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Nov 09, 2021 | Blog

How to Best Utilize Commercial Engineering Services in Anaheim

Engineering services are available at a wide range of affordable prices. Yet it is easy to go wrong and end up spending a lot of money on overpriced services. Learn here how to best utilize engineering services in Anaheim.

A recent report from CBRE Research indicated that annual commercial real estate activity in the U.S. exceeds $400 billion.  In the western U.S. region, very active cities in the industry include Los Angeles, Torrance, Riverside, San Diego, Costa Mesa, and Phoenix. 

Many experts with an extensive background in state-level activities believe Utah and Nevada are both developing their commercial markets.

There’s little reason to worry about the long-lasting effects of COVID-19.

While commercial construction of facilities was slowed by the pandemic, many professional engineers and architects see this industry as emerging. 

Increased focus on value engineering is expected to drive competitive prices in the manufacturing industry. 

This comprehensive article will guide you in your decision-making process and how to efficiently utilize Commercial Engineering Services in Anaheim. 

What Commercial Engineering Services Are And What They Can Do For Your Company

What Commercial Engineering Services Are And What They Can Do For Your Company

Commercial buildings are environments that depend on the performance of a host of different systems for production, safety, and comfortable occupancy. 

Some of these systems are critical for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and more.

Professionals in commercial engineering often assess, maintain, and procure these systems to maximize efficiency, limit risk, minimize downtime, and maintain compliance.

Commercial Engineering Services Are Not Just For Large Manufacturers

Engineering service providers perform in a variety of environments for businesses engaged in much more than simply manufacturing. 

Some of the most common examples are categorized as follows:

  • Office: Commercial office buildings are grouped according to the type of construction and location. They exist in large urban centers, suburban “office park” settings, and more.
  • Industrial: This is the segment that includes manufacturing along with light assembly, warehouse and distribution centers. To a lesser extent, industrial buildings may be multi-purpose and contain data centers, showrooms, and research & development sites.
  • Multi-Family: These sites generally house more residential units.
  • Retail: Commercial environments containing businesses that work directly with consumers are retail. Examples may include malls and stores.
  • Hospitality: Examples include restaurants, hotels, and different types of entertainment business activities.
  • Special purpose: Includes other less-common business activities such as amusement parks, self-storage facilities, churches, and arenas.

How To Best Utilize Commercial Engineering Services In Anaheim, CA

In today’s challenging and rapidly advancing commercial environments, it is critical to create a plan and remain agile and open to changes. 

Commercial facilities must be prepared to comply with revised codes, best practices, integration of new technology, and other adjustments. 

Many providers of engineering services have certain areas of specialization. 

Therefore, you have the liberty of choosing a provider that addresses your needs and weak points.

How can you get started? Continue reading to find out all you need to know.

Define Your Project

This is the first step. Defining your project is simply determining exactly what the goal is.

It might sound easy, but this step is crucial for all that follows.

The scope of a project must be defined that explains keys such as the goals, features, timeframe, and budget. 

For a project manager to formulate a detailed plan, an understanding of what needs to be completed is critical.

The goal should explain the extent or boundaries of the project and the intended business purpose. It might suggest limitations that reduce the potential options for how the solution can be achieved.

Realize There Are Different Kinds Of Services

Consider any in-house resources that you already have when choosing an outside engineering services company. 

For example, perhaps you already have a competent design team but lack key resources needed in other areas? Determine the specific areas of need and seek out assistance for those services.

Engineering is a rather broad field with certain providers that have a proven track record in certain areas. For example, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical, software, etc.

Do Your Homework

From whom will you solicit proposals? 

Simply sending out a request for proposal to all related firms from directories or lists is not recommended. Instead, do some preliminary “homework” to determine the most suitable companies for generating a proposal.

As with any outside service provider, the organization should be properly insured and have a valid license. 

Licensing might vary by field(s) of engineering and from state to state. Sufficient insurance should be maintained for liability, errors and omissions, and more.

Solicit Proposals

What are some of the key potential components of a proposal for engineering services? 

First, a brief project overview is included, which provides introductory and background information. 

Next, a more detailed listing of project goals and an explanation of the scope of services is included.

The request should clarify the key details related to timing and deadlines. The projected timeframe for making a selection should be included. Provide a summary of the key factors that will be the basis of your evaluation.

Recipients of a request for a proposal will likely assess the quality of it and generate a professional response. 

Some of the general quality metrics include presenting the need and a detailed set of requirements and specifications. 

