Cleaning doesn’t necessarily result in the removal of all pathogens and germs from highly touched surfaces.

This is why regular and focused sanitization or disinfecting services are important. 

Sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces are specifically designed to kill pathogens and go a long way toward providing transmission prevention measures.

Experienced disinfection services also target the killing of the virus which causes Covid-19.

Disinfection is a critical sanitation component if you are reopening your business in the current or post-pandemic world.

In fact, you should make a regular schedule for disinfection to prevent the spread of viruses and reduce the risk to your employees and others.

Why Is the Disinfection Process Important?

There are several reasons why a business should consider hiring professional disinfection services.

Disinfected workplaces have been proven to be more effective at curtailing the spread of coronavirus and disease control as compared to facilities that are only cleaned.

The way businesses perform cleaning and disinfecting has changed as companies consider transitioning people back to their workplace.

It is not often enough to claim that a particular work area is being cleaned. 

Employees and visitors want to know that the work areas – particularly high-touch surfaces – are being disinfected as well.

Studies have shown covid-19 can live on certain surfaces for extended periods of time after contact. 

This has compelled office managers and facility and property managers to open a transparent dialogue with their facility service providers regarding disinfection processes.

The significance of commercial disinfecting during or after the coronavirus pandemic cannot be stressed enough.

Improve your employee’s job satisfaction and productivity

You can easily boost employee productivity and job satisfaction with a cleaner environment.

The morale in a workplace is higher if there is less risk of coronavirus transmission or spread of covid-19 and other bacteria and virus conditions.

Remember, well-disinfected workspaces also minimize the common cold and seasonal flu. 

Employees working in clean environments also tend to perform their jobs happily and take pride in their work product, which in turn attracts more business.

You can elevate your brand to the next level by keeping employee morale high.

You would even find it easier to attract the kind of talent you require for your business. 

Professional disinfection services can go a long way towards attaining this goal.

Reducing the spread of disease is highly important before it affects business operations, customer service, sales, delivery, and other aspects.

Commercial disinfection services can increase your clients’ perceptions of your business

Clients and customers matter a lot if you are thinking of expanding or reopening your business during these challenging pandemic times.

Customers have become more aware of cleanliness and sanitization in business facilities and environments.

The image portrayed to customers has become an important aspect of business partnership and success.

Customers automatically feel subtle confidence and at-ease nature when they walk into an office, facility, or property that has a clean and sanitary appearance.

This can go a long way in allowing customers to instill higher confidence in your business services and goods and increases the chances of a return visit.

Installing signage that disinfection services are frequently performed on-site is also visually significant.

How To Maximize A Successful Business Re-Opening

How To Maximize A Successful Business Re-Opening

There are several things your business should know and do as states begin lifting their stay-at-home orders.

You may have to revisit your business plan and adjust your business model to comply with regulations and satisfy employees, customers, and clients.

The Health and safety of your customers and employees should be your primary goal in reopening your business.

You should also abide by your local regulations and CDC guidelines for safety and sanitation.

For retailers, food and beverage operators, and those who conduct on-site customer interaction, you may also want to consider having updated policies on customer service duties drafted.

Finally, you need to ensure the safety of your employees, clients, vendors, and other stakeholders by focusing on having your office, facility, or property clean, healthy, and sanitized, in conjunction with having a professional cleaning and disinfection service in place.

A professional cleaning and disinfection firm can perform both functions to remove bacteria, allergens, dirt, debris, and potential disease-causing pathogens.

Disinfection is especially important in high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, remote controls, door handles, faucets, sinks, light switches, keyboards, employee lockers, elevator call buttons, and toilets.

Effective disinfecting is predicated on adhering to current CDC guidelines and updates made to OSHA regulations and cleaning protocols, as well as utilization of quality equipment and disinfectant.

The disinfectant should be on the EPA’s List N, which outlines products effective against SARS-COV-2, the virus which causes Covid-19.

Having your workspace disinfected and sanitized regularly is simply good practice.

