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Nov 05, 2021 | Blog

How To Find A Qualified Phoenix Commercial Engineering Firm

If you're thinking about hiring a commercial engineering firm in Phoenix, AZ, you've come to the right place. Learn all about commercial engineering firms and how to make sure you hire a good one.

As we transition to a post-pandemic world, we begin to see increased commercial activity in the sectors of retail, healthcare, and other similar projects. 

Finding a firm might seem impossible amongst the countless options in the market. 

First, before you begin your search for the best company for your needs, one term must be clarified: 

What does commercial engineering refer to specifically?

What does commercial engineering refer to specifically?

Commercial engineering is a somewhat generalized term that refers to professionals working in the for-profit sector. Organizations that are thinking of hiring a commercial engineering firm should choose wisely. 

This process will require some diligence to ensure that you identify a firm with a commitment to professionalism and excellence.

What are today’s market trends in Commercial Engineering?

What are today's market trends in Commercial Engineering?

The professionals in demand include experts in electrical engineering services to handle inspections and maintenance professionals for repairs. Excellent opportunities will exist in plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, construction, and for efficiency and environmental consultants.

Commercial projects will deploy structural design teams and architects using innovative designs, layouts, and specifications in their project management plans. 

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry.

In the below guide you will find all the information needed to find the best Commercial Engineering Company, for your peace of mind and your company’s prosperity.

How To Find A Good Commercial Engineering Service in Phoenix

How To Find A Good Commercial Engineering Service in Phoenix

A recent report from the National Association of Realtors outlined some leading commercial real estate markets developing new facilities. 

Within the State of Arizona, both Maricopa and Pinal counties are among the top 10 leaders. Other localities that seem to be emerging well from the pandemic include Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and Mesa. 

As the demand will increase, you need to make sure you’ll schedule the services of the best companies out there.

The Arizona Society of Professional Engineers (ASPE) is a leading organization representing the engineering field that can assist with locating good firms. 

The ASPE is a state-level entity guided by many standards and best practices of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). These societies are involved in maintaining responsibility for the licensing and certification of professionals and firms in the engineering fields.

The ASPE and NSPE are excellent options for obtaining information, as both groups are very active in the latest developments and advancements in the industry and provide initial and ongoing education. 

The Arizona State Board of Technical Registration is another resource for identifying viable engineering firms that are properly registered and licensed. 

The Board handles applications and professional registration for engineers, as well as architects, landscape architects, and other technical professionals. The public can access most records to inquire about past or pending complaints and any disciplinary concerns and sanctions imposed.

Another potential source for those seeking commercial engineering firms is the Phoenix Business Journal, which has an elaborate data center. 

For example, they publish lists and directories such as the Largest Phoenix-Area Engineering Firms, that are useful for identifying local options. 

They also compile significant resources about professional firms in closely related sectors including industrial developers, mechanical contractors, and more.

Assess The Firm’s Professionalism

Assess The Firm’s Professionalism

As you are considering your options, you must identify the companies and prove their expertise to be true with industry professionals. Use your colleagues, social networks, or others you trust as a source of potential recommendations. 

Assessing a potential service provider’s level of expertise will require interpretation and be somewhat subjective – therefore, consider credentials such as certifications obtained.

Credentials are indicators used to formally designate professionals who have met certain minimum levels of competency or have specific capabilities. While credentials represent a type of achievement or suggest completion of an industry-accepted standard, they don’t necessarily guarantee mastery. 

Engineering professionals in Arizona possess certifications including Autodesk Certified User (ACU), Certified Production Technician (CPT), or Certified Solid Works Professional (CSWP).

You should also evaluate the engineering firm’s commitment to environmental safety. One indicator you can check is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, which demonstrates experience in eco-friendly designs. 

Other elements of LEED certification commonly include a commitment to reducing pollution and energy efficiency.

Establish Their Experience and Product Quality

Establish Their Experience and Product Quality

You will want to confirm that the firm has specific expertise in the area or the field most applicable to your needs. 

For example, specializing in electrical or environmental engineering, working with clients in certain industries, or the governmental sector. You might find that companies have some particular areas of expertise, while others employ a comprehensive scope.

Consider inquiring about the firm’s internal system of quality control such as through regular performance assessments. 

You should consider whether the firm has experience serving clients in your local region. This might have importance based on jurisdictional processes, zoning provisions, and other types of district requirements. 

You will ideally retain a firm that has experience in navigating these local or state ordinances and statutory conditions.

Does the engineering firm meet standards and compliance guidelines regarding workplace safety through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)? 

Does the organization encourage training and development as recommended by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)? 

Make sure all your questions are answered when establishing the company’s experience and capabilities.

Ask About The Company’s Engineering Equipment

Ask About The Company's Engineering Equipment

Make sure to ask how the company is committed to integrating the latest equipment and technology into its operations. 

Having good and well-maintained equipment is critical to maintaining safety. Also, the tools and equipment the firm uses may impact the quality of system maintenance and protection of your valuable assets.

Current equipment tends to operate more efficiently, which can result in greater productivity and lower utility costs.

Ensure the products and equipment they use comply with the latest standards from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA and other agencies identify certain engineering practices that can pose risks to human health, the ecosystem, etc.

Ask About Past Experience

Why is the engineering firm’s past track record of achievements important? 

High-quality organizations tend to take pride in performing well and delivering overall customer satisfaction. Ask plenty of questions about the firm’s experience and past successes or industry recognition.

Does the organization have loyal customers? When clients choose to rehire a firm’s engineering services, It means they were satisfied with the earlier work.

Insurance and Licensing

Like most businesses, engineering firms must have certain types of insurance coverage, to protect themselves from liability, and their clients.

