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July 19, 2020 | Blog


Provides you with the importance of having a commercial janitorial service you can rely on firsthand as a property or facilities manager.
Trust a Commercial Janitorial Service this Pandemic - Here are the top 5 Reasons

As a property or facilities manager, you know firsthand the importance of having a commercial janitorial service you can rely on.

Your job is to ensure your property runs smoothly, and you need a commercial cleaning service that won’t let you down, no matter what the circumstances.

The challenge

The Challenge

Covid-19 has added an extra layer of uncertainty for building owners, making your job that much harder.

Like everyone else, you’re probably watching the spread of the virus unfold on the news, and you’re following the ever-changing public health advice to ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest restrictions and guidelines.  

With a global pandemic sweeping the world, it’s important to implement further control measures to secure the health and safety of your staff, tenants, and customers.

As death tolls and infection rates rise, your co-workers continue to look to you to provide a safe and efficient workplace. It’s a lot for one to handle!

The solution

The Solution

Hiring a trustworthy, effective, and dependable janitorial firm to clean and maintain your commercial property is essential under normal circumstances—and is made tougher by the challenge of the coronavirus.

In addition to running the property smoothly, you’ve now got to factor in additional demands, such as return to work plans, social distancing, hand hygiene, infection control, and hygiene measures.

These are no ordinary times, making the help of a specialist a must.

1. Safety at the heart of what we do

Servi-Tek Facility Solutions prioritizes safety for our staff, clients, and their tenants. We take health and the cleanliness very seriously.

We also know that working together is necessary to get through this difficult time; that’s why we consistently monitor the guidance from local and international health organizations and come up with solutions that can help. 

The Servi-Tek team has implemented protocols and procedures to minimize the risk of spreading the virus as part of our best practices.

We are confident our new strategies will help make a difference to you and your co-workers, clients, tenants and customers.

2. Dynamic

Darwin discovered that it is not the strongest nor the most intelligent members of any species that survive, but rather, the ones most responsive to change.

In other words, those who adapt and evolve are more likely to survive.

He called it ‘survival of the fittest.’ We, too, believe in being dynamic, and this quality has served our clients and staff well in the past. 

These days, we are constantly adapting to the ever-changing challenge of Covid-19 and the ever-evolving public health advice.

Our responsiveness to these shifts makes us confident that our commercial cleaning service fits the needs of your business at this difficult time.

We are delighted to share with you the precautionary measures that we’re taking to combat the spread of the virus.

3. Additional cleaning service

Covid-19 can survive on hard surfaces, and this fact explains how easily the virus has spread from person to person.

We know that a detailed cleaning of office and occupant areas will help to fight the spread of Covid-19, and our team genuinely wants to play their part in this.

With this in mind, we are carrying out extra work in common areas.

Our additional daily service means we are cleaning high touch areas during our nightly service.

We continue to use Procter & Gamble Professional products which are included on the EPA List N: disinfectants for use against the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. (COVID-19) at your facility.

4. Hygiene practices

Our dedicated team members are highly trained in both project and personal hygiene practices, consistent with CDC recommendations.

We are proud that they truly care about learning more about the nature of the virus and how to eliminate it for the benefit of all who work at the facility

Additionally, our staff all follow strict protocols regarding hand sanitizing and the use of personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks.

As per our protocol, any team member who is feeling ill will follow our care practice and is required to stay home, pending additional diagnosis by a medical profession.

5. Electrostatic spraying

We saved the best for last. It’s exciting for us to highlight the benefits of our electrostatic spraying service, and we know that it will serve your facility well during this pandemic.

We can perform this additional service, upon request, in conjunction with a biosafety level 3 (BSL 3) cleaning solution.

Our disinfectant process is designed to kill viruses and is applied to all high contact areas, such as desks, countertops, doorknobs, computer keyboards, and handrails. Let’s explore how it all works. 

The spray disinfectant is applied throughout the entire office area using a backpack atomizer, meaning that no area is left without being sanitized.

This process leaves a fine mist and dries naturally.

Once dried, the product leaves tiny spots on surfaces and can be simply brushed off.

Dwell time routines mean that the product is left on surfaces without removal to combat the spread of viruses.

This includes night service staff cleaning door knobs and door handles, and day porters cleaning elevators, restroom doors, and fixtures.

The benefits of working together

The benefits of working together

Together, we will control the spread of Covid-19 and make our workplace a safer place for all who enter it.

With collaboration, we are heading to better days.

By choosing Servi-Tek Facility Solutions as your commercial janitorial service, you’re choosing dependability, trust, experience and effectiveness.

You’re also partnering with a company that genuinely cares and a service dedicated to eliminating the spread of Covid-19.

We’re standing by to help you in your mission to provide a safe workplace for your colleagues. 

With the current climate of the global pandemic, our trusted commercial janitorial services have never been in such high demand.

Call us today to find out how we can help you make a confident choice in commercial cleaning service.

We’ve got the perfect solution for your commercial property!

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