Why Choose Professional Business Cleaning and Disinfecting Service?

Managing an in-house janitorial team to execute covid-19 cleaning should be the least of your worries right now with so much going on at your business or work site.

You could be losing time, money, and resources if you are doing this, rather than focusing on your employees and customers.

Your worksite facility reflects on your business.

This is one of the reasons why companies are investing in commercial disinfecting services.

You can meet high customer expectations by hiring professional coronavirus cleaning services.

Getting back to business – OSHA compliance

You should be Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliant if you want to run your business successfully.

You can always hire an in-house janitorial team but you would have to train them on OSHA compliance.

Focus on core business

You shouldn’t expect your employees to do disinfecting services or cleaning work outside of their job functions.

While it is everyone’s duty to maintain sanitary conditions, you can take a lot of stress of coming to work by having a commercial disinfection services provider.

By placing too much on your employees’ shoulders, you could end up with reduce quality results and diminishing morale and productivity.

Valid insurance

Qualified firms providing disinfecting services are fully insured, including workers’ compensation coverage.

Valid insurance claims and workplace injuries will fall to the service provider.

Training imparted to cleaning technicians

Disinfection can be a tricky process particularly if your facility or property has unique characteristics and/or finishes.

The service provider should have a viable training module in place to ensure their employees know how to effectively use disinfection products and equipment.

Process for employee screening

Most cleaning and disinfection services are performed at night or over the weekend when there is minimal staffing at the facility.

High-quality firms that provide disinfection and sanitation services should conform to all governmental-related hiring requirements and perform background screening on all applicants.

Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Professional Disinfecting Service

These are a few things you should ask shortlisted disinfecting service providers before hiring them.

Type of services offered

Every facility and property has unique requirements depending on their business, budget, and, where applicable, customer requirements.

You should find a service that can tailor their disinfection services to your specific sanitizing requirements and needs.

Experience in disinfecting businesses

While disinfection of business facilities has recently become popular, it has been around for several decades in medical and other specialized commercial sectors.

You could benefit from hiring a firm that has quality experience providing disinfection services.

Quality of service delivered

You can ask other business managers that are clients of the sanitation service about the quality and reliability of the service offered. Retain a firm that will stand by its work and provide a transparent business partnership.

Products and equipment used

The industry-preferred equipment is an electrostatic sprayer which can come in various forms, such as hand-held, battery-powered, and larger backpack-operated units.

The disinfection service should use EPA-listed cleaning products that are safe and wouldn’t place the health of your employees at risk while performing the intending tasks.

How to Hire a Professional Disinfecting Service Near You

Identify the professional cleaning processes used when engaging the services of a commercial cleaning and disinfection service provider.

You should understand that all cleaning companies are not equal in their quality standards and level of service offered.

This makes it important to pay attention to screening companies and the ones you ultimately choose.

Selecting a professional disinfection firm can get confusing very quickly.

Experts recommend drafting a series of questions that would allow you to understand the cleaning firm’s operations in a better way.

You can identify the companies that are more equipped to provide the services that work within your budget and are ideal for your specific business and physical layout.

Search for your disinfection or sanitization service online for initial leads.

Review their information and follow-up with contact. Also, inquire with industry colleagues for references.

When meeting with prospective commercial disinfecting firms you will get a feel for their way of doing business and a comfort level you have or don’t have.

Inquire how each firm handles unsatisfactory work performance.

Finally, request a written quote which should include a specific scope of work to assist in making a final decision.

The Most Qualified Facility Services Provider

You can ensure your facility gets the highest cleaning and disinfection possible by hiring Servi-Tek Facility Solutions.

We are a regional full-service commercial cleaning and engineering services firm.

We place client needs first and will do everything possible to ensure that your business operates or reopens successfully and safely.

Servi-Tek has the experience, resources, and technicians you need to ensure quality disinfection at your office or commercial facility, or property.

Call us today at (866) 454-6185 or use our online form to discover what we can do for you.

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