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June 28, 2021 | Blog

Facility Maintenance Companies: The Foundation
of Top-Notch Commercial Real Estate Buildings

Facility maintenance companies can provide service and preventive maintenance ensuring the building operates effectively and has no downtime.
Facility Maintenance Companies: The Foundation of Top-Notch Commercial Real Estate Buildings

As a facility or property manager, your responsibility in managing a commercial complex and keeping up with the maintenance of the entire physical plant.  

A facility maintenance company can provide quality service by providing and routine and preventive maintenance to ensure your building will operate effectively and experience less downtime. 

Facility maintenance technicians will also attend to the special needs of a facility or property.

What does Facility Maintenance include?

Facility maintenance companies offer services to commercial properties and facilities such as office buildings, convenience stores, healthcare buildings, and clinics, educational institutions, retail centers, and industrial projects. 

Facility maintenance services – sometimes referred to as engineering services – provide general repair, plumbing, heating ventilation, life/safety, air conditioning (HVAC), carpentry, and electrical functions. 

Importance of Facility Maintenance

Importance of Facility Maintenance

There are many benefits to gain when you perform facility maintenance on your facility, these benefits are crucial to the optimal performance in the facility and productivity amongst the workforce:

Maintaining an optimal working building

Facility maintenance keeps your facility in quality shape, creates a functional and optimal working environment for your employees and tenants, and visitors, and makes an excellent first impression on your clients.

A well-maintained, hospitable workplace can enhance employee retention.  

Equipment and systems 

One benefit of facility maintenance is to keep the occurrence of downtime to a minimal level in your facility.

An effective preventive maintenance program extends equipment life, increases the efficiency of equipment and systems, and prevents unscheduled downtime which can lead to costly, un-budgeted repairs and maintenance.

Focus on core job

Outsourced facility maintenance covers all areas which include recruitment, on-boarding, HR services, employees’ compensation, and benefits administration.  

Significantly, it also includes specialized training which allows the maintenance technicians to be well-versed in their trade skills.  

This allows you to focus on managing your facility or property while having skilled partners handle the physical plant.

Financial efficiencies

A qualified facility maintenance service will keep your equipment running efficiently and extend its longevity, which means less money spent on major repairs or capital replacements.  

Identifying and implementing energy conservation projects is also a major role of facilities management contractors.

Lastly, experienced facility maintenance companies utilize their relationships and buying power to obtain supplies and materials at discounted pricing.    

Green Facility Maintenance

Green facility maintenance provides a healthy and sustainable work environment. It involves combining certified chemicals, tools, equipment, training, and processes to reduce environmental by-products and create a healthy work environment for your employees, tenants, and clients. 

Green facility maintenance includes implementing an effective recycling program, installing water conservation equipment, reducing sewage, and guiding you toward more energy-efficient HVAC systems.

The role of computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) in green facility maintenance cannot be under-emphasized.

Using CMMS ensures the smooth running facility at cost-efficient levels, which leads to increased sustainability in the facility maintenance industry.

Advantages of Contract Facility Maintenance Services

Advantages of Contract Facility Maintenance Services

Qualified contract facility maintenance contractors provide the highest level of service to property and facility managers in conjunction with competitive pricing.

It involves getting a facility company that specializes in facility maintenance and establishing a contract which states that the maintenance service will handle the special needs of the facility, typically via a scope of work. 

The advantages of using contract facility maintenance services include:

Elimination of labor

An advantage of using contract facility maintenance services is that there is no need to worry about in-house labor and the multiple tasks associated with staffing.

The maintenance company takes on the employment burden, including costs for workplace injuries. All you have to do is contact an experienced maintenance service provider and execute an agreement.

Special Maintenance Equipment

Using a contract facility maintenance services means you’ll have access to specialized equipment they own for use at your property or facility.  

Rental of the equipment, which may be utilized on an infrequent basis, from your facility service provider will cost a fraction versus purchasing.     

Flexibility to labor requirements

Contract facility maintenance companies have the resources and flexibility to respond to special projects requiring additional manpower and emergencies – including those which occur after-hours.

The work quality by the contractor always strives to meet customer satisfaction and requirements.

Providing qualified relief staffing to replace on-site technicians during periods of illness or vacation is also critical to ensure commercial properties continue to effectively operate at all times.  

Specialized expertise

Using contract facility maintenance means that your facility will benefit from specialized expertise in different aspects of facility maintenance.

Contract maintenance services can pool their technical skills and years of experience in facility services to solve complex issues for the benefit of the real estate asset.

The Leading Facilities Maintenance Contractor

Leading full-service maintenance contractors to meet and exceed the facility maintenance needs across a variety of functions.

The maintenance contractor works with their client, subcontractors, technicians, vendors, and project managers to deliver the ideal brand experience for the facility or property.

Customer service falls under soft facility services that could be overlooked in facility maintenance, but it plays a big role in the validation purposes of the facility’s bottom line.

The facility is an enormous asset in business that spans across the major part of the business costs.

It requires the dedication of high-quality maintenance technicians and effective supervision which may challenge any commercial real estate manager. 

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions is the best-in-class maintenance and engineering service provider.  We are built upon years of in-depth experience and place our valued clients and staff first.   

Please reach out to us today so we can discuss our service platform, technical capabilities, and partnership goals.  

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