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November 14, 2020 | Blog

The Benefits of Warehouse
Cleaning Services to your Company

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions is an experienced provider of professional warehouse cleaning services for clients in these commercial workplace settings.

A clean and organized workspace plays a key role in the productivity of your business, even if your business operates out of a warehouse, maintaining your industrial facility–depending on its size–could be overwhelming.

As a functionally-clean warehouse is an absolute necessity–especially during the Covid-19 pandemic–, a warehouse cleaning service based upon your specific requirements can provide your organization a competitive advantage.

Hire a commercial cleaning service – with a proven Client-centric platform – with experience cleaning warehouses.

THE Cleaning Process

The process of cleaning a warehouse begins with an inspection that allows for determining the best comprehensive cleaning plan. The cleaning staff will work to create a healthy work environment by eliminating germs, dirt, debris, grime, bacteria, dust, spills, and stains; and potentially improving the air quality.

Cleaning a warehouse often involves floors, restrooms, rafters, high ceilings, lights, HVAC vents, loading docks, pallets, heavy equipment, office spaces, and high-traffic areas.

Benefits of Warehouse Cleaning

The warehouse cleaning service is equipped with special cleaning equipment and formulated products that are suitable to clean the large expanse of the warehouse.

The cleanliness of the warehouse plays a huge role in productivity, attracting clientele, and ensuring consistency in providing your services.

Ensure you discuss a customized cleaning service for the type of warehouse you have.

Great housekeeping in your warehouse prevents the accumulation of dust and debris in your distribution centers, while potentially inhibiting the growth of mold which can cause damage to equipment and create issues with your workforce.

Employees’ Productivity

The cleanliness of an industrial facility is an integral part of employee productivity, as it will enable your employees to maximize their work efficiency and minimize missed work time.

An organized working environment makes it easy for your employees to locate the equipment and supplies they need which increases and boost productivity.

When your employees discover that you dedicate time and resources to keep their working environment clean, safe, and efficient, they are will take pride in meeting and exceeding your expectation; this play a key role in keeping them engaged and happy.

Maintenance Costs Reduction

Warehouse cleaning can prevent the build-up of dirt on machinery and equipment in the warehouse.

These machines and equipment should be free from dust and debris that may reduce its operational efficiency and lead to downtime; proper cleaning can also maximize their lifespan.

Compliance with Health and Safety Regulation

There are regulations your warehouse must meet when you consider a warehouse It is important that your warehouse complies with health and safety regulations to maintain a clean and tidy working environment.

Failure to comply with the health and safety legislation can create a hazardous job site, lead to low productivity output and incur governmental violations.

Maintaining a clean and organized warehouse will lead to increased productivity and staff motivation, and ensure that your business complies with all occupational health and safety regulations.

Preventing Accidents and Injuries

Individuals in warehouses and similar industrial environments are often susceptible to accidents that might result in severe injuries – or even fatalities. 

Having a professional cleaning team helps minimize accidents associated with slips, trips, and falls and prevents the development of dangerous mold. 

Be sure to ask for references when considering cleaning companies for your warehouse.  The service provider you choose should comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and maintain the proper insurance coverage. 

How cleaning can reduce Warehouse Damage

The daily schedule of a warehouse involves significant movement of vehicles, forklifts, employees, and inventory; dirt, spills, stain, and grime and dust can accumulate and cause your warehouse machinery to malfunction, resulting in significant repair costs and reduced productivity.

It can also pose health and safety hazards for your employees and visitors.

Cleanliness issues can also create concerns for the inventory stored in your facility.

When you decide to engage a warehouse cleaning company, ensure you focus on the warehouse floors to prevent damage.

A clean floor is a great attraction for visitors when they step into your warehouse.

An automated floor scrubber can significantly increase cleaning productivity and effectiveness.

Ensuring Integrity of Storage Assets

Storing your warehouse assets is crucial during this pandemic.

It’s critical that warehouse managers consider the effect of storage assets take steps to improve them and ensure safety.

It should be in addition to the standard of deep cleaning policies and procedures already in place and optimize your storage to fit your space requirements.

Improving Safety and Security

Warehouses need to be safe and secure for people, inventory, and heavy equipment.

A disorganized warehouse is prone to accidents, less efficiency, and low morale in employees.

A warehouse cleaning service will maintain your working area by improving safety and security which can affect your accuracy, efficiency, and overall performance.

Full-service Warehouse Cleaning Benefits

Having your warehouse cleaned by a full-service team of professionals will improve the appearance of the facility and may enhance your reputation. 

Further, a clean environment better ensures the safety of visitors to the warehouse such as couriers, drivers, and suppliers, and the way that these guests and others perceive your operation. 

Facility cleaning services will take the administration of janitorial functions off your plate so you can focus on what’s more important – safely moving inventory in and out of your facility.

Warehouse Cleaning vs. General Cleaning

Warehouse cleaning is specifically designed for the facility type, as well as the nature of your business storage operations.

It often involves flexible scheduling – particularly for facilities that operate around the clock – and can involve costly automated cleaning equipment.

Scopes of work generally involve minimizing liability and protecting of inventory.

General cleaning, on the other hand, involves basic cleaning functions such as trash removal, mopping of hard surfaces/vacuuming of carpets, and dusting.

Effective Warehouse Cleaning

Maintaining a clean working environment at all times is the easiest way to keep accidents from happening in warehouses and similar storage facilities.

Warehouses are high-traffic areas, and having slippery or cluttered floors is a recipe for disaster.

An effective warehouse cleaning can ensure that all floor spaces are cleared of dangerous debris.

It can also help to drastically reduce safety hazards. Create a customized cleaning plan with the right contract provider of commercial cleaning solutions and janitorial services.

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions is a leading innovator in providing janitorial and engineering solutions to industrial clients, as well as property and facility managers in diverse industries, such as office, retail, hospitality, educational and medical offices.

We also use green cleaning products when possible for the betterment of the environment. 

Are you looking for a professional warehouse cleaning service near you? Contact us today to get started.


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