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July 05, 2021 | Blog

Why do you need Professional Cleaning Services for Your Commercial Facility?

If the cleanliness of your commercial facility isn’t paramount to your business, think again. Dirt, grime, and muck can have a major impact on your facility’s image. Learn how to get and keep your facility looking its best.
Why do you need Professional Cleaning Services for Your Commercial Facility?

Maintaining a clean business environment is fundamental for upholding your organizational image and reputation among those who enter the premises.

An organized, cleaned, and properly disinfected workplace is a major component for ensuring a safe and healthy environment. 

We will illustrate why facility and property managers should recognize the importance of having a professional cleaning company as our trusted partner.

Experienced commercial owners, managers, and administrators have acknowledged that having recurring professional cleaning services is a best practice for business.

Your organization’s business environment has an impact on potential or existing tenants, customers, employees, and others.

Maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy atmosphere is of increasing importance in today’s highly competitive business landscape.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the critical importance of executing regular cleaning plans and disinfection measures.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have implemented many new guidelines.

The CDC’s recent Guidance for Businesses and Employers focuses on planning, preparing, and responding to challenges in workplace settings.

Compliance with the guidelines poses a considerable challenge for building owners, facility managers, and other professionals. 

Why Is Professional Cleaning So Important to a Facility?

Why Is Professional Cleaning So Important to a Facility?

Professional cleaning is critical in larger workplace facilities.

Property and facility managers tend to experience feelings of relief after finally hiring a professional cleaning company.

It allows busy commercial real estate professionals to direct their focus to other key areas and eliminates a potentially large burden.

Appearance Is the First Impression

Among the most important parts of the cleaning process involves the appearance of the main entrance and lobby areas. These areas of the facility create positive or negative first impressions among visitors.

Many busy managers and administrators may underestimate the importance of having assistance from a team of cleaning professionals.

You might not realize how tenants, employees quickly notice if your facility needs some deep cleaning. 

Professional cleaning companies have a plan and ensure that each area receives the needed attention at the proper frequency. 

Having assistance from a professional cleaning company ensures that your positive image and reputation are always protected.

Cleaning Is Directly Related to Safety

Contracting with a professional provider of cleaning services should enhance safety in several ways.

First, minimizing the transfer of germs, bacteria, and allergens between building occupants and users will provide for a healthier environment. 

A professional cleaning can reduce the risk of accidents such as slip-and-falls. These types of incidents can result in significant injuries, legal fees, and insurance pay-outs.   

Cleaning Is Not a One Size Fits All Situation

Although commercial facilities have some similarities, each has some features or aspects differentiating it from others. For this reason, cleaning service needs are not “one-size-fits-all” and require the development of a customized plan. 

Industrial facilities may house manufacturing operations, light manufacturing, warehouse or storage areas, and flex-style arrangements.

Medical facilities range from office sites, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, surgery centers, and hospitals all having different requirements.

Retail properties include enclosed shopping facilities, sprawling exterior plazas, and strip malls which all have unique cleaning requirements.

Facility Cleaning: An Investment in Your Facility’s Image and Productivity

Significant research has shown a correlation between having an organized and clean workplace and the overall productivity of employees.

Working conditions can have an impact on employee morale, attendance, retention, and other key management concerns.

Most workers generally desire to feel safe, comfortable and have the opportunity to take pride in their working environment.

Busy property and facility managers often choose to outsource the cleaning responsibilities.

For example, a professional cleaning company will effectively handle these efforts to allow more time for other, more critical priorities.

Choosing an experienced, capable, and organized team of professionals better ensures a properly maintained workplace.

Outsourcing Advantages 

Many commercial real estate management professionals that complete a full analysis find using third-party commercial cleaning experts represent a tremendous value.

Using a professional cleaning staff often results in a much more cost-effective option compared to hiring an in-house staff.

Some of the expenses potentially avoided include cleaning and janitorial supplies and maintaining necessary tools and equipment.

This savings commonly becomes apparent after assessing the employment and administrative expenses that the business otherwise might incur.

Employment-related expenses can include payroll taxes, health insurance benefits, supervisory staffing, absentee and vacation coverage, and others.

The administrative processes involved with recruiting, hiring, and training are often costly and require active facility management oversight.

