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June 26, 2019 | Blog

Four Ways Technology
Helps Improve Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive janitorial cleaning vertical, customer service isn’t just important - it’s everything.

Four Ways Technology Helps Improve Customer Service

Four Ways Technology Helps Improve Customer Service With Your Janitorial Business

In today’s highly competitive janitorial cleaning vertical, customer service isn’t just important – it’s everything.

With countless commercial cleaning providers vying for market share, maintaining the integrity and quality of every customer interaction enhance professional partnerships, drives brand loyalty, and helps your enterprise edge out the competition. 

This is where  technology improves customer service plays the important part.

Technology Plays a Vital Role in Customer Service Satisfaction

Integrating technology across your janitorial business can play a crucial role in your company’s customer service experience.

Commercial cleaners can no longer rely on manual resources to manage their client-facing processes and practices.

Today’s vendors recognize that leveraging the power of cutting-edge innovation increases customer service satisfaction in several essential ways:

1. Expedited Response Time

2. Reduced Performance Gaps

3. Prompt Complaint Resolution

4. Proactive Service Adjustments

Expedited Response Time

Technology centralizes mission-critical data, making it easily accessible for your crews whenever and wherever they need it.

Connecting with relevant business intelligence equips your team with the insight and agility needed to respond quickly to client needs in as close to real time as possible.

Reduced Performance Gaps

Every client has its own unique cleaning needs and requirements. Manually managing each commercial cleaning job increases the chance of overlooking various tasks and responsibilities.

A fully integrated, cloud-based solution showcases the specifics of every facility and office, giving your crews step-by-step directives as needed to eliminate gaps in performance as well as ensure each job is completed and meets agreed-upon expectations.

Prompt Complaint Resolution

Even the best janitorial cleaning businesses find themselves on the receiving end of a customer complaint from time to time.

A cloud-based platform eliminates the risk of a grievance being misdirected, lost, or ignored.

An automated system logs and tracks issues, notifying the appropriate parties to ensure accelerated resolution.

Proactive Service Adjustments

An intuitive digital platform specifically developed for janitorial cleaning businesses will offer reporting and dashboard capabilities.

These customized data optics provide invaluable insight into current market temperature and industry trends.

Business leaders can use the aggregated business intelligence to proactively suggest service adjustments and enhancements, effectively demonstrating their ability to anticipate and address customer needs within a constantly evolving marketplace.

Servi-Trak Can Help Improve Customer Service at Your Janitorial Business

Servi-Trak’s innovative, cloud-based platform is explicitly designed for janitorial and commercial cleaning businesses. 

Truly, technology improves customer service.  

Contact us today to schedule your no-risk system demo to learn more about how Servi-Trak can help you optimize customer service excellence with every client account.

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