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June 08, 2019 | Blogs

Facility Management Partner
Streamlines Your Office Relocation

Managing a successful corporate relocation is a full-time job, requiring advanced research,
extensive logistic coordination, and ample communication, both with staff as well as with hired movers.
Three Ways Your Facility Management Partner Streamlines Your Business Relocation

Relocating your business to a new commercial Office Space

Relocating your business to a new commercial space doesn’t have to be that stressful.  Professional facility management firms can help devise an interior space plan that accommodates both operational and employee needs. Your chosen provider will work closely with you to align your final configuration with your workflow needs as well as to optimize efficiency in the space. Once you’ve determined the best floor plan, your facility manager can research, price out, and suggest various partitioning components for a cost-effective, eco-conscious final solution. 

Building Considerations

Beyond interior considerations, relocating your business also requires plans for exterior features. Signage, security, and access control systems are just some of the many building components that your facility manager can address for your organization before the move for increased convenience. An experienced facility manager can also assist with any parking needs and requirements as well.

Asset Relocation

Even small and mid-sized businesses can have a large inventory of capital assets. Computers, IT networks, copy machines, telephones, and office furniture are just some of the many items that require a strategic moving plan. Your facility manager will create a solution that keeps things organized and easy to track throughout the process. Most importantly, your outsourced partner will also take care of any equipment and machinery that requires unique care or precautions, coordinating any safety measures and scheduling needed specialized moving resources.

Relocating your business: Post-Move Assistance

A skilled facility management team recognizes that moving day is only one component of a successful relocation. There will be countless office and building management needs in the following days and weeks that may require attention. Your selected provider will work with you to help with any modifications needed to support productivity and drive efficiency throughout your new office location.

Servi-Tek delivers customized facilities management strategies for companies across every industry.  Relocating your business to a new commercial space need not to be a hassle.   Contact us today to learn more.

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