Often, hiring people for this activity is a continuous process, as employee turnover rates tend to be high.

Management and supervisory challenges are evident based on the number of organizations that transition from in-house models. 

Some companies will adopt a hybrid model that combines both internal employees and contracted professionals responsible for specific roles.

Although done with good intentions, the management of a hybrid model is often overwhelming.

Much of the work including carpet cleaning, vacuuming, and upholstery cleaning must be completed after business hours.

In many cases, this fragmented arrangement creates extra work and fails to result in cost savings.

Tenant and Employee Productivity

Improved employee productivity is a commonly overlooked benefit of having consistent and high-quality janitorial services.

As we mentioned earlier, clutter and disorganization commonly trigger stress and anxiety. 

When the surroundings appear dirty and disorganized, people may increasingly procrastinate.

Starting the workday with a clean workplace is refreshing and promotes positive energy.

A clean environment is much less distracting and promotes hard work. Employees may waste valuable time reorganizing stacks of clutter or wiping down areas near their workspace. 

Professional cleaning measures promote feelings of organization and reduce distractions that disrupt focus and proper concentration.

The Top Three Reasons You Need to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

The Top Three Reasons You Need to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Here, we address three specific reasons commonly cited as decisions to transition to a commercial cleaning company.

Getting It Right From the Start

The decision to contract with a qualified professional cleaning company from the start allows you to effectively manage all facets of janitorial operations.

One critical advantage of having a contracted professional cleaning service is the tremendous specialized experience, convenience and versatility provided.

Perhaps your organization is planning a major restoration or renovation project that will take several months to complete?

During these transitions, expect the physical environment to regularly get dirty and dusty.

Having an existing relationship with a team of cleaning professionals allows you to quickly respond.

This involves contacting your cleaning provider to discuss the nature of the work and devise a plan.

During the construction period, the cleaning company can easily add certain additional tasks to their daily or weekly plans.

Perhaps following the restoration project your organization is planning to host a major open house event for customers?

The existing service provider is already familiar with the property, has proven to deliver results, and is a viable solution.

Do You Know Where The Dirt Is?

Professionally trained cleaning services know that not all dirt and dust is obviously positioned directly at eye level.

Rather, accumulations may form in less noticeable areas or hard-to-reach places.

Common locations include overhead rafters and ceilings, in corners, under furniture or equipment, and baseboard areas.

Experienced commercial professional cleaners acknowledge the importance of thoroughly removing dirt and disinfecting all areas of a workplace.

This process involves identifying locations of hidden dust and filth and using the proper products and tools.

Many areas of a large commercial facility are best suited for cleaning from the top to the bottom.

When moisture or excessive humidity begins building within indoor areas the conditions can promote mold growth. 

Mold often creates musty odors that may worsen and release toxins into the air we breathe.

Experienced commercial cleaning professionals identify potential breeding grounds for mold.

Your cleaning team may detect leaks, condensation, and other water problems before they create mold and damage property.

These areas may require thorough disinfection, ventilation, and dehumidification to prevent further problems. 

Scope of Work

Cleaning company task checklists typically start with a scope of work that outlines the type of work and frequency to be performed.  

Scopes of work are often based on preferences, the physical plant configuration, and tenant lease requirements.

Many of those developing a commercial cleaning checklist or scope of work will create different categories based on the frequency of completion.

For example, the list might be divided according to whether completion of tasks is necessary daily, weekly, or monthly.

This may be a benefit for remaining organized by keeping less frequent cleaning tasks separated.

Daily frequency assignments could include:

  • Clean all bathroom, sinks, and tiles; replenish supplies 
  • Empty trash receptacles
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas 

Examples of weekly task frequency include:

  • Dust mini-blinds and frames
  • Clean of break room refrigerator, microwave, etc…
  • Machine-scrub hallway hard floors

Other checklists or scopes of work often differentiate work functions based on the staffing shift, such as Day Porters or Night Staff.

Why would a cleaning organization choose this structure for its checklist? One reason is that certain work cannot be done during specific periods in which offices are occupied.  

Vacuuming, for example, is generally required to be done after hours.  

Scopes of work also provide the facility or property manager with a written guideline to hold the commercial cleaning service accountable.  