Engineers who are employed risk facing a personal lawsuit or the employer itself can be sued for negligence. Most firms maintain a form of professional liability insurance coverage to address claims against the firm or its workers.

Engineers employed by agencies of the state, and federal governments can face liability protection based on sovereign immunity. In most cases of negligence, the engineering firm handles any potential lawsuit caused by professional errors or omissions.

Either way, while narrowing down your search for a commercial engineering firm, you should make sure that the organization maintains proper coverage.

Engineering professionals are generally required to obtain a license according to the laws of their state. 

Most states have roughly the same requirements for engineers, which include the following:

  • A four-year degree from an accredited institution in some field of engineering.
  • Several years of engineering experience.
  • Passing an engineering examination such as Fundamentals of Engineering (FE).
  • Passing a Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Examination or similar.

Evaluate The Firm’s References

Evaluate The Firm's References

One of the best acts of diligence when seeking to hire an engineering firm is obtaining feedback from previous clients. 

Preferably, the firm will provide you with several options to increase the likelihood of promptly reaching one or more. Contacting these individuals allows you an additional means of making a good decision.

It is generally encouraged for the reference checks to be conducted over the phone rather than via email. You are likely to get a more detailed evaluation when speaking with someone directly.

Be sure to identify yourself, state your purpose for calling, and show proper respect for their time. Let the reference contact know that you will maintain their confidentiality to better ease any concerns. 

Explain the type of services you are considering hiring the organization to perform to assess their thoughts.

Prepare some notes containing the questions that you might ask to avoid relying entirely on your memory. Try to ask open-ended questions that encourage honest feedback without becoming too bothersome. 

Some examples of questions to ask might include:

  • To describe the nature of the working relationship that existed and the types of services that were performed.
  • Ask about their communication skills, accountability, and punctuality.
  • Consider probing for any strengths or weaknesses that they perceived about the firm.
  • Ask about any performance concerns, operational mistakes, or examples of substandard work.

How Commercial Engineering Firms in Phoenix, AZ Can Save You Money

How Commercial Engineering Firms in Phoenix, AZ Can Save You Money

Hiring an experienced and committed engineering firm may result in opportunities to save substantial money. 

How exactly?

You should consider having the company conduct feasibility studies or comparative analysis between various options to review the most cost-effective ones. The firm closely analyzes and identifies safety or health risks that exist and proposes solutions to avoid potentially costly problems.

The firm can assist you with designing and managing construction projects to minimize the costs of materials and labor. 

They can guide you with choosing a design or layout that lessens utility costs such as gas or electricity. Also, they can implement new procedures for preventative maintenance that reduce many needs for costly repairs or system and equipment replacement.

Top Five Qualities to Look for in a Commercial Engineering Firm in Phoenix, AZ

Some of the most important traits to identify in a potential engineering firm include:

A commitment to safety

The health and safety of employees and other occupants are critical for a host of reasons such as OSHA guidelines, morale, and costs associated with insurance. Even concerns associated with ventilation and indoor air quality can impact health.

Maintaining compliance

The firm should have knowledge of compliance standards based on the circumstances. Examples might include local building and zoning applications, construction permitting guidelines, and fire suppression requirements.

Identifying and integrating new technology

New and emerging technologies continuously develop and represent opportunities for improving efficiency, enhancing communication, and boosting output.

Attention to detail

While the majority of the focus might be on outcomes or the overall function of systems and equipment, having an eye for minor details is also important.

Systems integration

An excellent engineering firm will often recognize how independent systems can better work together to achieve goals. 

For example, two or more pieces of equipment can be added to a central software system to streamline maintenance and reporting.

How to Hire the Best Commercial Engineering Firm in Phoenix, AZ

It is important to determine whether the firm represents an overall good value for your organization. This involves looking beyond only their rate or fees and assessing what benefits may result from the expenses. 

Factors to consider include reduced costs, improved productivity, enhanced compliance, and others.

You should also have a good understanding of how performance will be measured and evaluated. Find a firm that will complete clearly defined outcomes that solve problems and achieve goals. 

Ensure that the company demonstrates a commitment to making improvements in the areas that you deem most important, and is backed up by years of experience and positive client reviews.

Who is a Commercial Engineer?

Who is a Commercial Engineer?

A commercial engineer is a trained professional that typically has attained a college degree with an emphasis in math and science. They might specialize in a specific field such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, or many others. 

A commercial engineer is a problem solver that is commonly involved in research, development, and systems or structural design.

These professionals often work closely with other specialists including architects, maintenance technicians, product developers, and project managers. 

Areas of their responsibility commonly include HVAC, electrical systems, plumbing, water systems, and construction activity.

The commercial engineering profession is very challenging academically and trained engineers are in high demand. These individuals can progress into roles such as quality or purchasing managers, engineering directors, manufacturing managers, and executive-level positions.

What Types of Businesses Use Commercial Engineering Firms?

A wide variety of businesses will retain the services of a commercial engineering firm. They are commonly engaged in diverse projects for retailers, the hospitality industry, manufacturers, contractors, government entities, and more. 

Firms specializing in civil engineering often work for local or state governments assisting with public works or construction projects. 

Mechanical engineering firms might be hired by utility companies, petroleum companies, or automobile manufacturers. Aerospace engineering firms often are contracted for military projects or large manufacturers such as Boeing or Airbus.

Experienced Provider of Commercial Engineering and Facility Maintenance Solutions

We, at Servi-Tek Facility Solutions, have a team of experts who understand what it takes to create successful comprehensive engineering programs. 

Our clients recognize our commitment to retaining top-quality professionals, delivering value, and employing the latest tools, equipment, and technology. 

Please contact our office today to speak with one of our experts and understand how we can bring added value to your company.

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