It is generally helpful to define any specific requests, otherwise, they might be misinterpreted.

The proposal should clearly state the terms that would apply upon acceptance. For example, code or regulatory restrictions and the payment terms. 

Having a clear and concise set of details establishes the expectations and encourages responses from those most qualified.

Request And Evaluate Proposals

Request And Evaluate Proposals

Some of the common factors considered when evaluating a proposal include the following:

  • The extent to which the proposal meets key physical and service-related conditions.
  • How the pricing proposal compares to the budgetary guidelines and how it compares to those from other firms.
  • If the proposal acknowledges and affirms that they can meet any critical deadlines.
  • Any information that could differentiate a respondent involving relevant experience, past projects, references, etc.

How the factors are considered and prioritized is important for the evaluation process. 

It is also important to emphasize value instead of simply being overly preoccupied with bottom-line pricing. 

Value involves assessing whether certain firms are likely to deliver high-quality at a decent price.

Find Out About A Firm’s Strengths

Just because a service provider is capable of handling aspects of a project does not necessarily mean they can do so very effectively. 

Those requesting proposals will ideally prefer a respondent that can satisfy all aspects of the project; however, some flexibility might be needed. 

If one respondent has a wealth of experience in a certain area, they might be the best option exclusively for those aspects of a project.

Think Long-Term And Remember That Construction Is A Long Process

If you are seeking an experienced provider of engineering services for a construction project, they should be collaborative. 

There are many other potential parties they might need to interact with such as planners, designers, and project managers. 

Poor integration and communication among different parties involved in a project could create delays, mistakes, and financial losses.

How Do I Determine The Type Of Anaheim Commercial Engineering Services I Need?

How Do I Determine The Type Of Anaheim Commercial Engineering Services I Need?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to determining the type of engineering services needed. 

You will need to review the needs of the project and ensure that each stage has designated professionals assigned. 

Consider having an internal manager with overall responsibility for the project’s engineering to coordinate and manage the various experts and specialists.

Also, look out for recommendations, feedback from previous clients, and word of mouth. Just because a company promises that all your needs will be met, doesn’t mean that it’s true. 

Get started by doing the following:

Identify Your Project Needs

This process goes back to effectively outlining the scope of the project and understanding the areas of expertise necessary. 

The key is to separate the overall project into smaller segments or phases and consider what provider will be needed for each need.

Clarify The Purpose

When the purpose or goals are unclear, the key is to improve the means of clear communication. 

Parties should be kept “in the loop” via tools such as video conferencing and e-mail with status reports distributed at regular intervals. 

The central project manager should initially handle questions and then designate those to the appropriate party for clarification.

Know What The Engineering Firm Is Proposing To Do

When an engineering firm proposes a solution to complete a project – you must fully comprehend it. 

It is important to encourage inclusiveness and operate as a collaborative team to achieve the goal. Having a thorough understanding better ensures that the project develops smoothly without unforeseen problems, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or more details.

What Should You Look For In A Good Quality Engineering Service?

What Should You Look For In A Good Quality Engineering Service?

Good quality engineering services providers should have a staff of professionals with excellent technical knowledge and skills. 

The company’s experts should reflect and exceed the high quality that you would want if hiring in-house staff for these roles. 

By using a contractor, you draw on their services as needed without having the ongoing costs of a full-time staff.

Will The Commercial Engineer Help In The Design Process?

Many engineering services firms help with design, such as for a new construction project, renovation, or addition. 

Ask the provider for a written work plan, which is an opportunity to see their vision of the project. 

The extent of detail and preparation and whether they ask questions to truly understand your needs will reveal their interest in the project.

What To Expect

When a commercial engineer assists in the design process, you should expect to receive input and feedback.

In the early phases, it is critical to monitor that the process reflects your intent, purpose, and goal. It is typically not necessary for constant intervention on each minor detail, but instead, being there as a guide.

What To Avoid

Avoid becoming overly intrusive or too heavily involved in any phase of the process. 

You have sought the professional services of an engineering firm that you deemed as being qualified. Allow them to retain ownership of the project and design, develop, and lead the way.

Cost And Quality

Adhere to the value engineering approach that achieves the goals while minimizing costs and considering alternatives. 

For example, if the price of certain construction materials has increased, look for other affordable options that could be substituted. 

Ask for a quote, understand what services are included, the price-quality ratio, and avoid sacrificing quality whenever possible.

Leading Engineering and Facility Maintenance Experts in Anaheim

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We offer customized solutions for commercial facilities and seek to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and integrate the latest technology. 

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