Exterior Curb Appeal 

A commercial cleaning company might also be of tremendous assistance for improving exterior areas.

Those who routinely have visitors in their facility or property are among the most likely to keep the external appearance looking good.

Remodeling projects such as painting, new signage, and large landscaping work are not always feasible.

A business can easily and more affordably keep the exterior areas clean and maintain a professional image.

As employees arrive each day to work, they prefer to take pride in the appearance of the structure.

Exterior walls covered with dirt, moisture stains, or mildew growth can generate an unfavorable image.

One additional service often available from many professional commercial cleaning companies is pressure or power washing.

Pressure or power washing is a relatively quick and low-cost way to boost external appearance.

Are the parking area surfaces or walkways filled with bird waste, algae-like growth, stains, or similar concerns?

Has an accumulation of dirt and grime now developed on the lower portions of the building worsening its appeal?  

Loading docks are another high-traffic area that typically benefits from pressure washing.  

A full-service commercial cleaning company should have the capabilities of thoroughly cleaning the exterior of the windows of the facility.

Clean windows allow for the clear entry of natural light indoors, which has been shown to enhance overall health and wellness.

Natural sunlight may also reduce energy costs by limiting the need for dependence on interior overhead lighting or lamps, etc.

Generally, clean the exterior windows professionally several times per year to enhance visual appeal.

Windows should remain free of hard water stains, streaks, and oxidation.  

Window cleaning is generally limited to low-rise buildings.

Cleaning tasks should be completed by professionals with the experience, tools, and equipment for the job.

Facility managers should work with their commercial cleaning professionals to develop plans or schedules for regular cleaning.

How to Choose a Professional Cleaning Service

How to Choose a Professional Cleaning Service

Property and facility managers will generally meet with various potential providers before choosing a commercial cleaning company.

This is a process that involves considerations ranging from experience, relationships, pricing, and more.

Decide on the Cleaning Services That Best Fit Your Needs

Factors to consider when selecting a commercial cleaning company are numerous and may include asking some key questions.

Does this commercial provider have years of experience in my industry? Will this provider offer some flexibility to accommodate special events or projects?

Does the organization’s management prioritize customer service?

Cleaning Inspections

It is important to conduct inspections to gauge cleaning company performance and proactively identifying building janitorial issues.  

Inspections should be documented with photographs and be based upon transparency; copies should be provided to the property or facility manager.

Ideally, self-inspections include obtaining feedback from end-users, whether they be tenants, employees, or the client.  

Focus on Quality Control

Cleaning inspections are processes conducted to assess the quality and consistency of your cleaning company.

These should be routinely performed both internally and externally for satisfaction.

Your commercial cleaning provider should conduct regular internal quality control to assess worker performance.  

This is should be done throughout various shifts and additional training provided, where necessary.  

The management staff of the cleaning service should be on-site frequently to maintain a high service level.  


Identify how each cleaning company communicates with its clients.  

Weekly meetings/walk-thoughts, emails, phone calls, and reports are all examples of sources of information that property and facility managers require.

Conversely, ascertain how client directives are communicated to the front-line cleaning professionals.   


All providers of commercial cleaning services should provide you with documentation indicating insurance coverage if requested.

General liability coverage is necessary for potentially compensating for injuries or property damage.

General liability typically should afford at least $1 million in minimum coverage.

Worker’s compensation coverage is required of all employers to cover potential injuries that occur to their employees.

Commercial cleaning companies should also have excess liability coverage, also referred to as “umbrella” insurance.

This is seen as catastrophic coverage that is available for major unforeseen liabilities.

Leading Provider of Commercial Cleaning Solutions

The team of experienced professionals at Servi-Tek Facility Solutions recognizes the importance of customizing the cleaning process.

We recognize that the products, methods, and equipment needed must be tailored specifically for the cleaning application.   

We, along with our seasoned management team, are very experienced in all facets of commercial cleaning services.

Our client-service model is based upon high-touch service and trust.  

Utilization of top-notch cleaning chemicals from Proctor and Gamble Professional and equipment are also critical to our service platform.    

Our service areas currently include Hawaii, Arizona, and Southern California.

We offer free estimates and encourage you to contact us today to review our best-in-class services.

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