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July 13, 2020 | Blog

Why are Janitorial Cleaning Services
Better Than In-House Cleaning?

Some facilities, such as schools, condominiums and hospitals, have traditionally performed cleaning services in-house and reluctantly thought of making the switch to outsourced janitorial services companies.

Some facilities, such as schools, condominiums and hospitals, have traditionally performed cleaning services in-house and reluctantly thought of making the switch to outsourced janitorial services companies.

However, with all the changes related to cleaning for the environment and health, many institutions are turning to professional janitorial services.

Additionally, the idea that an in-house cleaning crew is more efficient may be a misconception. According to a study, in-house custodian productivity was found to be lower than industry standards.

This makes a huge difference in large facilities like colleges where in-house custodians are often responsible for cleaning significantly less square feet of space on a per-hour basis than the industry norm.

So, what do commercial cleaning services offer?


Outsourcing your cleaning tasks to an experienced, qualified janitorial company means your facility can reap the benefits of high-quality cleanliness and efficiencies. 

A good cleaning company only employs the most efficacious and advanced methods to complete the job in the right way, according to industry standards. To be on the safe side, work with companies that have been in the industry for at least five years.

So, whether you need green cleaning solutions or specific healthcare cleaning services, a professional company will strive to understand your needs first to provide you with the best services and value.


Commercial cleaning services know that you have the option of outsourcing your cleaning and maintenance tasks to other companies.

Therefore, they’ll work hard to keep your business. This means they’ll adjust quickly to your facility’s changing needs. Most companies even go the extra mile to offer 24-hour services to respond effectively to emergency cleaning and maintenance.


Outsourcing your cleaning and maintenance services likely comes with immediate cost savings. For instance, an expert janitorial crew will clean more efficiently in less time.

Additionally, larger cleaning companies procure optimal pricing on cleaning supplies, equipment, and other refillable items such as hand towels, toilet paper, and hand soap, so you don’t have to.

Besides the immediate cost savings, you’ll also eliminate the significant costs of recruiting, screening, training, payroll  and managing employees.

Transfer of Management-Intensive Duties

When you outsource, all issues regarding the management of cleaning tasks become the maintenance company’s responsibility.

This may include maintaining cleaning standards, staffing issues, supplies procurement, and a wide range of other functions.

By lightening your workload, you’ll have more time to concentrate on your core business.

Transfer of Liability

There are specific liabilities that come with having an in-house cleaning staff. For example, you have to ensure you’re properly covered in case of any bodily harm to your staff members or property damage. 

Professional commercial cleaning services provide industry-appropriate insurance Coverages and Limits to potentially, shield your organization from third-party litigation.

Work with a Professional Janitorial Services Company You Can Trust

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